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  1. DragonSlayerOrnstein added a topic in Shock Security   

    Ornstein Shock CPT Application
    1.) Ornstein
    2.) I am apply for Shock Captain
    3.)A Week
    4.) I wish to be captain so I could help those who want to be a part of Shock and help people level up when Commander Fox is not on and to also make other players they can earn something after being premoted in an event I take part in. I am very actove most if not all events. I also manage to make friends very fast  and know when to take things seriously.
    5.)(EDIT) Nico, Link, and Max.
    6.)Because I am against minging and play this server the most to help others in the server
    7.)I have not donated.
    9.)Eastern Time
    10.) 1LT
    11.) I tend to get on almost everyday and when I can not get on I say something to a staff member for a heads-up.
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  2. DragonSlayerOrnstein added a post in a topic SHOCK CPT APPLICATION FORMAT   

    1.) Ornstein
    2.) I am apply for Shock
    3.) A week
    4.) I want to be captain so I can help out anyone who wants to join shock when Commander Fox is away and to let other troopers feel like they are able to earn something by being promoted after an event. I am very active and am on for most if not all events. I manage to  stay focused when we actually need to be serious and also can make friends easily on the server.
    5.) There are currently not any other officers.
    6.) Because I am against minge-ing and I play this server mostly so I can help other people that join aswell.
    7.)No I have not.
    9.)ET (Eastern Time)
    10.) 1LT
    11.)I get on everyday towards the end of the day to help new players and when I am not able to get on I say something to a higher staff.
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