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  1. Lee added a post in a topic Lee CPT APP   

    no i do not
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  2. Lee added a topic in Spetsnaz   

    Lee CPT APP
    You are allowed in SZ To apply for  2LT(Doesn't Need Perm), 1LT(Doesn't need Perm), And CPT (Needs Permission)
    To apply for 2LT,You must be MSGT+, For 1LT and CPT, You need MGYSGT+
    1.What Is Your In-game Name: SZ 104TH 1LT Bleach
    2.What Rank Are You Applying For: CPT
    3.How Much time Do You Have On The Server(3 Days 10 Hours MIN):  Over a week
    4.Why Do You Want To Be Officer (30-50 Words Min): I would like to be an officer because I would really like to push the SZ. Having such a high rank would not only be good for me but for the recruits. I could recruit new people to SZ and help it grow as a branch. I could help people rank up in SZ if i notice they are deserving. Also I feel that i could really grow as a leader with a CPT position. I would further increase my RP experience along with other peoples. I feel that i have the personalities that a leader should have. I care for my men, I am strict when it is necessary, I can also have fun and not be too strict. I feel that my ability to balance all of these personalities would give me a good advantage. I also put all my effort into all that I do and i never lack (except in homework). Yes i know that i sometimes can be disrespectful but i can always listen to higher ups. I also see the lack of SZ officers and I would like to do something about that/ Thank you for taking the time to read my app and i hope that you take my app into consideration. 
    5.Who Would Like To See You As A Officer?(Two Officers MIN): SZ Commander Ocelot, SZ COL Johnson, RUAF 1LT Zurps,
    6.Why Should We Trust You With Officer?(This Is A High Rank In The RU): I should be trusted with officer because i have had multiple experiences as an officer. Having this experience would help me be a good candidate for officer. I have also been an MP and i know that these ranks are very easy to abuse. Knowing that i was an Officer and MP i could have the skills to be able to be trustworthy as an officer.
    7.Have You Donated To The Server?: No but i paid someone for credits
    8.What Is Your Rank On The Server?(I.E;Admin,Platinum V.I.P): User (cant become member for some reason)
    9.What Is Your Timezone?: PST
    10.What Is Your SZ Rank? 1LT
    11.How Often Can You Be On?:  Almost everyday
    12. Have you ever been an officer before? Yes in USAF and US Army Core
    I deleted the first app because Speedy said he didn't recommend me making an app as soon as i transferred branches so i took couple days to fit in with SZ.
    BTW its me Bleach.
    If you believe i am "disrespectful" I respect your opinion but i would like you to know that i am trying to be a better individual for the benefit me and for others
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  3. Lee added a post in a topic TS checks   

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  4. Lee added a topic in Spetsnaz   

    Changed my name
    Its me bleach so yea i changed my name to be more rp like rather than bleach plus its my last name IRL
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  5. Lee added a post in a topic Jakes LOA   

    i gave you your fifth
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  6. Lee added a post in a topic Perry's LOA (1 week)   

    see you
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  7. Lee added a post in a topic Giving Tali more Freedom   

    Im doing a -support because of one crucial point. People already have a hard time understanding the tali jobs and rules. Adding this would cause chaos for those who dont heven know the tali rules.
    Regardless good idea
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  8. Lee added a post in a topic All US Read this *Branch Disrespect*   

    Lol is thjs cause the "chairforce" thing
    Nvm i just read the top
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  9. Lee added a post in a topic Androntel's Activity   

    Lol why is androntel so tall
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  10. Lee added a post in a topic Tumz LOA   

    Have fun
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  11. Lee added a post in a topic How To Play GTA Online   

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  12. Lee added a topic in General Discussions   

    My heart goes out to all the people who lost someone during the 911 terrorist attack
    Never Forget
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  13. Lee added a post in a topic not whitelisted as donor on military rp   

    Post this im support
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  14. Lee added a post in a topic Attention all spetsnaz PFC-COL   

    Ingame name: SZ SGT Bleach
    Promoter: SZ Vice commander Ocelot
    Last Promotion: N/A
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  15. Lee added a post in a topic US Ranger Training Guidelines   

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