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    dinosaur amusement park
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    Please message a manager to have this added into the dealer tomorrow.
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    To request help, contact a staff member in-game by type @ (Your Message). Do not spam admin chat, and wait patiently for a staff member to assist you
    Staff members have final say in all situations. Reports on unsatisfactory staff performance can be resolved in our staff reports section
    .Loopholing is not allowed for any rules. Our rules are server guidelines, and are there to be followed as written. No exceptions.
    PoliceRP Management includes Nolan, Snar, Toxic, and NoOne. Please go to other staff members with issues before contacting any of them.
    (Join Our Steam Group!: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GaminglightRP  or by typing !steam in-game)
    How to make Meth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_mieTIhApQ&feature=youtu.be
    All Government Officials must be on TeamSpeak (ts.gaminglight.com) while playing on the server!
    All Crips/Bloods are recommended to be on TeamSpeak (ts.gaminglight.com) while playing on the server!
    This server is designed for a mature audience.
    Use Common Sense! Act like it is real life. If you wouldn't do something in real life, don't do it here!
    General Rules
    No RDM
    No disrespect/Racism/Inappropriate Content/Offensive content
    No Glitching/Hacking
    No Mic/Horn Spam
    FearRP is in effect (act like real-life)
    No FailRP
    No Protesting
    No prop abuse
    Can't take over PD or DOC
    No metagame
    Can't respawn when EMS is online (PD situation)Using knowledge that is unrealistic in roleplay such as /ooc or seeing printers through a wall glitch
    You can use knowledge such as local chat.
    No /advert Counter (e.g. Criminal vs. Criminal Bank Raid)
    You can ONLY advert Assist if you a Family Member (same last name in your RP name)
    Murder must be done in a secluded place.
    No crouch/jump bases
    You are not allowed to help police in raids ect.Example of a Crouch Base
    NLR (New life rule) is 3 min.
    NLR does NOT apply to PD during Jailbreak's or Bank Raid’s (PD can return to a raid/Ect if backup is called)
    No kill boxes.
    A killbox is when you can trap a player between 2 fading doors and you can shoot at them but they can't shoot back at you.
    Example of an acceptable entrance
    The owner of the base and the raider can both see each other and both shoot each other THIS IS OK!Example of another acceptable entrance Both the owner of the base and the raider can only see each other through the peep hole. THIS IS OK!You cannot build in the bank
    No Cop baiting
    You can not have more that 5 one way props Per base.
    Suicide/Jumping is FailRP/CopBaiting if you Do NOT have a valid Reason!
    Paramedics are a Neutral Faction (Can't be taken Hostage, Vehicles stolen, etc.)
    You must value your life!
    Do not change your Job/Player Name/ to something inappropriate; This means no Racist/Terrorist names or terms. Staff have the right to ask you to change your name/job title if they deem it inappropriate. Failure to do can result in you being removed from the server (This also includes Chat)
    You Can NOT steal ANY Government Vehicle (This counts as Towing)
    If the mayor has tax's over 30%, then you may assassinate
    Don't build during an Active RP Situation
    Gang Members are recommended to be in teamspeak, But do not have to.
    Do not sell Store Credits for ingame money!
    You can NOT raid PD (Jail is there for a reason)
    It is FailRP to Activate the Panic Button in bank unless you are a banker
    No Taser rushing
    Families can't have alliances with other families
    Advertising Twitch/Youtube - This is strictly prohibited - However with Community Directors Permission links may be posted
    Vehicles from the Job Bundle Can NOT Be stolen (Bus/Taxi/Truck)
    All Guns are illegal (except for pistols but they still can't be out in public)
    You may never interrupt training.
    Printers, weed, and bitminers default are illegal. Weed can be made legal with a law by the Mayor.
    Spike Strips are only to be used by SM+.
    Cops can NOT accept Money or items for less jail time or to stop being prosecuted.
    If you see a Player wanted for shooting a Government Official, you may KOS them
    PD Command may arrest Repeat offenders for up to 30mins
    You DO NOT need to advert raids
    You must /advert Jail Break.
    When Raiding Bank you (Everyone) must be inside the Bank Vault Otherwise it is FailRP
    You cannot close or lock the door of the vault when you are raiding it. The vault door must stay open.
    You must /advert carjack. (You can NOT carjack any Government Vic's)
    You must /y Murder. Murder is only allowed in a secluded area!
    You can NOT Raid SWAT/SRT HQAR
    You can NOT /advert false or /advert bind test
    You must wait 15 mins Between a raid you do. This includes Jailbreaks, Bank Raids, Mayor Assassinations, Kidnapping, and hostage-taking.
    Martial Law
    Martial Law can only be authorized by PD High Command And can last up to 30mins
