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  1. John_ added a post in a topic Change the recruit system   

    Of the moment this would not be the best idea as the drones are a donator class compared to the USAF and Marines. This will more than likely not change until we can get some type of replacement.
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  2. John_ added a post in a topic Never been here...   

    Its quite friendly we, everyone over here is pretty chill. Welcome to the cool side brother.
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  3. John_ added a post in a topic Rhino's (Longer) LOA   

    Later bud, have fun =)
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  4. John_ added a post in a topic Cooldown for Drones   

    It is very difficult to put a time limit or limit the amount of drones per war, due to that it is impossible for staff to tell when the drone was spawned in, how long the player waited, or how many the player spawned in that war. Drones were not made to kill, they were made to suppress similar to the way LMGs work. You should be able to take a drone with 1 or 2 shots which is quite easy. While they may be somewhat of a small target, so are you to them when they are above you. A static target is a dead target, I would suggest finding some type of cover or if there is none immediately return fire.
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  5. John_ added a post in a topic RUAF ADF Corpsman Defib   

    Hopefully this will be fixed in the restart tomorrow. Thank you for reporting this bug!
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  6. John_ added a post in a topic In-game Compass   

    I will try my best to get in contact with the developers but until then try to call out bearings instead when you can, its more accurate.
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  7. John_ added a post in a topic Removal of fog   

    The fog is here to stop snipers from completely picking off newer players from across the map.
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  8. John_ added a post in a topic Explosives for the Explosive Specialist class   

    They will be receiving an explosive weapon on the job very soon.
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  9. John_ added a post in a topic Disable Killfeed   

    Military RP is a semi serious server and suppressors do not completely reduce sound as you can still hear them when fired.
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  10. John_ added a post in a topic Chilies LOA   

    Good luck on those exams and see you when you get back bud.
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  11. John_ added a topic in General   

    MilitaryRP MOTD

    Use @ to contact an Admin
    Joining our TeamSpeak ( is a REQUIREMENT when playing on our server!
    Workshop Link -
    General Rules
    Do NOT talk out of character in voice unless told to by a staff member!
    No RDM
    Never Shoot Another Brother (No team-killing)
    No spawn-killing
    No disrespect in OOC/Advert
    No Hacking, Scripting or Exploiting
    Do not shoot down Helicopter or drones after war(Events may modify this)
    The job Officer is only used by CPT+
    You should try to move in squads whenever possible. (Generals may enforce otherwise)
    You can not invade another base even as a high rank.
    Do NOT /advert warn for anything.
    You must stay in your regiment for 1 week before switching. (Can be overruled by BG+)
    If you are CPL+ or staff you MUST be in Teamspeak at all times while on the server. (Strike able)
    You are NOT allowed to camp in base during wars.(This doesn't mean you can't shoot from your base)
    You can not retreat and stay in base before war is over(Even if there is less than 1 minute left!)
    You can not be CPT+ on both US and RU
    Do not glitch player models for an advantage.
    It is considered "FailRP" to run at someone with a Knife, who has a gun pointed at you. (Use Common Sense)
    It is considered "FailRP" to use a sniper rifle in close quarters combat.No FailRp(obvious but for some reason needed)Don't Spawn vehicles inside buildings(Considered FailRp)Kidnapping Rules
    You must have a kidnapee to kidnapper ratio of 1 to 4.You can only kidnap someone for 5 minutes.Kidnapping may happen during peace and war time.Rank Max PricesPVT-CPL                        $2000SGT- SGM                      $25001LT - COL                       $3000VCMDR - GEN                $3250GOA                                $4000Do not request more than what is allowed per rank but you may ask for less.Donator Rules
    You can use any donation class that you have purchased, However, if you are caught continuously only playing one job in a different faction other than your own you will be forced to that faction with a demotion of 2 ranks.As a support drone, you may not troll with the cargo drone or else you will be blacklisted from the class (This means you may not pick up ally vehicles without permission)You may not use the transport drone to pick up enemy vehicles. You are not allowed to pick up Aircraft or ragdolls of dead people. You may not use it to pick up a car and use it as a wrecking ball to kill people with it.You may not allow others to sit on your drone as transport, this goes for attack helicopters as well and is considered “Fail RP”War Guide
    During a TDM war you and your team are rushing out of your base in squads using all of your resources, whether it be drones, helicopters, or your best soldiers, to attack your enemy and be known as the team with the most kills by the end of the 30 minute battle. During this time, any players that should be glorified, will as the MVP, who ever has the most kills, will be shown at the top and praised as a war hero.(Not in yet) During a Domination war you and your team are rushing out of your base in squads using all of your resources, whether it be drones, helicopters, or your best soldiers, to attack different points located all around the map. There will be (?) points in different sections of the map that each team is supposed to attack, take over, and defend. Each point will give your team points towards the war, however if the enemy has an equal amount of capture points as your team, there will be a stalemate and no points will be granted.War Rules
    All soldiers are only allowed to shoot while in the base if they are in a tower, on the guard rail of the wall, or in the outer wall section with the fence. Enemy soldiers can only shoot towards the base if a soldier is in any of the positions listed above. You may only shoot at enemy helicopters after they have left their bases air zone. This is the same with drones.You are not allowed to place tactical inserts in rivers, and you are not allowed to camp the river and continuously go into it to avoid combat.Spawn camping the entrance of either base is Banned. You may not push forth into the enemy land!  You may still fire upon enemy soldiers in that zone you just may not cross the "Line" (Signs have been put up as borders!)You are not allowed to enter Taliban Town during Deathmatch but you are allowed to enter during Domination.You are not to camp tactical inserts waiting for players to respawn.RP Rules
    You must always listen to your high-ups
    Never ask for a promotion (Otherwise You Are Subject To A Demotion)
    Any rank below CPT can not Promote
    You must apply in order to join any special forces for any branch (On the forums)
    After war you are to head straight back to base and attend debrief that must be held by an Officer (Or the highest ranking player on)
    Once you reach the equivalent rank in any branch of PFC, you will be designated your insignia and whenever you receive further promotion you will gain your next insignia.
    If you wish to have a second life on the enemy team, you must get an officer or staff member to give you the no icon insignia after you have switched to an RU soldier.
    Do not no colide vehicles
    UN Rooms are a peace/Weapon free zone. This includes during war. Also you are not to go through an enemy elevator to get into an enemy base(This would break other rules as well)
    Taliban Rules
    Taliban's current role is to be an all around nuisance towards all RU and US. (This may be changed in the soon future)Taliban bomber has a 10 minute cooldown after blowing upAs Taliban, having any weapon out (Including the Bomber's Swep) results in you being KOSTaliban's may kill anyone outside a base the Player must be a reasonable distance (Min 100m) from the base before they can be killed (War or Not the Player can be killed).Taliban may not go past the spawn lines during war and peace time.Taliban may only call terror once per peacetime and per side.Terror may only last 5 minutes.Taliban must advert terror before you start a terror.Taliban may enter US or RU base during terror and during terror only.Custom Class Rules
    No using stingers to lock on to People, Ground Vehicles No Grenade launcher spam, You must wait 10 seconds between each shotNo sitting in a helicopter and shooting Grenade Launcher(s) from above.Even if you have elite weapons in your class, it doesn't get you any more authority than you already had. 
    Training Guide(Not Used For Now)
    You must be a Cpt + or be an Instructor to train Recruits
    You MUST be a Training Officer (TTO+)/ Drill SGT+ to Train or be given permission from a higher-up to train recruits
    Left Face - 90 degrees to your Left
    Right Face - 90 degrees to your Right
    About Face - 180 degrees on your right shoulder
    Font Face - Where you face your Commander
    Do in chat /me Salutes
    You always salute Officers and Generals
    Show them the formations
    To use radio use shift R and then again to turn it off
    Make sure they get TeamSpeak and get connected to ours (
    Make sure they are connected before continuing training.
    They MUST be on TeamSpeak to complete training!
    You must listen to your Officers and General and even people who are higher rank than you within the force
    When training is complete, the trainer should call for a staff member to whitelist by using /ticket staff needed for whitelisting."
    When training is complete, the trainer should ask a staff member to whitelist by using /ticket staff needed for whitelisting."
    Ranks and Icons for each branch:
                                              PVT - Private (No Icon)                                     
                                              PFC - Private First Class                     
                                             SPC - Specialist                                  

