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  1. Beckett added a topic in Completed   

    Whitelist - Rogue agent
    Sugar - STEAM_0:1:124510336
    He has paid for it 
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  2. Beckett added a post in a topic Lego’s Forum Diplomat Application   

    Seems like a helpful guy :)
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  3. Beckett added a post in a topic Jamess' Introduction   

    Thrilled to see you more often! Welcome to Gaminglight.
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  4. Beckett added a post in a topic What's your favorite car PoliceRP Wise?   

    Escalade - only car I can drive :P
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  5. Beckett added a post in a topic Whats your Favorite gun?   

    Classic AK47 - Gun of freedom 
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  6. Beckett added a post in a topic What is your favorite video game?   

    Mate, this is a classic
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  7. Beckett added a post in a topic John Kyle   

    Sorry to hear. Hope it gets better! 
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  8. Beckett added a post in a topic New Job's/Weapons - Added to Donation store?   

    I would definitely pay for them! Looks sick!  
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  9. Beckett added a topic in General   

    Gang Roleplay
    Once again, I'm posting to show others how fun it could be to play as certain jobs - within my old post, I showcased a screenshot of me (as mayor - with a squad of FBI: http://gaminglight.com/main/topic/15465-mayor-beckett/). 
    I had the honour to be online as the gangs became non whitelist, to which I became the Kingpin of the Bloods gang. After getting all members on teamspeak and within the correct channel, I can honestly say that my gang members and I had a great time! We had sufficient roleplay - from the police surveying our every movement to the rival gangs breathing down our necks. We negotiated terms of peace/violence and which turf belongs to who.
    I believe I speak for my fellow gang members, from the other day, that when used properly - this update can be a lot of fun!
    A screenshot to show our greatness https://imgur.com/a/Y4BgE
    And a big thanks to the developers which makes the server as great as it is!
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  10. Beckett added a post in a topic Favorite movie of all time   

    That's a shout 
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  11. Beckett added a post in a topic What do you want to be doing in 10 years.   

    Architecture for me :) 
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  12. Beckett added a post in a topic Staff Handbook   

    Read and Understood
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  13. Beckett added a post in a topic Whats your Favorite Fast Food?   

    KFC does a pretty decent job 
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  14. Beckett added a post in a topic Will...'s (Rick Sanchez) Trial-Moderator Application   

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  15. Beckett added a topic in Accepted   

    Beckett's T-Mod Application
    What is your in-game name?: Beckett StarkWhat is your steam name?: Selixity
    What is your steam ID?: STEAM_0:1:58573589                               
    Do you have any other experience with staffing?: No
    What date did you start playing on the community?: Roughly, near the end of July (start of August - 2017)
    What date did you make your forums account? The same time - a week after first joining.
    Current rank on server (This is a ULX rank ONLY! Not a RP Rank)? VIP+
    How many warns do you have on the server? 1
    Have you donated? Yes
    What rank are you applying for? Trial Moderator
    Have you read the staff guidelines: Yes, I have.
    Timezone: GMT
    Why do you believe that you deserve the rank?: I would honoured to be given the responsibility of being accepted within the administration - of the Gaminglight Community. I am well acquainted with the rules and have read through the handbook multiple times. I respect the community enough to help it and give my time to make it grow even further. I believe myself to be friendly towards others and to be supportive as much as I can. I am also familiar with the majority of the players. Due to my timezone, I believe my appearance can help within hours where staff is needed more. I try to be fair and honest towards all players I come across. Playing on the PoliceRP server is one of the things I love to do and enjoy the most. As being part of administration, I would be serious when necessary and give the correct/fair punishment (no matter the player). I listen well when given orders and respect those above me. Thank you for taking the time to read this!
    How would you handle someone that is Mass RDMing and when you bring him/her to an admin sit all they do is curse at you? First, I would check their warns to see whether this is a common issue - Inform a higher up to decide whether or not it ends with a Ban - However, if it is a first for them, I would proceed with a 10,000 minge. For the Staff disrespect I would warn them, however, if they continued to do so I would issue an additional 500 minge.
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