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  1. Fame added a post in a topic Playtime Reset   

    90% of that is AFK hours 
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  2. Fame added a post in a topic Marvel or DC   

    Definitely Marvel
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  3. Fame added a post in a topic Last played song.   

    Fate stay night op 1
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  4. Fame added a post in a topic kidnapping/hostage rules   

  5. Fame added a post in a topic JRANDOMS TMOD APP   

    +/-Support for reasons above ^
                    My suggestions to you are you put a tad more effort into your application (200+ more words for each section) and tell us why you want to be staff more than anyone else. 
    Thanks for Reading!
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  6. Fame added a post in a topic rdm false warn   

    Unfortunately if no other staff are on they must take the sit. We just ask they do not be bias and do their job correctly and professionally. 
    Now based off this report it’s hard to understand what’s going on, but after analyzing the report I’ve come to the conclusion that it was NOT  RDM, but it was completely in roleplay. If Jeff did not drop 5k, after he had a gun pointed towards him and had his life threatened, than it is completely fine to kill him. I have done this before and it is completely in the rules. 
    Now I know Jeff, and I’m pretty darn sure he has more money than just 5,000 dollars. I’m sure he could’ve given Hannah and Mika 5,000 dollars, but he choose not to. In real life If someone has a gun pointed at you and demands your wallet or you will be shot, will you say no, or just stand there clueless in the eyes of death it’s self?  No, of course not. You would happily give him your money, and live to see another day ironically enough. 
    Therefore, Hannah warned him for FearRP. I see no issue with these warns.
    We should trust our staff to do their job correctly no matter the situation. And in this case, I believe she did. 
    Hannah, in the future, refrain from doing your own sits. UNLESS ITS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY AND THERE IS ZERO OTHER STAFF ON, please do not do this again.
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  7. Fame added a post in a topic AFK Suggestion   

    Reasons above 
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  8. Fame added a post in a topic Lut's Staff Application   

  9. Fame added a post in a topic Staff report on Deathstrider and Ryan the epic guy   

    Yesterday there was 45 players on and no staff and about 5 staff AFK on civilian. If you’re going AFK please leave the server because it’s rediculous YOU’RE breaching the staff hand book. 
    I’m tired of forcing people on I’m just going to start reporting to SMT 
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  10. Fame added a post in a topic Wolffes False warn   

    When I saw it happen GangGang did have his gun pointed at him but since his mic sucks he didnt get the words “ put your hands up” fully out. I did hear like “ put your ha” but his mic cut out. In the video it shows that as well. I saw it happen so I just took the sit. I’m not bias I do my job no matter who I’m dealing with. But to get rid of this headache I’ll jus +Support
    ALSO the remove warn system is broken
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  11. Fame added a post in a topic montana gang/family   

    No roster access?
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  12. Fame added a post in a topic Melon Mans Tmod Application   

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  13. Fame added a post in a topic Warn Request on v0idz TNO   

    Why didn’t you call staff LOL

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  14. Fame added a post in a topic STrider’s Warn appeal   

    Did place props on people but I don’t see the minge 
    The remove warn system is broken 
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  15. Fame added a post in a topic Anime Military Special Unit   

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