    When Martial Law is active Citizen’s Must return to their home’s otherwise, they are AOS
    Any civilian seen with a weapon out can be KOS’d by PD
    PD High Command can activate Martial Law at any time, However, a VALID reason must be given. Example - Riots/Shooting At Government/Out Of Control Gang's
    Gang Rules (Bloods & Crips)
    Drive-By Shootings are allowed. But must be advertised and can only happen once every 15 minutes. They must be done on either/by bloods or crips. (/advert Driveby!)
    Bloods and Crips are always at war. This does not mean every time you see each other that you are to shoot each other. You must have a valid RP reason.
    All gang members are recommended be in Teamspeak.(You should be in the Gang Channels and have the same name)
    If you commit a crime, the rest of the gang in that area can be arrested for association!
    Disclaimer - Gangs can be changed to Whitelist mode at any point if management feels it is being abused.
    RP Rules
    Max fading doors (Per Base): 3
    Keypad required for every door with a toggle or 5 secs open time.
    Do not use your numpad to open door (use button or keypad)
    Do not require people to crouch or jump to get into the base.
    No skybases or road bases
    No more than five one-way props (per base)
    No Invisible props
    No kill boxes.
    A killbox is when you can trap a player between 2 fading doors and you can shoot at them but they can't shoot back at you.
    Example of an acceptable entrance
    The owner of the base and the raider can both see each other and both shoot each other THIS IS OK!Example of another acceptable entrance Both the owner of the base and the raider can only see each other through the peep hole. THIS IS OK!Do not No Collide Props and use them as hidden doors etc
    Can only build barriers to just shoot over during raids
    Cannot block anything
    Must wait 5 min in between raiding
    Jailbreaks cannot last longer than 10 min
    Must be breaking someone out of jail
    Or have a Valid Reason
    You cannot raid during a PD Meeting/FBI Meeting
    Can not build during any raid
    If the bank raid has 1 minute remaining and there is still a hostage, police can rush in and try to take down the targets.
    You can NOT raid the same base twice
    Must /yell mugging
    Max mug is $5k
    Must wait 5 min in between mugs
    If you successfully mug a person you can not kill them
    Must /yell kidnap
    If the person has a gun out, you cannot kidnap
    To take a player hostage, there must be at least 10 PD online (This includes SWAT/SRT/CERT/FBI)
    Do not hold anyone longer than 15 minutes
    Restraints required to kidnap someone
    Kidnapping in public/AFK is not allowed
    You may only kidnap every 15 minutes
    Ransom Prices
    Civilian -­ $5,000
    Officer­ - $10,000
    Senior Officer / Corporal ­- $20,00
    Sergeant ­- $30,000
    Master Sergeant/ Sergeant Major- $50,000
    Lieutenant -­ $60,000
    Captain ­- $70,000
    Major - $80,000
    Assistant / Deputy Chief - $100,000
    Chief Of Police - $100,000
    Government Rules
    Listen to your superiors
    Corrupt cops are NOT allowed, No matter what!
    To shoot someone you need to warn them three times, They are KOS if wanted for Shooting a Government Official, so you don’t have to warn them.
    You must be a Qualified Trainer to train police
    Do NOT change your sirens (Applies to all Departments) LT+ Can change their Siren but it must be sensible.
    You MUST have a skin (Livery) and a lightbar on your car. Further information can be found here - (http://gaminglight.com/main/topic/22493-pd-car-changes-allowed-carsmods/)
    During a Bank raid/hostage situation, you are to respond to the area code 3 and secure the roads to stop vehicles passing and wait for SRT/CERT/S.W.A.T to arrive on a scene and give orders.
    You are NOT to deal with Bank Raids or Hostage Situations unless S.W.A.T/CERT/SRT is not on then you can. (The Highest ranking officer on Scene takes control).
    If told by S.W.A.T/CERT/SRT to stand down they must comply.
    Any Semi Truck that is in a pursuit can be declared lethal instantly. (Command does not need to approve)
    You may Patrol as S.W.A.T But can not perform traffic stops. You may only conduct traffic stops if you have seen the person with a weapon out.
    You can call the pursuit to a stop and take over lead unit if the subject is declared Code Red or has Shot/Pulled a weapon at another Officer or Citizen
    You can deal with Bank Raids and Hostage Situations.
    FBI may do illegal things while undercover to gain criminals trust but may not murder, release from jail, or take drugs/Evidence.
    FBI may not base with the same person within 15 minutes of catching/being caught in the act of basing undercover
    You may promote at Assistant Director.
    You MUST use the guns you get that you spawn with only HIGH COMMAND can use any weapon, but you can use any weapon when you are undercover for the need of the investigation you are in.
    State Trooper
    Performs mostly traffic stops and violations
    You are to Protect the DOC (Department Of Corrections - Jail). You are to process inmates and ensure the jail is secure and guarded
