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  1. Eman005 added a post in a topic Gust, LIink, Naby, Bobby Players Report   

    Clear NLR the way that PD didnt call The raid off for a major crime idk but you always respond to the higher crime it split your forces for them. Therefore something should happen to the Gov on because they were clearly letting Naby raid the bank, and they were letting crim assist in third raid which should never happen
    Therefore the warns are valid, Naby shouldn't have anything because there is no evidence of him telling them to not do the bank raid, but the NLR is clear, a ban for Bobby might be reasonable since as of late he has been a little bit of a minge or he just deserves a Stern talking to
    The SWAT Officer will be delt with and punished appropriately with the evidence provided
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  2. Eman005 added a post in a topic Help?   

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  3. Eman005 added a topic in Spetsnaz   

    Eman LOA
    Name: Eman
    Rank: VCMDR
    Reason: Family Vacation
    Length: 5/19/18 - 5/31/18
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  4. Eman005 added a post in a topic Joey's Problems   

    Joey if you ever need someone to just talk to rant on too im here and will be happy to help you
    ps imI'm also a 13 yo so i understand the amount of stress you probably have
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  5. Eman005 added a post in a topic A Message From Your MG   

    did Soileau change? If so I like this version allot better
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  6. Eman005 added a post in a topic Ladder Dupe   

    Thanks for clarifying this but Freeze poses a good question can we use it for the watch tower?
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  7. Eman005 added a post in a topic ---- S&W AUCTION----   

    Wait is this still happening?
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  8. Eman005 added a post in a topic Russian Roster *CMDR Can Now Promote to COL*   

    Name: Eman
    Rank: SZ VCMDR
    Which roster: SZ, Strike, Promotion
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  9. Eman005 added a post in a topic S.R.T and S.W.A.T. Getting Along :)   

    I'm really happy to see the tensions between us dieing down and we can be together and patrol together
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  10. Eman005 added a topic in Forum Diplomat Applications   

    Eman Forum Diplomat Application
    In-Game Name: Eman
    Steam Name: [GL] Eman
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:33601900
    Are you a Moderator+? Yes (Still need forum tag)
    How many post do you have on the website? 416
    How often are you online on the forums? Every night
    What timezone are you in? CST
    Why would you want to join our Forum Diplomat team? I want to join the Forum Diplomats to keep our forums clean of bad things and disrespect because I can not stand it. I also think that with my activity I would be able to catch more on the forums than most other might be able to.
    Would you consider yourself to have good judgement? If so, how? Yes, I can not really explain it besides being able to have control over a department (When I'm active) because I am 2nd in command of three branch's I think I appropriately responsible by being able to lead and earn these roles and maintain them.
    How would you deal with a situation where a user is spamming the shoutbox due to getting banned from one of our servers? I would delete their posts but I would first screenshot it in order to show it to a higher up and have them deal with it appropriately.
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  11. Eman005 added a post in a topic A Message From Your MG   

    Snookie is a person he has a life he has a second life in video games and he is a High ranking on Police RP and Military RP he is a man with only so much time, he has to be active in Police for being a tactical department Commander and being a Military MG. I mean he is split for time just like me but when I come on I mean I'm lenient but if someone gives you an order you follow it its called MILITARY RP for a reason it has hierarchy and should be treated with respect. I may be the most inactive man and I don't get hit for anything, I'm still second in command of two things. Also the fact you were outside of base is still breaking base rules and he has valid reason to arrest you for breaking base rules but he didn't. You are also liable to strikes because you refused to follow orders. He may be inactive but that rank has a meaning and you respect that meaning. He may be inactive but he earned that rank because of how he acts and how he leads. He may have to earn some peoples respect still but he is a general so please treat him like one. I may be inactive but I still have earned my respect as has Snookie he is a great man and you may not see it on Military RP but you can see it on Police RP where he is respected by most everyone. This needs to stop because he may be less active than you want but he still earned his rank and if you have a problem with him talk to him or take it up the ladder of command that is higher than him. I don't believe he should recieve a bad record just because of his activity, he should earn his record being the MG he is.
    I mean no offense to anyone I am simply stating what I think.
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  12. Eman005 added a post in a topic Senior's ADF Operator Application   

    Deserves more responsibilities
    Good soldier
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  13. Eman005 added a post in a topic PoliceRP Update - 4/30/2018   

    Amazing! Finally!
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  14. Eman005 added a post in a topic LtRDM RU Spetsnaz 104th Application   

    Awaiting More Community Support
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  15. Eman005 added a post in a topic Reborn 4/28 LOA   

    Its more so for the officer meeting probably
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