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  1. Zeeptin added a post in a topic NEW Map Suggestion Survey   

    This is great stuff. The only thing is we can't make the map bigger and the skybox bigger. If we make the map bigger we will have to decrease the size of the skybox.
    Ok, let me ask you guys this. What is your favorite parts of the current map?
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  2. Zeeptin added a post in a topic Branch   

    Currently, we are no adding any more branches just yet.
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  3. Zeeptin added a topic in Suggestions   

    NEW Map Suggestion Survey
    Please fill this out if you wish to help us in the development of the new map for MilitaryRP! You guys can be vague or detailed; anything will help us!
    Theme (Desert, Forest, Mixed):
    Size (Bigger than the current map, Smaller than the current map):
    Keep certain things from the current map (EX keep the training rooms):
    Add new things (EX add more underground): 
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  4. Zeeptin added a post in a topic PLEASE REMOVE THE GRENADE LAuncher   

    We did not remove it. But we should have fixed the problem.
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  5. Zeeptin added a post in a topic lag on PRP   

    The minimum requirements for playing are for playing servers with 0 addons. Servers like ours require more RAM and CPU to function at maximum performance.
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  6. Zeeptin added a topic in Updates   

    11/16/17 - PoliceRP Updates

    [Updated] Police RadioAdded /radiomenuAdded /radiomute <time> <playername>[Added]  Mayor Election SystemWhen there are more than 2 people running for office a global server election will be held!We are working to make the Mayor job a more relevant job in the roleplay aspects. [Updated] Money Silo Only takes 10 minutes to process nowCost $300,000Grants $700,000 when done processingOnly buyable by gang membersWhen gang members are closer to the Money Silo, the time of processing is decreased
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  7. Zeeptin added a post in a topic Pineapple on pizza???   

    Ham + Pineapple = greatness!
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  8. Zeeptin added a post in a topic Vinny's Military RP Custom Class   

    Secondary can't be a sniper rifle. It has to be a secondary.
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  9. Zeeptin added a post in a topic RU Lone Wolf MilRP   

    All done! Don't worry about getting the code!
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  10. Zeeptin added a post in a topic Question For Criminal Class   

    We have not priced this yet. I will think of a reasonable price once I have talked to the staff first.
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  11. Zeeptin added a post in a topic Vinny's BOTH NSA Class's (Police) Adding Spike Strips   

    All done! Sorry for such the long wait hectic week!
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  12. Zeeptin added a topic in Updates   

    11/14/17 - MilitaryRP Updates

    [Changed] Squad limit increased to from 8 to 10[Added] ATVs to Taliban jobs
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  13. Zeeptin added a post in a topic Squad Bugs   

    All fixed!
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  14. Zeeptin added a post in a topic Vehicles for Taliban   

    I have added ATVs to the Taliban.
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  15. Zeeptin added a post in a topic Want a new HUD?   

    We already have ideas of a new hud in the future. However, our HUD will be completely custom.
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