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  1. Piesmartguy added a topic in Marines   

    Moving USMC meet to Wednesday 11/22/17 (Also going on LOA)
    Gonna have to move the meeting to 5:00 PM EST 11/22/17
    I need to lay off the server for a bit so I will put myself on LOA till Wednesday.
    This would also clear up anything getting in the way of anyone attending (for the most part...)
    Please attend, and sorry for the short notice.
    If there is any questions, post it in the comments. Thank you.
    -USMC CMDR Pie
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  2. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Aowwl's Semi-LOA   

    In my school, you take ALG 2 after geometry then I think cal is later on i forgot when So it goes 9th: ALG 1 10th: Geo 11th: Alg 2 12th: Cal? 
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  3. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Moons PFC Application   

    See Cadet CMDR for training!
    (end me)
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  4. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Aowwl's Semi-LOA   

    Algebra 1 is taken as a advanced class in 8th grade... Alg 2 is alot later.
    What class do you take?
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  5. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Aowwl's Semi-LOA   

    Come back soon man. Get those grades up (ask me if you need help I take Alg 2)
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  6. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Spawn’s Transfer   

    Nobody really transfers that much (on forums) in the first place. It's usually just talked out then a post is made and accepted right after its posted. 
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  7. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Jack's New MARSOC App   

    My response is a bit early, but you need to fix the text in 5 and 3 (It looks like you copy and pasted it).
    That's all for now
            - USMC CMDR Pie
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  8. Piesmartguy added a topic in Marines   

    USMC Meeting Reschedule to 11/19/17 5:00 P.M EST
    So, maybe you saw the roster? No? There was some demotions and lots of strikes (It was like giving candy out on Halloween). 
                Out of all the officers, only Tempest, Kopa, Jeff, and and Hudson made the meeting (I am ****ing disappointed...)
                 For those that DID get demoted, there was a reason to demote you besides the meeting, redeem yourselves and show that you can function as a officer and not a enlisted. If you want to act like Enlisted, I suppose it would be fine by you for me to make you Enlisted (Even then you might not get SGTMAJ). If you want to know what we will be talking about, look at my previous post here --->  http://gaminglight.com/main/topic/17967-usmc-officer-meeting-on-111217-300-pm-est/
    This is the worst I have seen of the USMC. I don't have to be nice all the time if you can't make a simple ****ing meeting.
    P.S (If you can't make it, you better give me a good reason why.)
    Do not disappoint me...
    - USMC CMDR Pie
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  9. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Alcatraz's CPT Application Reupload   

    Why does it say 1.What Is Your In-game Name:  USMC MARSOC 2LT Alcatraz
    Then it says 10.What Is Your USMC Rank?(2LT+):  1LT
    Just a thought
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  10. Piesmartguy added a topic in Marines   

    USMC Officer meeting on 11/12/17 3:00 P.M EST
    There is a meeting about Officer issues and things you need to fix ASAP! This meeting is important! 
    The following will be discussed:
    LeadershipPromotion FormsKDMinge and DissingOFFICER REPORTRespect among the ranksPlease let me know or post on this post if you can't make it, but I expect you to get a summary of the meeting from someone!
    I will also be making a Informational soon about officer orders and etc.
                               -USMC CMDR Pie
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  11. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Spawn’s LOA and Transfer   

    I may be a bit harsh... but,
    Most would agree that you did transfer for the rankIf you did join, expect some hate directed to you because of thatI was gonna give someone CPT so if you did transfer it would be after the promotion and you would most likely get 1LTIf you still want to transfer, even after what I said speak to me
    -USMC CMDR Pie
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  12. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Radio System (Everyone Please Read)   

    This is great! Only thing is that people need to actually use it. Please everyone implement this in all training/PT so that everyone knows about this (so that way I can actually use comms without my ears being blasted).
    -USMC CMDR Pie
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  13. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Leeroy's Second MARSOC Application   

    A C C E P T E D
    See LTC+ for training
    -USMC CMDR Pie
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  14. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic Us and Ru General player models   

    Couldn't have said it better myself, thanks tumz.
    -USMC CMDR Pie
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  15. Piesmartguy added a post in a topic United States War Guide   

    Perry this is a amazing reference guide! I will use this when I plan for war from now on!
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