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  1. Androntel added a topic in US Military   

    US High Command Guide
    US High Command Guide:

    Vice Commanders / Commanders
    As a (vice) Commander you are in charge of the majority of a single branch. This comes with immense responsibility, and must be handled seriously, and honestly. You will be looked up to by enlisted and officers alike, and you will be watched carefully to see if you are ready for the next step in your career of becoming a General. Individual responsibilities are as follows:
        Vice Commander-
    Keep Roster Updated / Keep Tabs on Officers / Manage Special Forces Applications / Provide Input for Meetings
    Keep Roster Updated / Keep Tabs on Officers and Vice Commanders / Manage Special Forces and CPT Applications / Create Branch Meetings
    The roster must be kept updated AT ALL TIMES. Failure to keep the promotion responses up to date, will result in disciplinary action. Each promotion must be filled completely with the promoter, the promotion date, the join date, and a update status. Also be sure to keep the rank icons updated within the removal section, at the bottom of each roster.
    *To get access message the current GOA on the forums*
    Captain Training:
    As a (vice) commander, it is your job to oversee the training and implementation of new captains. A captain can be trained by any COL+, but it is your job to ensure that the training goes smoothly. Each captain should be trained in the topics of promotion and demotion limits, promotion responses, tryouts, new responsibilities, and situational reactions.
    Branch Reports:
    As a Vice Commander or Commander you are REQUIRED to be prepared each US Officer Meeting. To prepare for these, you must fill out the following -
    This lets your higher ups know exactly what is going in your branch, and what improvements might need to be made. Failure to have this ready on the day of the meeting may result in disciplinary action.
    While you are able to transfer any enlisted for another branch to yours, the following application must be filled out for officers to transfer.
    An officer must fill this out, and have it accepted to be able to transfer. Any vice commander or commander found transferring without use of this application will be punished. The same applies to if the vcmdr themselves wishes to transfer.
    ****Finally, each Vice Commander and Commander should be sure to contact their branch general weekly to check in, and ask any questions that may be needed.
    ******REMINDER: Even though you are a (vice) commander, you are still restricted to commanding and promoting those in YOUR OWN BRANCH ONLY!

    Brigadier General / Major General:
    CONGRATS! You have become a general, and have entered the world of endless responsibilities and demands. First order of business, is to be assigned a branch to control. Most commonly this will be the branch you previously resided in, but if you are needed elsewhere you may be assigned differently. In any event, it is always a good idea to make an introductory post, explaining who you are, and what your plans for the branch are.
    As a general, it is your job to lead and keep track of a certain branch. This must be done in a completely respectful, honest, and responsible manner. As a general, not only does an entire branch look up to you, but many other members of different branches do as well. You must be sure to stay vigilante throughout the forums, teamspeak, and any time you are on the server.
    Activity as a general is a daunting task. You must be sure to be active on teamspeak every day, and on the server as much as you can. At any time you may be needed by a higher up, or a soldier under your command, and it is essential that you are there for them. REMINDER: You may not be on weekends as a VCMDR+. Forum activity is also a must. You should be checking the forums, specifically your branch thread and access any topics that may need your attention.
    It is your job to keep your vice commanders and commander in check, and make sure that they are doing their job. If their job fails to be completed, and no action is taken, you will suffer the consequences. As well as branch high command, it is also your job to oversee the management of your officers, and your special forces. Be aware of each officers activity, and status so that you may have an effiecent and active branch.
    At every US Officer Meeting, you will be consulted on any topics that you feel may need to be brought up to the entire US. You may also be counted on to lead these meetings, in the instance of no higher ups being available. Be sure to go over every topic, and ask for topics that the officers may wish to mention.
    As a general of a branch, you are permitted to promote to any rank within your own branch, and may choose both your commanders, and vice commanders. You are also permitted to promote to the highest enlisted rank, in any main branch. You are NOT allowed to promote officers in other branches, unless you have the branch generals permission to do so.*Permission is a case by case basis*


    Made by Androntel
    Consulted by Cole

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  2. Androntel added a post in a topic Why YOU Should Join The United States Air Force   

    Join the navy
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    Speak to a LTC+ for training
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    Speak to a LTC+ to be trained
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  5. Androntel added a post in a topic Shadow's CPT Application   

    Speak to a COL+ for training.
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  6. Androntel added a post in a topic Add a Fail Rp Rule   

    How bout just a stamina mod
    Not only does it make it so you cant constantly jump, it also adds underwater breathing, so no more just staying underwater for unlimited time.
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  7. Androntel added a topic in Bug Reports   

    Broken Whitelists
    US/RU Core and Control Sniper Whitelists are broken. The whitelists can not be added or removed from anyone, but anyone can join the jobs.

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    On Hold
    No Slots Open.
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    Speak to a COL+ for training
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    Hoorah goodman
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    If yall don’t mind me puttig an opinion in —— I dont think any of the RU generals are worthy of a GEN spot right now. None of you have the experience and decision making capabilties to be one. This is not supposed to be offensive in any way, just that as of now, you all still need to grow and improve (which I know all of you will). 
    I personally would’ve liked maxim for GEN if he had his activity up, he had the leadership and experience.
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    Hes an exact 12 hour diffrence from EST
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  13. Androntel added a post in a topic the spawn line at warehouse?   

    Its not an "unspoken" rule. It has been said many many times. You kept saying you didn't think it was a rule because it "wasnt in the motd". Also, you werent in the group attacking me.
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    who is this?
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