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  1. Jazz added a post in a topic Official CRASH Support Thread   

    Can you join other GMod servers? YesCan you join our MilitaryRP server? Yes with 60 FPSCan you join other servers with the same map? I have not triedHow many addons are you currently subscribed to? 309Post the most recent crash log from C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod (.mdmp file) to dumps.metastruct.uk.to and post the link THE MORE THE BETTER! : Submit a recording of you joining the server up until the crash: I can't record on this pc but it just abruptly crashes anywhere from 5-30min into any given play session on PoliceRPDo you get stuck on a certain download?: Nohttp://dumps.metastruct.uk.to/dumper.py?dump=hl2_171219_crash_2018_2_19T4_20_14C0.mdmp&key=E4oy-SHwSpoOjU5hV-WaLt3xLv4yFqsh1OJNLF2yRBwPKjoAErPsXtVupw61Iph8cyNixj7vV5RBcojO7fH7Ceos9HiLHTrMeXk4ZerdQsjIhDTg6yuCzaOuUrWC8HR3QlRpxUdw1coZSrX5eQ0aY1aK9L5vbo0uOB4QdcRQHbo=http://dumps.metastruct.uk.to/dumper.py?dump=hl2_171219_crash_2018_2_18T5_19_56C0.mdmp&key=WfOquaHQ7cEsY-FKmxgn4PcBWXXHz-ee5crIx2uhPfmLZNrgLHRCMI7bJf_q1OnfyD2sTp7BJrEe3Nop4SpeOC3tRaI4hmA7VUAa5-CfH3tSzvbm0sYpv7Sk06eWSjgSTi6TWUH0PHPf52_xzCm1SF9ZI-Ex3Z0n_mGV7iMNOfY=
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  2. Jazz added a post in a topic Officer Purge? Yes A Possible Officer Purge!   

    Don't purge me please I was first to respond should say something :/
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  3. Jazz added a post in a topic General Calland's Resignation   

    You were a great general, I have great respect for you. good luck on everything, hope to see you around. 
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  4. Jazz added a post in a topic Jazz LOA   

    Nvm im back from LOA early finished my projects a lot quicker than i thought i would lmao
    Mainly because i had a snowday wednesday so i could have a whole day to work. :P
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  5. Jazz added a post in a topic Gone but Never Forgotten   

    This is the branch i started out in and the reason i stuck with the server for months after. 
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  6. Jazz added a post in a topic USMC Roll Call.   

    Rank: CPT
    Name: Jazz
    Do you agree that you will be active and do your job as your rank requires to?: yes
    Do you need to speak with a higher up or me about activity or issues about your outside life interfering with you getting on the server (If yes, you can schedule something, or talk to me if I am free on TS.): I am on LOA for a week but still check forums daily.
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  7. Jazz added a topic in Marines   

    Jazz LOA
    I got a lot of school stuff going on this week so i will be back probably on monday or tuesday of next week when this all gets through.
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  8. Jazz added a topic in Marines   

    USMC Meeting
    The USMC meeting being moved to thursdays will be causing a lot of problems because i work every thursday 5-9PM EST 
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  9. Jazz added a post in a topic Jazz MARSOC Application   

    [Update] promoted to 2LT so now my name is USMC 2LT Jazz
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  10. Jazz added a topic in Marines   

    Jazz MARSOC Application
    1.What Is Your In-game Name: USMC SGTMAJ Jazz
    2.What Is Your current Rank?(MGYSGT+): SGTMAJ
    3.Who Would Like To See You As MARSOC?(Two Officer's): USN Seal 1 LTCMDR Brandon, USAF AFSOC COL LTMP Star
    4.Why Should We Trust You With Being a MARSOC?(This Is A Special Force In The U.S): I should be trusted with with MARSOC because I always help people secure points in wars, and always follow the orders of my officers/generals.
    5.Why Do You Want To Be MARSOC (30-50 Words Min): I want to be MARSOC because with further training, and equipment available to me I can be a better soldier all around.
    8.What Is Your Timezone?: EST
    9.How Often Can You Be On?(How many days/hours a week): I can be on 2-5 hours on weekdays, and 2-8 hours on weekends.
    10.Are you a well trained & disciplined Soldier?: Yes, I always maintain a good KD, and always salute my officers/generals when they enter the room.
    11.How many warns do you have?(Can be checked by !Warns): 5 (2 of them are dupe warns)
    12.Do you have any Active strikes?(If you do, then you will be denied): No
    13.Are you capable of completing the mission & helping out your team mates any way necessary?: Yes I used to be a LTC, and MAJCOM in the USAF, and I have led debrief, and led soldiers many times in the past.
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  11. Jazz added a post in a topic New Regularly Scheduled Meeting   

    its 6:30PM EST for anyone to lazy to do the translation
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  12. Jazz added a topic in Airforce   

    sorry I couldn't get on this weekend i was planning on getting on today on my day off but i had to cover my friends shift I'll make sure to be on next weekend.
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  13. Jazz added a topic in Airforce   

    jazz availability
    i am only available on weekends for a long time cause of school, and work. Plus college is coming up soon so that shits stressful to.
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  14. Jazz added a post in a topic Jazz LOA   

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  15. Jazz added a post in a topic Jazz LOA   

    Okay i feel a lot more relieved after a week off now so I will start playing again, and being active again.
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