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  1. Jazz added a topic in Airforce   

    USAF Branch
    We need our USAF officers to be more active as a whole im not trying to be disrespectful but I barely see anybody on anymore, and when I do they come on for like 30 min. then leave to go play something else our branch is dying as is we don't need the officers going MIA out of no where I have played a ton of MilitaryRP in the past couple weeks, and I am usually the only USAF on for hours. sometimes some of the lower ranks will hop on for an hour but other than that I am usually the only player on.
    ~USAF MAJCOM Major Jazz
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  2. Jazz added a post in a topic Giving Tali more Freedom   

    Sounds like a cool concept 
    Would be interesting
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  3. Jazz added a post in a topic False Warn Apeal   

    I was there it was a misclick simple mistake
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  4. Jazz added a post in a topic USAF free pilot   

    ya thats what i mean a light transport heli so they can atleast fly.

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  5. Jazz added a topic in Suggestions   

    USAF free pilot
    USAF I feel needs a pilot job that is not donation only because a lot of new comers see the usaf and wanna fly but learn when they can't don't even consider the branch or just leave the server as a whole even it only have like 2 slots to prevent lag a USAF: Transport Pilot or USAF: Attack Heli Pilot would be a nice addon to the branch.
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  6. Jazz added a post in a topic MINIMAP?   

    saw this addon was gonna make suggestion but its already done!
    really cool idea
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  7. Jazz added a post in a topic jazz availability   

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  8. Jazz added a topic in Spetsnaz   

    jazz availability
    i will be mostly active on weekends for a couple weeks until school and work settles down a little bit i'm currently super busy with those 2 things.
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  9. Jazz added a topic in Airforce   

    Jazz new availability
    I will barely be available on the weekdays because of work so I will be on most during the weekends unless i have a day off.
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  10. Jazz added a topic in Airforce   

    USAF informational rank list
    Can we get an updated list of the new USAF ranks in the informational because we can't view the roster anymore so i don't know some of the USAF ranks.
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  11. Jazz added a post in a topic Jazz LOA   

    I am back btw forgot to update 
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  12. Jazz added a topic in Airforce   

    Jazz LOA
    In-Game Name: USAF MAJCOM CPT Jazz
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:78160080
    Rank: CPT
    Length of LOA: August 18-27
    Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): Family vacation to Myrtle Beach.
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  13. Jazz added a topic in Airforce   

    Roster Purge?
    I see there is a ton of enlisted slots especially in the lower ranks on the roster that i have not seen ingame, and they are not on LOA so I would suggest some sort of an enlisted roster purge to clear some spots up for new people to join the USAF (its a really big problem through AMN-SRA) where i have not seen some of these players once, and they are listed as "active".
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  14. Jazz added a post in a topic Error in game   

    i have restarted my game several times, and it still has not gone away can i get a link to the overhead ranks addon?
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  15. Jazz added a post in a topic Error in game   

    ya its weird it bugs for about 4-5 seconds then it just comes back.
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