    ALE is for Raids and if given permission can attend Bank Robberies
    You must have a State Trooper Skin on you car at all times unless you have permission from the Command Officer.
    Lieutenant can suggest someone to promoted and can only promote to Corporal.
    Captain Can promote to Master Sergeant.
    Major+ Can promote to Sergeant Major.
    Chief+ Can Accept and Deny Promotions app for Lt+
    Once you reach Sergeant Major (SM), you can not be promoted any Higher without making an Application on the website.
    Other Job Rules
    Gun Dealer/Advanced Gun Dealer
    Must have a shop
    Cannot base, This includes basing with other players unless they are another dealer.
    Cannot raid
    Can self-supply if they actively have a shop and aren't just switching jobs to get guns then switch back
    You are allowed to have bitminers and weed
    Black Market Gun Dealer
    Can have a shop but can also go around selling guns.
    Cannot base, This includes other players, Unless they are another dealer.
    Cannot raid
    Can self-supply if they actively have a shop and aren't just switching jobs to get guns then switch back
    Hit must have a valid reason
    You can /advert but make it discreet!
    When doing a hit on a Cop do not do it inside PD or when there are cops around them It is classed as FailRP
    You do NOT control the PD, So don’t order them around.
    You can own a house but must have protection. You can ask FBI to protect you, But they don’t have to.
    You cannot Raid or Commit Crime.
    You can only have pistols and shotguns.
    You can only make Weed legal, and this has to be on the Law Board, Bitminers/Money Silo's cannot be made legal!
    S.W.A.T/SRT/CERT Have the right to protect the President, Only if they have permission from there command
    President can not have any Civilian protect them it must be FBI/S.W.A.T/SRT/CERT.
    You can only have a pistol for self-defense only!
    You cannot commit a crime while in these classes.
    Your job is to help people get out of jail, So RP the situations out!
    The judge cannot deal with a friend or individual they know this is classed as FailRP, Your judge whitelist will be removed.
    The judge must have a valid reason for setting someone free from jail, and it must also be an RP reason too.
    When doing a trial, you must advert for the Person you need at least three times before setting the person free/Closing the case. Adverts must be at least two mins apart. To allow the person time to get to the courtroom.
    You cannot accept bribes. However, you can charge people 25k for a court case and for you to Defend/Prosecute a person. Court cases can cost up to 75k.
    All Fine’s are subject to change - Officer’s Discretion is advised - Please give reasonable fine price’s
    Breach Of The Peace - $250-$1250
    Trespassing - $250-$500
    Racism - $20,000
    Running A Red Light/Stop Sign  - $250
    Illegal Maneuvers (e.g. U-Turns, 3 Point Turns On Main Roads) - $500-$1000
    Speeding - $250-$750 (Depends On Speed)
    Reckless Driving - $300-$750 (Depending On What Is Damaged)
    Jaywalking (Walking In The Road) - $250
    Mechanical Violations - $500 (If The Vehicle Is Malfunctioning, Smoking, Or On Fire It Needs To Be Impounded)
    Illegal Parking - $250 - $500
    Improper Passing, Changing Lane Unsafely - $250 to $500
    Driving Dangerously (Racing Or Ect.) - $1500 (If Racing Jail Time)
    Sudden Swerve - $250
    Hit And Run Civilian Car $2500
    Hit And Run Police Car $5000 - $10,000
    Failing To Be In control Of Vehicle (Forgetting Hand Brake/Rolling Away) - $250 - $500
    Guns (Pistols) Out In Public - $2500
    Guns (SMGs) Out In Public $5000-$10000
    Heavy gun (Assault Rifles) Out In Public - $10000-$15000
    Heavy Gun (Shotguns) Out In public - $10000-$15000
    Heavy Gun (Snipers) Out In public - $15000-$20,000
    Class 1 (Legal)
    Any Semi-Auto Pistol (Other than Desert Eagle/Revolver/Tec9/CZ75)
    Class 2 (Illegal) - Legal with License- Min Arrest time 3mins
    Any Sub machine Gun
    Desert Eagle/Revolver
    Class 3 (Illegal)- Min Arrest time 6 mins
    Any Suppressed Weapons (Include Pistols/Tec9/CZ75)
    Assault Rifle
    Class 4 (Illegal) - Min Arrest time 10 mins
    Machine guns
    Sniper Rifles
    Auto-Sniper Rifle
    Explosive Device/Any Grenade’s
    PoliceRP Ranks
    Cadet ­- Cdt. - Glock18
    Officer ­- Ofc. - Glock/MP5/P90
    Senior Officer ­- Snr. - Glock18/M4A1
    Lance Corporal - LCPL. Glock18/M4A1
    Corporal ­- Cpl. - Glock18/Any SMG/ M4A1/AK47
    Sergeant ­- Sgt. - Glock18/Any SMG/ M4A1/AK47
    Master Sergeant ­- MSgt. - Glock18/Any SMG/ M4A1/AK47/Famas
    Sergeant Major - SM. - Any Pistol/Any SMG/ M4A1/AK47/Famas
    Low Command
    Lieutenant ­- Lt. - Any Pistol/Any SMG/ M4A1/AK47/Famas/SawedOff/XM1014
    Captain ­- Cpt. - Any Pistol/Any SMG/ M4A1/AK47/Famas/SawedOff/XM1014
    Major -­ Maj. - Any Pistol/Any SMG/ M4A1/AK47/Famas/SawedOff/XM1014
    Colonel - Col. - Any Pistol/Any SMG/ M4A1/AK47/Famas/SawedOff/XM1014
    High Command
    Assistant Chief - A.Chief. - Any Weapon
    Deputy Chief ­- D.Chief. - Any Weapon
    Chief - Chief. - Any Weapon
    Deputy Commissioner - D. Comm - Any Weapon
    Commissioner - Comm. - Any Weapon

