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  1. Keulono added a post in a topic Staff Aplication   

    app looks rushedno pollhigh amount of warnsyour app says you have history but I never see you onno forumTalk to SMT to see if you can work something out to get your warns reduced.
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  2. Keulono added a post in a topic New Rule for PD Raids   

    but TBH i prop block the area I am training cadets to avoid this.
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  3. Keulono added a post in a topic Kierans Staff Application.   

    plus no poll. I say re-apply when you can.
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  4. Keulono added a post in a topic Devillzking's Trial Moderator Application   

    no polla high amount of warnsrarely have seen you (this could because I just came back at the beginning of the month)I think if you could talk to SMT about your warns then re-apply being active in forums and in the game you should have it
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  5. Keulono added a post in a topic Nor's Trial Mod application   

    +/- Support
    You seem like a good guy but I think you need to focus on your app more. I think 2 more weeks on the server and you should get a +Support from everyone.
    Good luck doe!
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  6. Keulono added a post in a topic Flash's TMOD application   

    Great APPGood scenariosSeems level-headedgreat player
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  7. Keulono added a post in a topic What Happened the Night I Left   

  8. Keulono added a post in a topic Trooper Update Inbound   

    oh man this amps me up further to get on to State,
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  9. Keulono added a post in a topic Regarding CERT   

    maybe we can get more state Police in? this would allow a rotation into CERT of the troopers and fresh blood to take their place. I would love to get onto CERT. 
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  10. Keulono added a post in a topic Car visual glitch   

    told you that people on the forums could help you!
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  11. Keulono added a post in a topic Ruinz Trail Application   

    Your app could use more work but the format is great and I think he is wanting to become staff for the right reasons. I would say that in the future if you post an app for a promotion in staff I would suggest you give a minimum of 150-word answer per scenario.
    Good luck
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  12. Keulono added a post in a topic SS and FBI Player models Switch and fix   

    Then could we just update SS to the skin that NoOne provided?
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  13. Keulono added a post in a topic Here's the problem.   

    I am going to comment on dispatch. I am not sure if this will work well. The most successful servers that have dispatch are fiveM servers. Why? because of a number of things that are done there that we don't have / don't do
    fiveM server's have plugins that give dispatch a wide view of the city and the realtime location of all officersWe know when officers go 10-08 and where their 38's and 80's are happening when they radio it in but nothing in betweenAlso if someone needs an additional and it's just a code 1 thing, dispatch has no idea where the nearest supervisor or unit is to assistfiveM servers have a PD force of 20 people and 10 players that RP as criminals and civiliansvs we have 20+PD and 40+ criminalsthis means that there is constant activity going on that dispatch would have to keep up with vs the occasional thingfivM servers are strict on RP and 20 codes and know how to use dispatchOur PD just CODE 3's everything and self assigns even with dispatch onA lot of PD will talk for 10+ seconds because they don't know 10 codes or there are a lot of people that do not know 10 codes that ask what is a 77 or a 13.fiveM go through strict requirements and interviews before being accepted to be trainedWe just make people who want to join PD listen to a SGT+ talk for 13-30ish minutes explaining everything then off they goThese are just some of the major points on why dispatch won't work on our server like we want it to.
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  14. Keulono added a post in a topic SS and FBI Player models Switch and fix   

    + Support
    SS have a skin that have FBI badges get confusing.
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  15. Keulono added a post in a topic completely implement Gasoline   

    +support there could be a gas trailer for the truck driver job to come give people gas (no jerry cans) if you run out of gas on the side of the road. You must go to a fuel station to refuel else you would have to call a truck driver RPing as AAA. PLEASE ADD THIS IN! I think that this could really improve RP.
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