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  1. Injoker added a post in a topic Injoker’s reduced activity notice   

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  2. Injoker added a post in a topic Injoker’s USMP resignation   

    @Sammm you should have access to both informational and lockdown guide let me know if you don’t 
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  3. Injoker added a topic in Military Police   

    Injoker’s USMP resignation
    This is my formal resignation from USMP
    I would like to dedicate myself to the US Core full time now, and stop having USMP distract me off rules I have made for myself as an officer in the core that I keep breaking. Senior knows my other reasons for resigning and that’s all I will say for now. 
    Sam will be given owner of the lockdown guide and informational tomorrow unless any generals want it over him. 
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  4. Injoker added a post in a topic Lag?   

    if you go into your vcmod settings and then down the els graphic settings it will decrease lag massively 
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  5. Injoker added a post in a topic New Games?   

    Heros and Generals is an amazing game for people with low end pcs 
    I know it’s old but dota 2 and csgo 
    theres also a fun game that’s jinda like ttt called mindnight
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  6. Injoker added a post in a topic Johnathens Army Loa   

    I’m guessing you copied and pasted this from your staff loa so let’s just say rank Vice Commander 🙈
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  7. Injoker added a topic in General   

    Congrats to the New Manager
    At 4:08 PM EST today, Zeeptin announced that John will become the new manager for MilitaryRP, so congratulations to the new manager from the whole MilitaryRP community! You will do great John :). 
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  8. Injoker added a post in a topic Change the recruit system   

    the US core already has issues with enlisted since they move to USAF/USMC as soon as possible, and giving people the decision to instantly start on USMC/USAF will hurt us even more.
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  9. Injoker added a topic in Army   

    Injoker’s 501st Team Leader Application
    1. What Is your In-game Name: Injoker
    2. What Is your current rank? (CPT+): Colonel
    3. Who would like to see you as a Team Leader? (Two Officer's):  US Ranger LTC AChiefMP Senior and US Ranger Major Happydays
    4. Why should we trust you to be this Regiment's Team Leader? (This Is A Special Force In The U.S): I am trusted with moderator on MilitaryRP and was a former moderator on PoliceRP, forum diplomat, support, Colonel in the US Core, Major in the Military Police, the US Army Informational, the unofficial USMP Informational, and the USMP Lockdown Guide, so I believe I can be trusted with 501st team leader.
    5. Why do you want to be the Team Leader of this Regiment? (30-50 Words Min): I believe that leading a regiment would be the next step for me in my career in the US Army Core. I believe I have proven myself time and time again to be a reliable soldier and, when needed, a reliable leader. I believe I would have no issues leading the 501st, and will make sure anyone in the 501st adheres to a custom-made informational and rules for the regiment. I am online almost every day so I would be able to oversee how the 501st are preforming in war, and point out anything we need to do better next war.
    6.What is your Time zone?:  CST
    7.How often can you be on?(How many days/hours a week): 7/4 (will be reduced due to reduced activity notice)
    8.Are you a well trained & disciplined Soldier?: Yes
    9.How many warns do you have?(Can be checked by !Warns): None from MilitaryRP (3 from PDRP)
    10.Do you have any Active strikes?: No
    11.Are you capable of completing the mission & helping out your team mates any way necessary?: Yes
    P.S. I will be hiding my 160th application until a 501st leader is chosen.
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  10. Injoker added a post in a topic Crash screen popups   

    Options > Video > Advanced settings > Model Detail: High
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  11. Injoker added a topic in Army   

    Injoker’s reduced activity notice
    Have finals till next Tuesday, I’ll still get on when I can but I should probably actually study. 
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  12. Injoker added a post in a topic Roacj's Rangers App   

    Ok I feel really stupid that I didn’t notice this
    1SG outranks MSGT. You are not a high enough rank to apply for rangers which is an instant denial. 
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  13. Injoker added a post in a topic Nicholas' MARSOC Application   

    if you are referring to him asking me in-game about his application, ignore it he asked a question about the forum rule not asking for +/-support 
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  14. Injoker added a post in a topic A Message From Your MG   

    Please stop trying to create arguments / flaming Snookie. All posts that do have and will continue to be hidden.
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  15. Injoker added a post in a topic Nicholas' MARSOC Application   

    @Nicholas2594 remove your minus rep on Zack’s comment. You are not allowed to downrep someone for -supporting your application. Please read the forum rules :)
        Forum Diplomat Team
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