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  1. Androntel added a topic in Navy   

    United States Navy SEALs
    United States Navy SEAL's
    Recently, the SEAL teams have been modified, and some have been removed. Due to this, all current SEAL's must check in if they wish to continue being a part of the Navy Special Forces. All SEAL's must check in no later than September 25, 2017.
    To Check in Follow this Format:
    Desired SEAL Team: 1/2/3
    Desire for Leader: Yes/No
    As of now, there are three SEAL Teams in existence. Each team will provide a unique and important role within the United States Navy. Each Team will consist of 1 Team Leader, and 3 Team Mates. The Team Leader will work closely with Marsgaming to collaborate, and will be in charge of recruiting new Team Mates.
    There is no higher honor or call for duty than to serve upon a SEAL Team. Although not all SEAL's will be capable or able to join a Team, it is recommended to attempt. Each Team Members will be held to a higher regard than the normal SEAL's but will also require a larger responsibility. Due to this, there are requirements to be on a SEAL Team.
    Less than 10 Server Warns
    No Active Strikes
    ENS+ (You may apply for SEAL's at MCPO still)
    High Activity and Sense of Duty
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  2. Androntel added a post in a topic Warwinner Navy seal application   

    You are not allowed to accept SEAL Apps. I went over this many many times. Speak to me immediatly. 
    As for this app:
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  3. Androntel added a post in a topic Navy Officer application   

    What is your in game name and rank?
    -Your General.
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  4. Androntel added a post in a topic Yards MARSOC application   

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  5. Androntel added a post in a topic Chilies 501st Rgt. App   

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  6. Androntel added a post in a topic USMC Game night!   

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  7. Androntel added a topic in Accepted   

    Androntel's Support Application
    In-Game Name: Androntel
    Steam Name: [GL] Androntel
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:102442970
    Are you a Moderator+? Yes - I am a Moderator.
    How often are you on TeamSpeak? Every time that I am on a Gaminglight server, and occasionally when I am busy doing other work in case I am needed.
    Do you have a working quality mic? Yes. I am able to be understood clearly and effectivly.
    What timezone are you in? EST
    Why would you want to join our Support team? I would like to join the Gaminglight support team so that I may help new players, and anyone that needs help on teamspeak, the website, or in game. I want to give more to the community, and helping players that are need of help is a good way to do so. I also want to join the support team so that I may be a role model for new players, and be able to provide useful services to everyone.
    Are you a friendly person that can uphold the reputation of our Support team? If so, how are you a friendly person? Yes. I am a friendly person that will uphold the reputation of our support team because every time that I am on, I am a friendly, caring, and helpful member of Gaminglight. I greet new players, give them the help they need, and am overall am a good, honest, friendly person.
    How would you greet someone that has a problem in one of our support channels? The first thing that I would do is greet them, and ask how their day is going. Then, I would ask what is their problem. If it is a problem I can fix, I will dedicate myself until it is done. If it is not a problem I can fix, I will call the proper higher-up as they are needed. If there is no problem at all, I will escort them to the proper channel.
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  8. Androntel added a post in a topic NAVY MANDATORY MEETING #4   

    REMINDER: This meeting is tommrow. We will be doing vice commander tryouts afterwards.
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  9. Androntel added a topic in US Military   

    Androntel's Activity
    Hello :)
    Many people have inquired to me about why they do not see me on as much anymore - As per the norm of many posts such as these, the main reason is school, along with multiple after school activities, and a demanding romantic life.  Quite differing from the norm however is that I am still committed to putting in my time on the sever :) Although I am not usually able to get on during the afternoon on weekdays, I am on for 2-3 hours every night to do much needed work. If anyone is in need of me, just pm me on the forums, or see me in game/on teamspeak when I am on during this time. You can also see me during the weekends, when I am on for the majority of both days.
    P.S- My avability will clear up within by the end of October, when I can get on mid afternoon again ^-^
    -Brigadier General Androntel
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  10. Androntel added a post in a topic Ruby Navy Seal Application   

    This is not an acceptance, nor a deny - But in the result of an acceptance, the DEVGRU class may only be accessed if you have bought Champion.
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  11. Androntel added a post in a topic US Strikes   

    Do special forces still run on the two strike policy? And if so, would you like them demoted, or just removed from the special forced at 2 strikes?
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  12. Androntel added a post in a topic How to fix HUD Font   

    "Androntrel Is a ass xD"
    "Permission to enter adrontels office?"
    Well done mate :) Helpful guide
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  13. Androntel added a post in a topic Bleach Transfer To USAF   

    Deleted his previous transfer app to USAF so mine and Perrys -support would go away. As we said before - Hes branch hopping to get a higher position.
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  14. Androntel added a post in a topic Trucks CPT app