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  1. Icehawk added a post in a topic MCPO Icehawk Navy SEAL Application   

    I've changed my mind, I don't think I have the time to be a SEAL since I will be going to boot camp soon. If someone who has the ability to remove this post could do so, that would be appreciated as I can't seem to find the method to do so
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  2. Icehawk added a topic in Introductions   

    Military RP- Icehawk LOA
    1. Name? : Icehawk
    2. Server and Staff Rank? : Moderator on Military RP
    3. How long you will be LOA for? : August 20 until ~November 15
    4. Reason (If private issue put N/A) : Boot camp (United States Navy)
    This is not a 48 hour notice. This is an LOA.
    From August the 20th until approximately November the 15th I will not be on Garry's Mod at all. As of August 28, I will be going to boot camp with the United States Navy. After boot camp, which will end around Halloween, I will be going to what is called A School, the training for my specific job within the Navy. Once I am settled in A School, I will return to Gaminglight IF I HAVE TIME. If I do not, then I will probably not return for a long while, as I will be preoccupied with my duties within the Navy. If, after that point, I become staff restricted, and am still staff restricted when/if I return, I will accept that, as I will likely be unable to post a proper notice if I am not able to return. If this ends up being my leaving notice, then it was nice being a part of this community, from SWRP to PRP to MRP. I have had an overwhelmingly positive experience here, and I hope the community goes on to become even greater than it currently is. If this remains an LOA, then I'll see y'all when I get back!
    - Icehawk
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  3. Icehawk added a topic in Navy   

    MCPO Icehawk Navy SEAL Application
    1.What Is Your In-game Name: USN MCPO Icehawk
    2.What Side Are You Applying For: US
    3.What branch are you currently in?: USN
    4.What Is Your Rank?(MCPO+): MCPO
    5.Who Would Like To See You As A Navy Seal?(Two Officer's): USN Seal 6 CPT Skywalker, USN LTJG WO1 KarmaRedDevil
    6.Why Should We Trust You With Being a Navy Seal?(This Is A Special Force In The U.S): I have proven myself to be an able sailor and a skilled marksman, having reached the rank of MCPO with one promotion from Commander Kyle specifically for my sniping ability. I have led debrief before, albeit when less people were on, and I feel that I have what it takes to be a SEAL
    7.Why Do You Want To Be A Navy Seal (30-50 Words Min): I want to be a Navy SEAL in order to further better myself and the Fleet, with more oportunities available I feel I will be able to do that to maximum potential
    8.What Is Your Timezone?: Central Standard Time
    9.How Often Can You Be On?(How many days/hours a week): Until late August, I will be available for at least a few hours a day, every day assuming nothing comes up. Being human, and being surounded by other humans, I'm sure I will have to be gone some days, but in general I will be active. As of August 20 I wil be on LOA to prepare for and go to boot camp with the United States Navy. My LOA wil last until at least Halloween, probably mid-November at the earliest.
    10.Do you have extensive experience with Google Sheet's?: Extensive, no. Experience, yes.
    11.How many warns do you have?(Can be checked by !Warns): 0
    12.Do you have any strikes?(If you do, then what for?): 0
    13.Are you capable of leading DB when no one else can, and do you believe you are able to keep troops in check when they get out of line?: I am capable of both of those things.
    14:What Does Seal Stand For?: SEAL stands for SEa, Air, and Land.
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  4. Icehawk added a post in a topic Navy Seal Applications   

    Just wanted to point out that the "Navy Seal Oath" you've put on the bottom of this is the Sailor's Creed, not the "Seal Oath"
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  5. Icehawk added a post in a topic Mandatory U.S Navy meeting   

    MST is Mountain time right? I will probably be able to attend but I can't be sure as I may stop playing GMod around that time to start getting ready for basic training
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  6. Icehawk added a post in a topic Icehawk Fleet Application   

    Thanks for the feedback Jack :)
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  7. Icehawk added a topic in Fleet   

    Icehawk Fleet Application
    1. What is your IGN? (In Game Name) : Shock CPT Icehawk
    2. What Branch are you in? (212th, Shock Ect.) : Shock
    3. What Rank are you? (CPT+) : Captain
    4. Why do you want to be Fleet? : To help lead the clones and ensure that the Venator becomes/remains an organized, productive environment
    5. What is the Main Purpose of Fleet? : To ensure the wellbeing of the Venator and her crew
    6. Have you read the Fleet Guidelines? ( : Yes
    7. Why should we trust you to be Fleet? : I have proven myself to be an able leader as well as a serious player both by rising to the rank of Captain in RP and by becoming a Moderator in staff.
    8. How often can you be Online? : Until I go to boot camp at the end of August, I can be on almost if not every day (obviously things can and probably will come up occasionally, but other than those)
    9. Do you have any Strikes? (What for?) : No
    10. Do you have any Warnings? (What for?) : No
    11. Do you know the Fleet Oath? (What is it?) : I swear this sacred oath that I shall render unconditional obedience to the Grand Admiral of our vessel, to exercise every power in service to the Grand Army of the Republic, and shall, whensoever I am asked, be prepared, as a loyal crew member, to surrender my life for this oath.
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  8. Icehawk added a post in a topic Shock Informational   

    Training guide is broken it seems, I can't access it and I remember Ornstein saying he couldn't access it either when I tried out
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  9. Icehawk added a post in a topic How did you chose your name?   

    Icehawk is actually the gamertag of the main character (Dalton) of one of my favourite novels, Rebel Moon. Dalton is drafted into the lunar military (the novel is set in the future after we've colonized the moon) just before the rebellion against Earth. If you haven't read it, I would recommend it. I got my copy at a Dollar General for around $7 and most Dollar Generals I've been in since have carried it.
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  10. Icehawk added a post in a topic ----- PD Meetings -----   

    Why would you announce it over in game radio when the OFC's don't have that? Doesn't seem right to me
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  11. Icehawk added a post in a topic Favorite Car outside GMod?   

    1969 Chevy Chevelle
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  12. Icehawk added a topic in Accepted   

    Icehawk CPT application
    1.What Is Your In-game Name: Shock 1LT Icehawk
    2.What Battalion are You Applying For: CG/Shock
    3.How Much time Do You Have On The Server(2 Days 12 Hours MIN): I believe I have at least 3 days of gametime on the server by now
    4.Why Do You Want To Be Captain(30-50 Words Min): To promote the shock battalion and keep them strong, any good battalion needs officers as well as enlisted. I also feel I have the leadership skills required to hold the rank of Captain within the shock battalion.
    5.Who Would Like To See You As A Captain?(Two Officers MIN): ARC LTC Nico, ARC CPT Faze Seal, 35th CMDR Levet
    6.Why Should We Trust You With Captain?(This Is A High Rank In This Battalion): I have the leadership skills required to hold such a rank, and as a 1LT I have proven my loyalty and dedication to the server and the battalion.
    7.Have You Donated To The Server?: No
    8.What Is Your Rank On The Server?(Cadet,Lord,Master): Trial Moderator
    9.What Is Your Timezone?: Central Standard Time
    10.What Is Your Shock Rank?(2LT+): 1LT
    11.How Often Can You Be On?: I am usually on every day for at least a few hours a day, and will be able to do so until mid-August when I go to basic training with the US Navy
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  13. Icehawk added a post in a topic Star's 35th commander application   

    +Support good officer, good RP'er, friendly and good with recruits
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