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  1. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic USMC Game night!   

    I would prefer to play using Evolve. I can send a link or you can look it up, as I find it easier to use.
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  2. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic USMC Game night!   

    Idefk what we could do on minecraft but if thats what we are doing then welp idk we will figure stuff out next saturday
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  3. Piesmartguy added a topic in Marines   

    USMC Game night!
    So before you scroll any further down, note that this is O P T I O N A L (Don't attend if you don't want to). 
    So before you laugh your ass off or whatever it may be, I wanted to do something that would help morale in the marines (and maybe increase activity knowing that you have many friends on the server depending on how this goes) and I'd figure that a mandatory meeting is probably not the best way (Least I don't think so). So I created this idea and I wanted to see if it would have a positive improvement on the marines. The way I see it, I don't actually know all my marines all that much really, so this would give me a better understanding on how what your play style is (This helps me with tactics so that way I know what your the best at and what your not(Just because i may be looking at how you guys play does not mean that I am using you as some sort of lab rat for my experiments)).
    However, don't look at this as a routinely check or something like that. Look at this as a fun event where you chill and just have fun! The links below will list the following games that I feel will be good games for the event. However, if there is a game that you feel would be good for this, tell me in the comments (Or speak to me privately me if you wish).
    The event will be hosted in TS, so we will be in Game Room 4 in other games tab (You will see me there) The time will be 7:00 EST and on 9/22/17
    Links to the games i have in the poll:
    Planetside 2:  http://store.steampowered.com/app/218230/PlanetSide_2/
    Murder miners (Don't worry, I have the money to buy everyone a copy if this is the game that wins the poll): http://store.steampowered.com/app/274900/Murder_Miners/ 
    CS:GO (Custom games probably depending on ranks(I will not supply copies for this game, I don't have a money tree ;-;)): http://store.steampowered.com/app/730/CounterStrike_Global_Offensive/ 
    Minecraft (for the love of god, don't put me through this(Pls)): https://minecraft.net/en-us/ 
    Arma 3 (I don't have it, but I can get someone else to host the arma event if it wins(Actually, not alot of people actually have this game from what I know so keep that in mind): http://store.steampowered.com/app/107410/Arma_3/ 
    Edit: Minecraft vote will be subtracted by one because orange changed his vote to murder miners instead of minecraft
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  4. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Update training   

    Even though not many people remember much of the quiz, I think it would be useful for those that do
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  5. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic USMC MARSOC 1LT Slayer's CPT app   

    2LT and 1LT can apply
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  6. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Leeroy MARSOC Application   

    -Great guy
    -Good Soldier
    -Clear knowledge of what he is doing and stuff around him
    Good Luck Leeroy! 
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  7. Piesmartguy added a topic in Marines   

    USMC Officer Meeting moved to 9/9/17
    Due to the really short notice, we have decided to move the meeting to 9/9/17 at 5:00 PM Central (Or 6:00 PM Eastern for me). If you have to miss the meeting, please reply to this post with a reason why you cannot make it! 
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  8. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic USMC On Saturday 5:00 PM CST   

    2LT+ Is supposed to come to this meeting
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  9. Piesmartguy added a topic in Marines   

    USMC On Saturday 5:00 PM CST
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  10. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic VCMDR Spades's BG App   

    -Amazing soldier with a ton of experience
    -Great leader/officer
    -Clear knowledge of everything on the server
    -Great person and is fair no matter who you may be
    Good luck spades!
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  11. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Scheffer's Forum Diplomat Application   

    -Knows his shit
    -He is fair and always listens to both sides no matter who you are
    -Clear knowledge of the rules 
    A great senior mod and definitely a good forum diplomat, Good luck scheffer
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  12. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Staff Handbook   

    Read and Understood - Pie
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  13. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic USMC Official Training Manual ( UPDATED 9/11/2017 )   

    What about MARSOC training guide?
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  14. Piesmartguy added a topic in Marines   

    Pie's USMC VCMDR Application
    What is your in-game name?: USMC MARSOC COL MPS Pie
    What are you applying for?: USMC VCMDR 
    How much time do you have on the server?: 2 weeks at least (There's nothing that can actually tell me how much time i have used but i've put in a whole 300 hrs, all on mil rp after i saw it.)
    Why do I want to be VCMDR?: I feel after all my hours in multiple servers as a High ranking officer (and this being my favorite and main one), I think I am the most capable person right now to be USMC VCMDR. This is because of past experiences of leading people (Other militaryRP servers, this server as a officer and doing tryouts, even doing school activites that include being a co-leader of a robotics club and being a squadron leader of trumpets in band if that means anything to this). With my experiences in these past few years, I feel I can lead my marines into war, do PT to teach them what to do in the war or teach them to do something for next war and update the roster every chance i get (I use Google docs and I'm familiar with lots of  other documenting softwares). I want to lead my troops because i want to see them progress! Win! Helping a soldier become a better or even the best soldier in the entire U.S! I feel VCMDR will give me the authority i need to help the USMC succeed and maybe even see the entire U.S improve! I can take a bit for a decision, but i can assure you, it is always the right one. 
    Who would like to see you VCMDR?: USAF LTC Spades, USMC CMDR Shadow, 
    Why should we trust you with VCMDR? (This is a high rank in USMC): I feel I should be trusted due to the fact that I can lead with high proficiency and I have been high ranking and lead many others on other servers. I have lead many troops on this server and i feel that I have proven to be a honest and trustworthy person. I'm to the point, no beating around the bush. I think i have shown to almost everyone that I can be trusted.
    Have you donated to the server?: No, I do plan on it though if i ever have the money.
    What is your rank on the server?: Trial-Mod
    What is your timezone?: Eastern Time
    What is your USMC rank?(LTC+): COL
    How often can you be on?: Easily a hr a day guaranteed! Sunday is almost all day! I try to get on as much as i can to help out the server and help out my marines!
    What would you do if you got various reports of an officer minging and overstepping their authority?: I would have a talk to the officer about how he shouldn't minge as he should be setting a example of how people should act as a USMC soldier. I will also tell him to stop over stepping his authority as that can also show that you could be power hungry, and that can lead to ruining your life and jeopardizing the branch as a whole if he did something he shouldn't do. That would be my only warning and if i ever got more reports or saw him doing it, he would be removed off the officer ranks entirely, as minging is a serious problems that needs to be quelled in the marine corps.  
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  15. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Jeff LOA   

    Have fun on vacation Jeff! Hope to see ya soon man.
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