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  1. Zane added a post in a topic ac15CR Staff Application   

  2. Zane added a post in a topic kidnapping/hostage rules   

    but if the cap is to be increased i recommend there being at least 15 PD online so i makes it a bit fair.
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  3. Zane added a post in a topic JRANDOMS TMOD APP   

    -little effort
    -no poll
    -high warns
    -no experience, but we all start there.
    -barely seen on
    -inactive forums account.
    I recommend getting more active, making a name for yourself in a good way then reapplying after 2 weeks! Good luck friend :D
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  4. Zane added a post in a topic Henry's Staff Application   

  5. Zane added a post in a topic Downvotes... Come on...   

  6. Zane added a post in a topic When you get tazed in a bathtub   

    + support for modelling agencies
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  7. Zane added a post in a topic Jerry Martainski's Staff Application   

    +/- Support
    -I've seen / heard of you yelling at people a lot.
    + you're active
    + you've been friendly before
    -but also have seen you break rules
    + knows rules
    + fit for staff
    + Great App effort
    Good luck man!
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  8. Zane added a post in a topic Your darkest secrets.....   

    I have a waifu pillow. 
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  9. Zane added a post in a topic Munchies and Zayn's warn apeal   

    literally all that had happened after was you harassing us and threatening to strike me on secret service. Which you can’t do. 
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  10. Zane added a post in a topic Munchies and Zayn's warn apeal   

    Seeing that you pull up with guns on me and didn't specify who you were pointing at so I felt pretty threatened, then im not letting my friend get shot for what was actually a glitch that he had a weapon out for literally a second, now here's what actually happened.. From what I know, I  don't need to be in a family cause from what I've seen, Yuki's ALWAYS do what I did. So if I'm being warned they should be too am i right or else it really wouldn't be fair. Even after me and Munchies were in a family you all kept harassing us and following us just pointing your guns at us and stalking us, what's that say? Also munchies didn't fear rp since when i started shooting, you all locked guns on me. He didn't Fear RP you just took guns off him. This is a false report.
    Here's my side: 
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  11. Zane added a post in a topic I need a fortite mobile code   

    maybe go and apply for it like everyone else has?
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  12. Zane added a topic in General Discussions   

    Zayn's Development App V2
    Message Title - Development App
    Steam Profile Link -
    Previous work you have done - [Some in the Gaminglight section are a work in progress]
    How reliable are you? Are you good at sticking to deadlines? - Yes of course, as soon as a project has been given, I will get to work on it ASAP. Only thing that could get in the way is a family emergency and in that case, SMT or Zeeptin will be reached out to.
    Gmod Store link ( - [don't post on it]
    let me know what you think of me!
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  13. Zane added a post in a topic ^RaM's Staff Application   

  14. Zane added a post in a topic More EMS Roleplay   

  15. Zane added a topic in Archive   

    Surgeon / Doctor Job - Whitelist
    What you want to see? - a job where people can roleplay surgeries
    Why should we add it? - to add more roleplay to people who may have been shot, hurt or need surgery / treatment for sicknesses
    What are the advantages of having this? - Intensify's Roleplay and gives EMS another job for people to roleplay on. I think it'd be fun to play on and also add a serious job / scenerio. Gives the hospital more RP
    Who is it mainly for? - EMS
    Links to any content - N/A
    Comments: I only suggest it to be whitelist so that people can't minge on it.
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