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  1. Crzyboy2891 added a post in a topic Custom Job   

    I like it! It sounds AWESOME!
  2. Crzyboy2891 added a post in a topic Abuse report for JDawgRiggz On SchoolRP   

    He got promoted today, correct me if I'm wrong, but all I saw sense he was promoted or he donated, idk, I saw a bunch of Ban Appeals, and Abuse requests. He needs to be demoted!
  3. Crzyboy2891 added a post in a topic Stewie's Forum Mod Application   

     ​Awesome dude and was right about Leuth and Astronic! Hope you get it man!
  4. Crzyboy2891 added a post in a topic Rosengoo - SchooolRP Staff Application   

                       Awesome dude, very trusted! 
  5. Crzyboy2891 added a topic in General Discussions   

    Be A Hero! #StopBullying!
    Hello everyone it's CrzyBoy! I want to talk about somethings that happens when you go to middle school and how you can fix it! So when you go to middle school you have a 75% chance of getting bullied and I just want to say one thing! If someone is getting you down by Cyber bullying, or bullying in general, don't listen to what there saying, the reason why they do this is because they are either bored and have nothing better to do, or they come from a home that abuses them and treats them the way he or she treats you! There is a couple of steps to help you #STOPBULLYING! 1. Tell someone! 2. be confident! 3. Don't let the stuff that they say get to your brain! 4. Relax! 5. Follow these steps!
    I get bullied but I follow these steps, sometimes I say stuff back because its like you have a balloon inside you. you have 5 balloons inside of you. 1. Happy 2. Sad 3. Sick 4. Bored 5. Angry, when your Anger balloon rises, the more angrier you get. Sometimes that Anger ballon pops! And when it pops you can't hold back the Anger any longer and you burst out with mean comments. Follow these steps and that won't happen to you. 
    I saw this new thing that is happening to the school, we are making stop bullying posters to stop bullying! See you guys later and I hope I helped you!!!!
    #Don't Be A Bully Be A Buddy #STOPBULLYING!
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  6. Crzyboy2891 added a topic in General Discussions   

    My birthday is so soon!
    Hello Everyone, its crzyboy! I just wanted to tell you guys that my birthday is soon so I will be inviting everyone! its on the 7 of November. This is my first birthday as staff and if you want to join, GO ON SCHOOLRP!!! I wanted my goal to be getting 200 subs on YT but that isn't probably going to happen, IM JUST 28 SUBS AWAY! I hope you guys can bring in the presents and the cake or you won't come!!!! JK !! XD!! LOL!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day! Even though Im probably is going to get bullied on the day before my birthday it doesn't matter, don't let a bully take you down! If you get weak, fight back! And sometime he would either go away or shatter! I just try to keep positive and wait until its my birthday! I don't really want any gifts for my birthday because I don't know what I want, If you guys can say some things that I should get post it in the comments! Bye everyone 
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  7. Crzyboy2891 added a post in a topic Marco's Staff Aplication (SchoolRP)   

    This app was good, but you need the correct STEAM-ID, and you should tell more stuff about your self! It said 2 paragraphs and you only did 1. Just get the real Steam-ID and more info and I say this app is all good
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  9. Crzyboy2891 added a post in a topic LuckyWolf777's Forum Moderator Application!   

    He is an awesome staff, very truthful on this app, he is very funny. If you don't know what I'm taking about then you have not been in the restrooms lately, hope you get it!
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  11. Crzyboy2891 added a topic in Denied   

    My application For Mod!
    Hello Everyone to my Mod Application!!!
    I hope you guys would like me enough to make me a staff on your awesome server!!
    1. How old are you?: 13
    2. What is your in-game name?: Crzyboy2891

    3. What is your steam name?: Crzyboy2891

    4. What is your steam ID?: STEAM_0:0:104981201

    5. Do you have a working microphone?: Yes, but I don't like to use it (I prefer typing)

    6. How long have you been a member of Gaminglight for?: I made a new account because the server got a new website (But ingame time is almost a day) (19 hours)

    7. Are you currently a staff member on another Gaminglight server?: (If yes, what are your ranks) No

    8. Tell us about yourself: (Must be at least 2 paragraphs) Im a Kid who loves games and likes to have fun. I was a super admin on one server and a senior admin on the other. I know a lot about admins, and most of the commands. I am serious when I do my job, but can be fun to play with when I RP. 
       I try to get everyone as my friend and don't like getting into fights. I hate people who lie and I am honest about almost everything!! I stay up to maybe 11 pm on the weekends but 10 pm at school nights! Im not afk that much at all, and I hate Propblockers, prop climbers, RDMERS, RDAERS, AND DDOSERS! 

    9. Do you have any other experience with staffing?: (If yes, explain) Yes, I was a senior admin on a server called ArtemisRP but it changed into a different name. I was a super admin on a server but it got ddosed and I have not heard from the owner sense!

    10. Do you believe that you have the required skill set and mind set to moderate a server?: Yes, I think the server will improve because at like 11 pm that is when the bad people come out because all of the staff go offline, I stay up for a long time and it will prevent bad people from going into the sever to cause Grief!
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