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  1. Beckett added a post in a topic Rouge Agent, Adding Pagani Huayra   

    Beckett Approves :)
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  2. Beckett added a post in a topic PoliceRP Rule Updates - 2/12/2018   

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  3. Beckett added a post in a topic My Time Has Come - Fairwell   

    This can not be happening, I don't believe it! I love you valk ;(
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  4. Beckett added a topic in SWAT   

    Beckett - LOA
    In-Game Name: Beckett
    SteamID: STEAM_1:1:58573589
    Rank: SSGT (FTO)
    Length of LOA (Time must be Specified): 09/02/2018-13/02/2018 (dd/mm/yyyy)
    Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): I'm going abroad this weekend - to Rome. I apologise that this may be an inconvenience. I promise to make up my hours/time when I get back!
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  5. Beckett added a post in a topic the SS Classes   

    Jobs will not be in use until the new Commanders are chosen and a new SOP/Handbook has been put in place - Applications close on Monday - 12th. Expect the announcement in that following week.
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  6. Beckett added a post in a topic PoliceRP - Update - 02/07/2018   

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  7. Beckett added a post in a topic MOTD Suggestion   

    A Carjack is usaully more discrete than robbing a bank, doing a prison break, robbing a gas station, assassinating the president, etc...
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  8. Beckett added a post in a topic Guitar??   

    Piano for me
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  9. Beckett added a post in a topic Admin report system   

    The admin ticket system was removed because it clashed with the current mods we use on PoliceRP - it created script errors. So it was removed to optimise the server. Its been suggested to add it back before but denied for the same reason. 
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  10. Beckett added a post in a topic STRIDERS TMOD APPLICATION   

    I have spoken to you on multiple accounts and I'm glad to say that I came out of each one with a positive attitude! Your dedication is clear and your mind is in the right place. You'd be a valuable asset to the team and I see you going far! 
    Good Luck!
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  11. Beckett added a post in a topic Aaron's Trial Mod Staff application   

    Applying for staff while planning to create another community isn't the best of decisions. Doing that shows us you're not planning on staying for long... If you don't believe you deserve this rank, why should we?
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  12. Beckett added a post in a topic James Olivers Tmod application   

    I've seen you around for a bit - I know you can roleplay and respect others. However, putting more effort into you application wouldn't of hurt. Show us that you care, show us that you are willing to put enough effort and dedication in something you'd like to pursue!
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  13. Beckett added a post in a topic EternityAgar Staff Application   

    I've seen you around for awhile and how you play. It would be nice to have another friendly and professional member added to the team! Its clear that you chose your words carefully when writing this post meaning you actually put effort in something you like!
    Good Luck!
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  14. Beckett added a post in a topic Ryan The Epic Guy’s Tmod Application   

    I've known people that have had many warns yet made great staff - Its always nice to see those that admit to their wrong doings and plan on setting things straight (especially if its in the interest of helping others). I know the odds aren't in your favour, but perfection cant be reached without changing and making mistakes!
    Good luck!
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  15. Beckett added a post in a topic Joining F.E.A.R - ARTXZZ   

    Approved :)
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