                                             CPL - Corporal                                     
                                            SGT - Sergeant                                      
                                            SSG - Staff Sergeant                          
                                            SFC - Sergeant First Class                    
                                            MSG - Master Sergeant                         
                                            1SG - First Sergeant                            
                                            SGM - Sergeant Major                       
                                            2LT - Second Lieutenant                          

                                           1LT - First Lieutenant                             
                                            CPT - Captain                       

                                           MAJ - Major                                      
                                           LTC - Lieutenant Colonel                   

                                           COL - Colonel                              
                                                      Airforce:                                                             Marines/Spetsnaz:
                                           AB- Airman Basic (No Icon)                                                  PVT - Private
                                            AMN- Airman                                                        PFC - Private First Class                      
                                            A1C- Airman First Class                                       LCPL - Lance Corporal                       
                                            SRA- Senior Airman                                              CPL - Corporal                                   
                                            SSGT- Staff Sergeant                                           SGT - Sergeant                                   
                                            TSGT- Technical Sergeant                                     SSGT - Staff Sergeant                       

                                            MSGT- Master Sergeant                                         GYSGT - Gunnery Sergeant                 
                                            SMSGT- Senior Master Sergeant                         MSGT - Master Sergeant                    
                                            CMSGT- Chief Master Sergeant                           MGYSGT - Master Gunnery Sergeant

                                            CCM- Command Chief Master Sergeant               SGTMAJ - Sergeant Major                    
                                            2LT - Second Lieutenant                          2LT - Second Lieutenant                  

                                           1LT - First Lieutenant                                1LT - First Lieutenant                        
                                            CPT - Captain                       CPT - Captain                       

                                           MAJ - Major                                       MAJ - Major                               
                                           LTC - Lieutenant Colonel                   LTC - Lieutenant Colonel         

                                           COL - Colonel                                COL - Colonel                      
                                                                                              VCMDR - Vice Commander 
                                                                                              CMDR - Commander 
                                                                                              BG - Brigadier General                            
                                                                                              MG - Minor General                       
                                                                                              LTG - Lieutenant General
                                                                                              GEN - General          
                                                                                              GOA - General of The Army 
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  12. John_ added a post in a topic Wonderful news :D   

    Welcome back buddy!
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  13. John_ added a post in a topic Konrad's Admin App   

    Look for me in ts for tags.
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  14. John_ added a post in a topic MarioG204's Custom Job   

    If the model is already on the server you just need to tell the name of the pack and the name of the model itself. Also that is the incorrect steam ID, make sure to use this to find the right steam ID . Your steam ID will never start with STEAM_1, it will always start with STEAM_0.
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  15. John_ added a post in a topic Chilies Officer Transfer Request   

    @Felix You need to accept or deny this
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