    Cadet ­- CDT
    Officer ­- OFC
    Senior Officer ­- SNR
    Lance Corporal - LCPL
    Corporal ­- CPL
    Sergeant ­- SGT
    Master Sergeant - MSGT
    Sergeant Major - SM.
    Lieutenant ­- LT
    Captain ­- CPT
    Major -­ MAJ
    Colonel - COL
    Assistant Chief - A.Chief.
    Deputy Chief ­- D.Chief.
    Chief - Chief.
    Commissioner - Comm.
    Can Be Edited at any time - By clicking close, you agree to these rules!
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    Let's try and get more feedback on this suggestion!
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  5. Zeeptin added a post in a topic Increase Death Timer   

    I decided to make the respawn time a bit longer just to try it out!
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  6. Zeeptin added a post in a topic Change VCMod to Photon again?   

    Thanks for the suggestion. But we are not doing that again.
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  7. Zeeptin added a post in a topic New Games?   

    Who knows at this point lol
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  8. Zeeptin added a topic in General Discussions   

    New Games?
    So SMTs and I were talking about some new games that came out recently that might be cool to play. We have all already bought Identity so that is out of the question. Any suggestions?
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  9. Zeeptin added a post in a topic Buying rare items   

    I got an RPG. $1,000,000,000
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    Message a manager to add it to the car dealer after next restart!
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  11. Zeeptin added a post in a topic Draxite's Custom Application [PAID]   

    Message a manager to add your car in
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  12. Zeeptin added a post in a topic Draxite's Custom Application [PAID]   

    Yeah, it is kinda confusing model and playermodel are different things.
    Just a model is kinda like a prop
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  13. Zeeptin added a post in a topic Draxite's Custom Application [PAID]   

    I actually don't think that that is a playermodel.
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  14. Zeeptin added a post in a topic Fixing MP9 on special bane custom class/switching playermodel   

    Please link your old playermodel.
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  15. Zeeptin added a post in a topic LittleTiimy reopening of Norwegian mafia custom job Payed   

    Well, it was fully removed which we only do if a person is banned so I don't know what to tell you. 
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  17. Zeeptin added a post in a topic Alsher's 72 hour notice   

    Sorry for the extremely late response on this, just needed some time to write a post. This post truly brought a tear to my eye. I just want to say thank you for that you have done for this community. You have served as a mentor to TONS of people here in the community. You have shown people the hard work that is required to be successful. Most of all you have shown people that you can have fun in high ranking positions and still be professional. I really hope you do stay around on TS so that you can carry me some more because carries outside the community do cost a lot of money. I wish you the best of luck on future jobs and hobbies and hope you can take some of the skills that you have learned here and apply them to your life in the future. We all love you, Alsher! 
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    Don't know which job this is for
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  19. Zeeptin added a post in a topic LittleTiimy reopening of Norwegian mafia custom job Payed   

    Well, your job was fully removed which we only do for people that are permanently banned. You will need to pay the full price to get the job back under your account.
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    Link the old playermodel please.
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  21. Zeeptin added a post in a topic Player model switch on Man of steel   

    Are you sure that this is a playermodel?
    and has a ragdoll?
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  22. Zeeptin added a post in a topic nasa   

    Ask a manager to add the truck back to the job.
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  23. Zeeptin added a post in a topic broken model   

    Link your old model
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  24. Zeeptin added a post in a topic Question   

    No, it is $20 to add a job back into the server.
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  25. Zeeptin added a post in a topic custom class car question   

    No, sorry
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