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  1. Piesmartguy added a topic in Marines   

    USMC Meeting 2/23/18
    Meeting about New Members and what's expected of officers  (Thanks for bringing that up Mervin :D) also some other miscellaneous stuff. If there is anything else you would like to speak about put it here. Also if you cannot attend please notify us here! Thanks!
    MGYSGT+ Must attend, if you can't please list your name rank, and reason (Or keep your reason private I don't mind)
    Meeting schedule:
    6:30 EST on 2/23/18
    Thanks, and see you on the battlefield
    -USMC BG Pie
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  2. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Marine Meeting   

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  3. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Why YOU Should Join The United States Air Force   

    1. AS50 is on every scout sniper
    2. "We can fly!" Yes on this server, but on a Army job 2B. P A Y $ 5 T O E V E N F L Y 
    (I know you said that USAF is getting non donor stuff for flying, but do you really think that they'll do that? Remember the tank crewman?"
    3. "We have the best leadership" No comment, none at all
    4. USMC Does Ops too, but it was discontinued recently, so I'll give ya that (I will continue stuff for FORECON AND MARSOC hopefully ;p)
    5. Aug is really good! But it comes to personal preference I guess, so I like G36K right now more.
    6. "Are you tired of sitting around in your boring old Army/USMC?" B O R I N G You say?! Whatever you say, but USMC has a much better brotherhood and fun there than USAF 
    7. "DISCLAIMER: This is in no way branch disrespect due to the fact that the other corporations throw shit at the USAF all the time. We just have a far superior advertisement budget to throw shit back in this public way. Even the US Marines: Soldier job throws shit at the United States Army." I thought it died down but I guess not ;-;
    That aside, this is a great looking post compared to some other boring ones I see! I really like the inclusion of older USAF Recruiting posters and the video! We need more posts with the same effort you put in there :D
    -US BG Pie
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  4. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Favourite Military Branches?   

    USMC to be honest, That's where I'm goin
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  5. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Glad To Be Back.   

    Welcome back! A late welcome, but I'm glad to have you in the marines! 
    Semper Fidelis,
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  6. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Officer Purge? Yes A Possible Officer Purge!   

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  7. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Officer Purge? Yes A Possible Officer Purge!   

    Don't Purge ;-; I'm a innocent Boy PVT
    Please ;-;
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  8. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Fearless Leaving/LOA   

    Sorry to hear that man, Be sure to come back soon! We'd be glad to have you back in the brotherhood
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  9. Piesmartguy added a topic in General   

    Please stop complaining in OOC (It hurts ;-;)
    So many people start complaining in OOC these days. I am here to tell you that it doesn't do anything and can sometimes get you in trouble if your not filtering yourself. So here's some steps on how to not complain in OOC.
    1. Put OOC out of your vocabulary (Not really though, that's stupid): OOC can be a fun place to joke with people on the opposing side or ask questions and chill out. Besides that, try not using it. Nobody likes to hear people complain in OOC (If they do, call 911. They are a psychopath). It usually helps if you just ignore chat and stay on radio and maybe even turn it off during war (However, communication is important. So maybe not.)
    1.5. Take Yoga Lessons: Literally go do yoga if you feel salty. If you are mad, people would rather you break your own leg doing yoga than breaking their heart ;-;
    2. Take a break: It's a game. You shouldn't need to stress during something that shouldn't stress you. Games are meant to be fun, and we are all here for fun. However, it's competitive and sometimes life doesn't go your way. So maybe next time you get headshotted by a AS50, go get a drink of water and yell in your Miku body pillow and not Yell in OOC.
     3. Take a deep breath and move on: Usually, if I die by someone and hit scan works *Perfectly* fine I take a deep breath and move on. 
    4. Get it in your head that complaining does almost nothing: After awhile of reminding yourself that complaining only hurts and doesn't help allows me to take things easier and keeping my cool for the most part. I think this will count for others too!
    Besides that, if you can't fix your Salt Issues... Get the help that you need man, Dr. Pie is here to help (Buy a Tac for me and I'll listen to your problems).
    Waiting for that sweet release of death to come ;p
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  10. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic CSS Textures   

    Nah guys, we all know scheffer.
    Expect lots of loli on your PC and viruses after you download #Can'tFoolMe
    Just Joking, Some People May or May Not Know What Jokes Are.
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  11. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Wartime strategy   

    Agreed, I see it so many times that I go out and there is almost no troops trying to Cap. While I myself don't like domination, I cap anyways, because that's the objective of the game-mode. Not getting Sniper Kills on US MESA. Perhaps ignorance during wars and never helping anyone could result in punishment in the future? Honestly, other wise this would keep happening until something happens to counteract it. While it is a game, and you should play it your way, it's a game-mode about Teamwork, not Kills and Insulting in OOC (which I see US complain a bit much.)
    If US Doesn't wanna listen, sometimes we have to pull out the belt and hit them hard, because otherwise this problem will persist forever.
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  12. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Lewas' MARSOC Application   

    A C C E P T E D
    See MAJ+ For Training!
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  13. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Tumz LOA   

    Ik I am late, but get well soon man! I need to make fun of you some more tumz when you get back you egg!
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  14. Piesmartguy added a topic in Marines   

    USMC Roll Call.
    So I think I would like to start off as Brigadier General of USMC by saying that some stuff with activity needs to be done. There is way too many enlisted and almost none of them are on except for a select few. Because of this, I am doing roll call. ANYONE WHO WANTS TO KEEP THEIR RANK MUST RESPOND USING THE FORMAT ON THIS POST ASAP! THIS COUNTS FOR PFC ALL THE WAY UP TO CMDR! If not, you will be removed in one week. People on LOA I have already noted and will be taken care of.
    Please copy and paste this forum and comment on this post. Ends 2/13/18.
    Do you agree that you will be active and do your job as your rank requires to?:
    Do you need to speak with a higher up or me about activity or issues about your outside life interfering with you getting on the server (If yes, you can schedule something, or talk to me if I am free on TS.):
    Fighting for what's right,
    -US Brigadier General Pie
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