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  1. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic CMDR Offices in TS   

    1. With all the CMDRs constantly changing, we'd have to keep switching channel admins which would be very confusing.
    2.we have enough TS channels, but Wrex is right, you can't have a private chat in TS without 10 people showing up and micspamming "All the other players with the Diamond sword"
    3. Most people like me are to cheap to even PAY attention so i won't be buying a TS channel anytime soon.
    4. The General/officer room have passwords on it but almost everyone knows it so good luck having privacy.
    Idk man
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  2. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Changes to SZ   

    *Slaps you on the back of the head
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  3. Frank Wayne added a topic in Spetsnaz   

    Changes to SZ
    I'm making a few changes to SZ (It's kinda like an update)
    1. We're supposed to be the elite Russians, it's time we start acting like it. From now on, constantly having a negative K/D could result in being put in PT no matter who won the war. (Trust me, me and coach won't make it fun)
    2. Yes, we do have fun during war, but during peace time I will start cracking down on minges in the regiment. Meaning that if I catch anyone acting up, first I will talk with you in my office, next you'll be forced to do PT, and if it happens a 3rd time, a strike or removal from SZ will happen.
    3. If you leave during PT when it's a punishment  (By either switching to US side or disconnecting) you'll just be removed, no questions asked. (If it's an emergency, I'll make note of it and you'll do PT when you get back)
    4. Changes to training.
    We're going to kick it up a notch, this is how the training should be.
    1. Faces (Left face, right face, about face, front face)
    2. Shooting  (Shoot 5 targets in 5 seconds or less) ONLY ONE RE-TRY
    3.Obstacle course (Make it through at least 3/4ths or a great deal of the course) ONLY ONE RE-TRY
    4. Tires (Make it to the 7th tire, the trainee can ONLY have 3 attempts, NO PRACTICE ATTEMPTS)
    5. Whitelist them for their jobs ONLY if they pass all of this (Remember, we're the elites, not a bunch of ****ing girl scouts)
    Reply below if you have any questions.
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  4. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic The Name symbol RU to RF   

    That actually makes sense, I always wondered why the US get the United States and we're stuck with Russian.
    It could stand for Russian Union though.
    +Support, makes it a little more modern
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  5. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic PLEASE REMOVE THE GRENADE LAuncher   

    I have literally never seen anyone use the grenade navy class (Except for me when i first got champion and tried out all thw classes)in the nearly 5 months I've been here. Buffing the shit out of the grenades will just cause more problems because I can hold 12 at once and throw them everywhere at a high rate of fire.
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  6. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Nova's RSOF APP   

    what game exactly were you playing, I don't see any footage of him playing Milrp.
    Also, if you can't handle what I said, in a calm matter that what makes you think you can handle RSOF?
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  7. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Wrench Demotion   

    Wrench deserved to get demoted to PVT, after being removed from staff for mass disrespect of players and staff. 
    His behavior as CMDR is completely toxic to the point where I questioned speedy when he gave him MPO.
    I agree 
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  8. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Roll Call   

    what the...it's called LANCE corporal.
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  9. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Nova's RSOF APP   

    I have my doubts that Valk actually supported you on this and you failed to provide any proof that he supports this.
    Until you can prove he supports this, I will stay at -support.
    If you can't find any proof or get him to confirm it, chances are you're probably lying, hell I have my doubts valk was even on in the past 2 weeks. I saw him on once and he barely knew how to play. So something about this doesn't seem right.
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  10. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Nova's RSOF APP   

    "what do you want" is a weird way to say yes.
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  11. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Nova's RSOF APP   

    Can I see some proof of valk's reccomendation?
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  12. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Maxims LOA   

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  13. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Coach's LOA   

    Get well soon noah!
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  14. Frank Wayne added a topic in Spetsnaz   

    Roll Call
    I will make another one of these next week. Whoever doesn't reply to either of them will be removed. (Officers do NOT need to reply 2LT+, I'm aware that they're active. But if you're below 2LT, respond to this post with the following format)
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  15. Frank Wayne added a topic in Military Police   

    Roll Call
    To many MPT's and MP's 
    I'll make another one of these again next week and whoever doesn't respond to either of them will be removed.
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