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  1. Beckett added a post in a topic Will Newel's LOA   

    You can't leave me like this, Will!
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  2. Beckett added a post in a topic Maxim's T-Mod Application   

    After knowing him for awhile, I believe he can do a good job. He can be strict and professional when needs be and can give fair punishments.
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  3. Beckett added a post in a topic Brice (Trial Mod App)   

    -I believe he can do well within the staff team, as shown previously. 
    -Knows his rules and the punishments for those who break them
    -Likable person
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  4. Beckett added a post in a topic Rogue Inc.   

    No, we're the ones with the badass McLaren's who respect the cops
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  5. Beckett added a topic in General   

    Rogue Inc.
    ~Rogue Incorporated~
    “Our principles are highest; honour, solidarity and vengeance. We know there’s no justice for us except we earn it. We earn respect.”
    Some of you may have seen a few of our agents recently within Rockford. Many of you don't know who we are and how we operate, this post shall help clear things up. Rogue Incorporated, is a global provider of sustainable training solutions and secure logistics management. We believe that the right combination of training and support will enable security forces across the globe to create and maintain safe environments for their nations to thrive in. As a result, we are committed to sharing best practices through cutting-edge training, complex program management, and logistic support. Others may claim that our actions are unconventional and breaks the common law, however, we understand where you are mistaken. We do so to protect and appease those within the local community. The majority of our missions will be kept arcane/classified.

    Keep in mind, this post was made for roleplay purpose only - a better description as to how I would like to present my custom class. Hope you enjoyed it!
    Plus, sorry for poor quality photo, had to lower it for it to be added on the post - still hope you like it!
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  6. Beckett added a topic in General Discussions   

    Gaminglight Banner
    Recently, I have taken an interest on designing other logos for Gaminglight! Once I produced one I liked, I had to figure out the way I was going to present it. In the end I decided to include it within a banner/background piece. This design is compatible and created to fit, YouTube and your banners on this website - if you'd like to use it anywhere! Due to the last post I made, where I produced a different variant of the current logo (http://gaminglight.com/main/topic/15278-policerp-logo/), a few of you approached me in game and complimented me which I appreciated a lot, Thanks! 
    Hope you guys enjoy it! Please reply with feedback as to how I can improve, it would be very helpful! 
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  7. Beckett added a post in a topic Johnathen Support Application   

  8. Beckett added a topic in Completed   

    Whitelist Issue - Rogue agent
    Server: PoliceRP
    Job: Rogue agent
    The player STEAM_0:0:140162892 from http://gaminglight.com/main/topic/17424-rogue-agent-adding-car-players/ is having issues joining - Claiming it says 'Unable to Rogue agent'
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  9. Beckett added a post in a topic Rogue Agent - Adding Player   

    Currently there is:
    artxtzz - pending 
    This is my fith and final player 
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  10. Beckett added a post in a topic Gaminglight Community Meeting - Friday 3rd Nov - 6pm EST   

    When you mention the suggestion of having more features within the map, does that include improving the structure/boundaries of the map (like the textures of streets and/or shapes of certain buildings) or just adding Perma Props (such as road signs)?
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  11. Beckett added a topic in Completed   

    Rogue Agent - Adding Player
    Job name: Rogue Agent
    Server: PoliceRP
    Adding another player! 
    STEAM_0:0:112532649 (he paid himself) 
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  12. Beckett added a topic in Completed   

    Rogue Agent - Adding Car + Players
    Job Name - Rogue Agent
    Server : PoliceRP
    Custom car - TDM McLaren P1 - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=217264937&searchtext=mclaren 
    Paid by - STEAM_0:1:124510336 - He paid $80 (the $50 for new car, extra $30 for not being in server already)
    Added Players:(they paid themselves)
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  13. Beckett added a post in a topic Favorite Movie quote?   

    "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore" 
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  14. Beckett added a post in a topic alyssa introduction   

    Hope you enjoy your stay!
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  15. Beckett added a post in a topic Game Of Thrones   

    Great show! my favourite!
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