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  1. Kim Yo Suk added a post in a topic Player addition request-Hunk   

    I approved and gave him permission
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  2. Kim Yo Suk added a post in a topic Nolan's - Head Admin Promotion Application   

    Great staff who helps the community and players a lot
    a great role model for staff team
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  3. Kim Yo Suk added a post in a topic SA NoOne's Head Admin App   

    + Support
    Very helpful with players and been a great help to the community
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  4. Kim Yo Suk added a post in a topic Louie - False Warn Report   

    staff should never take their own sits till certain rank because it is to avoid corruption or abuse power or sometime staff may make mistake and quickly come into conclusion without some investigation.
    Your kill log is not enough, I would like to see damage log since the situation might be that the SWAT got into crossfire and Aowwl accidentally killed the SWAT(it happens all the time). However, it seem Aowwl is not denying the RDM. 
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  5. Kim Yo Suk added a post in a topic Nolan's - Super Admin Promotion Application   

    Great staff and a great role model for the staff team. He been very helpful to the entire community :)
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  6. Kim Yo Suk added a post in a topic Known for his 3 tap's Support Staff Application   

    he is very friendly and very helpful with players. I believe he would be a really good role model for support team
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  7. Kim Yo Suk added a topic in General   

    How to NOT Make Killbox Base
    This is only a recommendation, it is NOT rules just a suggestion for you builders!
    All of these are just recommendation! NOT RULES
    This is based on my experience on this server and explained by all staff members, superadmins, and even Mr. Valkyri3 himself! so I decided to gather all info and made checklist for myself and decided to share my checklist with you guys so you don't waste time building a wonderful base just to find out it is consider a killbox :)
    ·         Tunnels entrance then being shot at are not allow usually (recommend no longer than blocks x2! Use measurement from models/hunter/plates/plate1x2.mdl) Preferable size of models/props_wasteland/interior_fence001g.mdl·         Fading doors recommend be at least 6x6 body space apart from another fading door (models/hunter/plates/plate6x6.mdl)·         Using fading props to shoot then close are not allow even with buttons (fading props abuse) [I seen these kind of base many times!]·         Should have ability for raiders to shoot you if defenders can shoot back at raiders·         Cannot trap raiders between two fading doors if defenders have ability to shoot raiders between it (No matter how distance it is!)      Should not have the ability to shoot through fading doors (example, you should not use fence as fading door)    All of these are just recommendation! NOT RULES
    These list may not cover everything that is consider killbox but it is just basic
    Please suggest anymore idea that may be consider a killbox for the community
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  8. Kim Yo Suk added a post in a topic tcoop - False Warn   

    The issue with the warn is lying to staff. I didn't lie at all thus, I shouldn't receive in that record. Just FailRP yes
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  9. Kim Yo Suk added a topic in Denied   

    tcoop - False Warn
    Your In-game: Kim Yo Suk
    Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:13399109 The admin's name in-game: Kim Yo Suk The admin's steam name (If you know it): What warning did you receive: FailRP/Lying to staff Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): logs Why do you think this warn was false: FailRP is the right warn because cellmate spawn weeds and police officers was having a laugh and destroying weeds. I didn't spawn weeds except  1 watermelon just to play around little bit. However, cellmate did spawn weeds and I spawn blue printer to add more laughs with police officers. It was not purpose to make any money while in cell since it only makes less than $100 per min. Then another one since CPL Coco went inside cell. Then I stopped spawning but my cellmate continues to spawn weeds. When tcoops teleport. An Officers calm I spawned weeds and my cellmate spawn printers. My cellmate replys that I spawn printers and himself spawn weeds. and I told tcoops samething and explain that situation was hilarous and just for fun (but later on became little bit annoying when he keep spawning). But he proceed to warned me for lying to staff. It really upset me, that I was being honest with tcoops and got warned for lying to staff. I don't have evidence to prove this as I previously said that I cannot record everything all the times. It is basically words vs words. I tried to explain tcoops in calmly but tcoops is so stubborn and claim that I and cellmate lied to tcoops. Alec automatically take side of Tcoops. I really want lying to staff record off because I didn't lie nor did my cellmate did. It might be misunderstood but tcoops is not cooperating with me and just being stubborn and saying that we said we didn't spawn anything which none of us said that. I am not trying to get my warn removed, I own that FailRP because it is valid. But lying to staff is not true and that part was false. I know this is not valid evidence but my only evidence is my witness: CPL Coco which he was in the situation as well with us.  Any extra information:
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  10. Kim Yo Suk added a post in a topic Carlton's T-Mod Application   

    Great playerActiveFollow rules very well
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  11. Kim Yo Suk added a post in a topic gl0w Locke's Moderator Application   

    FriendlyActiveHelpfulHe is a great staff member!
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  12. Kim Yo Suk added a post in a topic Kim Yo Suk Custom Job   

    I'll just take smoke grenade as secondary
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  13. Kim Yo Suk added a post in a topic I really don't know what is consider killbox anymore   

    I think everyone don't have firm idea what consider killbox on this server. Sometimes we might build a base and think it's not killbox but others will consider killboxes. unfortunately builders have no guidelines what is consider killbox. Pretty much any admins can consider it. but the problem is though they too don't have firm idea either.
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  14. Kim Yo Suk added a post in a topic Kim Yo Suk Custom Job   

    Thank you for responding so quickly! Would machete work? if not what are option of melee weapons I can have? If none, I'll take smoke grenade instead
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  15. Kim Yo Suk added a topic in Completed   

    Kim Yo Suk Custom Job
    In-Game Name: Kim Yo Suk
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:13399109
    Server: PoliceRP 1
    Custom Job Name: HUNK
    Color of Job: Black
    Job Description: "HUNK" is the code-name of a Special Agent of the Umbrella Security Service, who was the leader of the ill-fated Alpha Team in the employment of Umbrella. Cold, silent, and devoid of emotion, he is a ruthless operative.
    Model (Workshop Playermodel MUST be under 4mb, and the word playermodel must be in the title or description):
    Weapons (One primary, One secondary, Must be in the weapon back for the associated server): M249, Smoke Grenade
    Lockpick or Medkit: Medkit
    Criminal or Government  (PoliceRP Government Custom Job is $50 extra): Criminal
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