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  1. Bagger (Babs) added a post in a topic koro's Army Ranger Application   

    -Active on TS (As he should be).
    -Works hard and is a team player.
    -Overall nice guy.
    Would love to see ya as a Ranger.
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  2. Bagger (Babs) added a topic in Army   

    Babs' 35th Regiment Application.
    1.What Is your In-game Name:US Ranger MAJ Babs
    2.What Is your current rank?(1SG+): MAJ
    3.Who would like to see you in the (regiment you are looking to join)?(Two Officers): US 35th RGT LTC Sam, US Commander John.
    4.Why should we trust you to be in this Regiment?(This Is A Special Force In The U.S): I can be trusted in this regiment because I work as a team player while having the ability to take charge of a team and leading them when necessary.
    5.Why do you want to be in this Regiment? (30-50 Words Min): I wish to join the 35th Regiment not only to help it grow into a more powerful and respected regiment of the army, but also to participate and successfully execute missions with other strong and intelligent regiment members.
    8.What is your Timezone?: PST
    9.How often can you be on?(How many days/hours a week): Everyday for 2-6 hours.
    10.Are you a well trained & disciplined Soldier?: Yes.
    11.How many warns do you have?(Can be checked by !Warns): 0
    12.Do you have any Active strikes?: 0
    13.Are you capable of completing the mission & helping out your team mates any way necessary?: Yes. I will do whatever it takes in any means necessary.
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  3. Bagger (Babs) added a topic in Army   

    Babs' Army Captain Application
    1.What Is Your In-game Name: US 1LT Babs.
    2.What Side Are You Applying For: US.
    3.How Much time Do You Have On The Server(3 Days 10 Hours MIN):  85 Hours, or 3 Days and 7 hours (I was told by many high commands to make this Application before the MIN time).
    4.Why Do You Want To Be Captain(30-50 Words Min): I wish to be a captain because of the leadership within the army core, plus the dedication involved to join and remain in a classification as high as a captain. As I have grown in rank, so has my potential to be a leader. When fighting in wars, I organize my fellow army core troops into groups and often lead them into specific locations in order to neutralize enemy threats. Being a US Army Captain also takes major dedication. I would not even try to apply to be an army captain if I did not consider myself dedicated. I am on the server every day for multiple hours, while also participating in the TS server and on the forums. The US Army Core is a very well-rounded and well-led branch of the army. I believe that my participation in CPT+ leadership will make the Army Core even more powerful and respected then it currently stands. 
    5.Who Would Like To See You As A Captain(Two Officers MIN): US Ranger LTC Griffin and US Maj Gen Perry.
    6.Why Should We Trust You With Captain?(This Is A High Rank In The U.S): I believe that I can be trusted with the position of captain, because with myself being highly active in the server, I can keep control of the incoming privates and other lower level army core, while helping to mold these same lower ranking men into more productive, skilled and team-based soldiers.
    7.Have You Donated To The Server?: Yes.
    8.What Is Your Rank On The Server?(I.E; Admin, Platinum V.I.P):  Gold.
    9.What Is Your Time zone?:  PST.
    10.What Is Your Army Rank?(1SGT+): 1LT.
    11.How Often Can You Be On?: Everyday for 4-8 hours (Unless on LOA).
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  4. Bagger (Babs) added a topic in Army   

    Babs' Army Ranger Application
    1.What Is Your In-game Name: US 1LT Babs.
    2.What Side Are You Applying For: US.
    3.What branch are you currently in?: US Army Core.
    4.What Is Your Rank?(1SG+): 1LT.
    5.Who Would Like To See You As A Army Ranger?(Two Officer's): US Brigadier General Perry and US Ranger CPT Griffin (Johnson).
    6.Why Should We Trust You With Being a Army Ranger?(This Is A Special Force In The U.S): I can be trusted as an Army Ranger because when there is a set goal for the US Army to reach, I will lead the way in order to create a greater opportunity of success and achievement of that said goal.
    7.Why Do You Want To Be a Army Ranger(30-50 Words Min): I wish to become an army ranger because I am a support player, active player and a leadership player. I am a support player in the case of the US army needing support in marksmanship or combat medics. If there is a need for someone to change a class in order to protect or heal the group, I will do so immediately. I am an active player due to the fact that I spend time on the server every day and I stay on the server for multiple hours. I am also highly active in communications through radio and party, being call outs of enemies or giving other useful information. I am a leadership player in the fact that I can organize a group of soldiers to follow me into the war zone, set with a strategic plan, and eliminate immediate threats to other soldiers.
    8.What Is Your Timezone?: PST.
    9.How Often Can You Be On?(How many days/hours a week): 4-8 Hours, Everyday (Unless on LOA).
    10.Do you have extensive experience with Google Sheet's?: Somewhat/Yes
    11.How many warns do you have?(Can be checked by !Warns): I have no Warns.
    12.Do you have any strikes?(If you do, then what for?): I have no Strikes.
    13.Are you capable of leading DB when no one else can, and do you believe you are able to keep troops in check when they get out of line?: I do in fact believe that I can properly hold a DB when no one else can. I have not led a DB so far, but I would absolutely be willing to do so without hesitation. I would be able to keep troops in check when they get out of line with strict discipline, leaving no room for any nonsense they would bring forward.
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