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      Options>Other>Allow all custom files from server
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  1. Chesty added a post in a topic 10/04/17 - Update PoliceRP   

    Thank god the jumping out of PD cars was fixed. So annoying to have happen.
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  2. Chesty added a post in a topic FBI AD Vinny's EAD Application   

  3. Chesty added a post in a topic Conner AD App   

    rarely ever see on FBI
    Immature and cant take any negative criticism without fighting it.
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  4. Chesty added a post in a topic Warn   

    I was warned verbally by Louie D2 when i got frustrated and lost my cool while being in a sit for over 10 min by OP who was demanding 6 million for a court case that the judge said i was not guilty. This kid was screaming non stop for the whole time and wouldn't listen to anyone. I said that that he would look even more idiotic when he said it was going on the forums. I even asked louie to warn me just to get him to leave it be thats how much i wanted to be rid of the situation. I didn't call him an idiot, i said he was looking like an idiot by how his actions represented himself. 2 mods and 4 witnesses all told him he was wrong and he just couldn't stand to hear it. I was trying not to be mean because i know he was young.
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