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  1. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Frank'S MPO application   

    Nice, I'm out of French Creek Council.
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  2. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Frank'S MPO application   

    The scout oath...what council are you out of?
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  3. Frank Wayne added a topic in Military Police   

    Frank'S MPO application
    1.What Is Your In-game Name: Frank Wayne
    (RUAF ADF 1LT Frank Wayne)
    2. How Much time Do You Have On The Server(3 Days 10 Hours MIN): Around a week-week 1/2
    4. Why Do You Want To Be MPO(30-50 Words Min):
    Well, for starters there are hardly any MPO's nor are they ever on (with the exception of sky and William) the problem with that is, less officers=less training to recruit new MP's. No new recruits=Shortage of MP's. I'm here to fix this problem.
    Also, I've been told by my higher ups (Niko,maxim,etc ) that I do flawless with leadership skills and recruiting/training new RUAF soldiers. I acquired my leadership skills from simply the last 5 years as a Boy Scout which I'm currently the Senior patrol leader (I lead the entire troop) after doing it for so long you kind of just take charge when no one else will.
    5.Who Would Like To See You As A MPO?(Two Officers MIN): HMP William, RUAF CPT Vickers, RN LTCMDR Nevmis, RN CPT Wezzy, RU GRU COL Alistair
    6.Why Should We Trust You With MPO?(This Is A High Rank In The RU):  
    As I mentioned earlier, as a Boy scout, I'm to uphold the scout law in my everyday life.
    The 11 points of this law is that a scout is to be Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, thrifty, Brave, clean and reverent.
    The most important one being trustworthy, I've earned my trust not just by being friendly but getting to know a lot of the people to a point where I can be trusted, hell they're trusting me with 1LT right now.
    (Also, I swore on a fellow scouts death bed that as long as I live, I will always follow the scout law. Not joking, he died 3 weeks ago, hung himself by his school basketball hoop)
    I have never abused my powers as MP, I have 0 warns 0 strikes across EVERY gaminglight server.
    7.Have You Donated To The Server?: 
    Yes, $90.
    8.What Is Your Rank On The Server?(I.E;Admin,Platinum V.I.P): 
    9.What Is Your Timezone?: 
    10.What Is Your Military Police Rank?(WO1+): 
    11.How Often Can You Be On?:
    Everyday for 4-8 hours. It will increase once I get my new PC at my mother's house  (Divorce, long story)
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  4. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Resignation   

    Sad to see you go man, I'll miss you.
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  5. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Wezzys 1LT App   

    Active, Professional, mature for his age, no Disciplinary action has been given against him at all (Warns, strikes,etc)
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  6. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Wrexs ADF App   

    Immature, interrupted the ending of DB with countless PTS's with stupid questions such as "If I get a girl pregnant, do I have to pay her?"
    You're a nice kid and unlike some people *Cough* Weezy *cough* you actually deserve your rank and my respect.
    However, I want to see more maturity out of you before you try to join ADF.
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  7. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Replacing The Mosin   

    +Support its not ww1 or ww2 anymore. We have drones and shit, we need to modernize the RUAF marksman.
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  8. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Entire RU role call   

    Name: Frank Wayne
    Rank: SRA
    Regiment: Air Force
    MP rank(if applicable):
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  9. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Server Roadtrip [Made GIF]   

    Looks pretty good, but needs more explosions and screaming 12 year old OFC's and afk High ranking Militaryrp peps being afk for it to be authentic.
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  10. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Tobias T-mod Application   

    First freaking post
    Semi-decent app.
    Never seen you before
    Nor have I seen you in TeamSpeak.
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  11. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Gaming light app for ios and android   

    Why would we need an app when I can do this from my phone? (I am)
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  12. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Coach 31 TMOD application   

    Bare bones app
    I like the Mass RDM answer, I see that autocorect messed you up or something it's Minge not mine.
    Extremely Active on forums, teamspeak, and in game.
    Never had a problem with you.
    Overall +Support
    I would gladly teach him how to properly moderate and it would be easier for me to do so considering we go to the same school.
    Take what I say with a grain of salt, I don't mean to sound biased when I say the kid is ready.
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  13. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic Just wondering...   

    That isn't exactly gonna help prove anything
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  14. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic PoliceRP Stream   

    Breh By that time I'll be AOD, probably won't be able to watch your stream.
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  15. Frank Wayne added a post in a topic What Do you do While not on Gaming Light?   

    Marching band...
    That's also the reason I wasn't on yesterday.
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