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  1. CyaGaming added a post in a topic Suggestions for MilitaryRP   

    Yea it does XD it always go to night everyday 
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  2. CyaGaming added a post in a topic Co manager application marshmallow   

    could u please spell my name right if you gonna try to disrespect me? 
    Besides Zeeptin hand picks managers. 
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  3. CyaGaming added a post in a topic Co manager application marshmallow   

    I'm no longer head admin nor staff of MilitaryRP admiral but I'm sure I've had headaches from you :/ 
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  4. CyaGaming added a post in a topic Hello everyone!   

    Welcome from me CyaGaming :P yes we hope you enjoy your time on GamingLight and have fun, again said by jinx feel free to come on any of our servers. I staff on TTT and MilitaryRP but you may not see me on so much as I am on a break with personal issues but I try to stay active on forums, as I use my phone foe :P but occasionally you may see me on. If you do feel free to say hey. 
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  5. CyaGaming added a post in a topic I'm new here. Hello!   

    I've played with you on TTT :P pretty chill 
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  6. CyaGaming added a post in a topic BullHogGames Fourm Title-Zeeptin Please read   

    Hey Zeeptin, 
    I just wanted to ask when u have the time if u could fix my rank on the website please, I am a Super Admin on MilitaryRP. Thank you.
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  7. CyaGaming added a post in a topic Pinkfudge Here :D   

    Hello Tyler/ PinkFudge You should know me by now, but I am going to introduce myself here also, I'm CyaGaming or Dylan if u prefer, and I am EliteAdmin on MilRP and now I'm part of your staff as well as Admin. Although my rank on the forums is completely wrong, as for it hasn't been changed from when I was STC. I am very glad to meet you, and will do my best to help within DarkRP, and MilRP within fair timing of one another. So again very nice to meet u PinkFudge or Tyler. 
    EliteAdmin on MilRP
    Admin on DarkRP
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  8. CyaGaming added an answer to a question Test Question   

    To be fair, this question was meant to be a test to see how this thread for support would work. It's unlikely it'll be used much, but I still think it's a good idea.
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  9. CyaGaming added a question in Support   

    Test Question
    Who will be the first to answer this question?
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  10. CyaGaming added a post in a topic Minecraft Server   

    It exists, I played on it today, wasn't that many ppl on. As for the name of the server maybe it was created before GamingLight name was made, either way I got on and was actually greeted by normal players. To any admin or staff of the Minecraft Server, plz correct me if I am wrong.
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