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  1. Kopa added a topic in Report Center   

    Johny Mike Ban Request
    Your In-game: USMC MARSOC VCMDR Kopa Your SteamID: STEAM_0:0:16164705 The player's name in-game: US PVT Johnny Mike The player's steam name (If you know it): MrPositive5,   SteamID: STEAM_0:1:114146640 What did the player do: Constant minge for the past two days, mainly Teamkilling (as of 5/22/18) Evidence (REQUIRED):https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1392515134 What do you believe should happen to the player: Perm. Ban Any extra information: The reason the screen shot is really stretched is because I have three screens. it's not photo-shopped
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  2. Kopa added a post in a topic Experimental Offer - 2LT   

    + Support
    not to name names but we've had incidents with Lieutenants in the past that got them in trouble, personally I think if we're gunna recruit more junior officers they should be personally screened by a high ranking officer
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  3. Kopa added a post in a topic Reborns Super Admin App   

    + One of the best staff that I've seen
    + Active
    + Friendly
    + Performs job very much above expectation
    + Very Approachable
    You've earned it bud
    ~ USMC Vice Commander Kopa
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  4. Kopa added a post in a topic Marines on the Forums and in TS   

    Reporting for Meetings/Role-calls
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  5. Kopa added a post in a topic Konrad's LOA   

    See you when you return MG
    ~Vice Commander Kopa
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  6. Kopa added a topic in Marines   

    Marines on the Forums and in TS
    I have decide to make it be mandatory for all Lance Corporals+ to start being active in the forums and be active in TeamSpeak. I would urge all officers and high ranking enlisted (E-7+..that's Gunnery Sergeants) to let their subordinates know they must be in TS after receiving the LCPL rank and job.
    Failure to do so will result in disciplinary measures
    Sincerely, Vice Commander Kopa
    As a note: LCPLs are expected to report to meetings and role-calls. Also if an LCPL is promoted to an E-5 (that's Sergeant) rank an still has not been seen on the forums and TS both that enlisted and their promoting officer will receive disciplinary action
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  7. Kopa added a post in a topic Kopa's LOA   

    I'm ending my LOA early because of stuff
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  8. Kopa added a topic in Marines   

    Kopa's LOA
    I'm in need of an LOA, getting mildly stressed out from the server and I'm finding that the month of may is very busy for me. I'll return in two weeks
    ~USMC Vice Commander Kopa
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  9. Kopa added a post in a topic Wrex's ADF Application   

    - Very Mingy
    - RDMs Teammates
    - Disrespectful to officers and other players
    - Barely Active
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  10. Kopa added a post in a topic Sam's Forecon Application   

    The idea has been talked about, but it's NOT actively being removed
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  11. Kopa added a post in a topic USMC Branch Roll Call   

    Any further responses to this will result in disciplinary action, this also includes USMC who did not respond
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  12. Kopa added a post in a topic Training *Everyone Must Read*   

    Name: Kopa
    Rank/Branch: Vice Commander of the USMC
    Response to post: I will be unable to receive the commander training I will be away for personal affairs, is it at all possible to receive the training at a later date?
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  13. Kopa added a topic in Marines   

    USMC Branch Roll Call
    I'm scheduling a role call to weed-out all the inactive Marines, please provide Name, Rank, and Activity in relation to the roster (I.E. VCMDR Kopa - Active) people are currently on LOA at the time of this post are exempt of the role-call, however if you go on LOA after please speak with me
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  14. Kopa added a post in a topic United States Marine Branch Meeting (5/9/18)   

    Thank you
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  15. Kopa added a topic in Marines   

    United States Marine Branch Meeting (5/9/18)
    I'm scheduling a mandatory meeting for ALL USMC this meeting is a week from this Friday (5/4/18) at 6:30 PM EST. As such if you do not attend this meeting they are subject to disciplinary action (Strike or Demotion)
    If you can not attend this meeting please leave Name, Rank, and Reason below (As follows):
    Name: xxxx
    Rank: xxxx
    Reason (and it better be good): xxxx
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