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  1. Tumz added a post in a topic Why YOU Should Join The United States Air Force   

    Certain changes have been made to this post as to avoid any bad-will towards other branches, sorry for anyone who was offended it was not the intention
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  2. Tumz added a post in a topic USAF Meeting 2/23/18   

    The meeting has been moved to six CTZ, two hours later; you are excused if you have made an exempt post at this point 
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  3. Tumz added a post in a topic US High Command Guide   

    Nice, this will be helpful for future high-command.
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  4. Tumz added a topic in Airforce   

    USAF Meeting 2/23/18
    USAF Personnel Meeting (Officers and Enlisted)
    There will be a meeting this Friday at 6:00 PM CTZ
    Reply to this topic with the following if you cannot attend
    Reason you cannot attend (personal just put personal):
    How many feet in a mile?:
    Have you read the weekly update?:
    Should the date be moved to Saturday or later Friday?
    Should there be more questions? 
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  5. Tumz added a post in a topic Why YOU Should Join The United States Air Force   

    I see that kind of thing too, although I see it more for the USAF. IDK if this is for other people but I don’t see anything for the army unless it’s a commercial on YouTube.
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  6. Tumz added a post in a topic YaBoiCrimson intro   

    My dude welcome, USAF best branch 
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  7. Tumz added a post in a topic Why YOU Should Join The United States Air Force   

    This is a bit much, but yeh the USAF advertises ****ing everywhere. They have a booth at my school during lunches every other month.
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  8. Tumz added a post in a topic Training 101   

    I told Lego yesterday if he felt like it he could update the training guide, that was pretty ****ing quick good job. I’ll talk to you tomorrow about a few things you should change.
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  9. Tumz added a post in a topic Guisante LOA   

    I wont pretend to understand what you're going through, but I hope you get better man. Hurting yourself is never the way to go, take all the time you need.
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  10. Tumz added a post in a topic USMP Roll Call   

    Name: Tumz
    Rank: SMP
    Status: ACT
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  11. Tumz added a post in a topic USMP New Informational(Effective After Update)   

    I believe it is talking about the server update coming soon
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  12. Tumz added a post in a topic USAF Meeting 2/17/18   

    No, it was changed from 6 to 5 CTZ
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  13. Tumz added a topic in Airforce   

    USAF Weekly Update 1
    USAF Weekly Update Information
    In addition to the weekly meeting post, USAF Personnel will be expected to read updates for important information, changes, ETC. If an officer or commander wishes to include a topic in the updates, message me on the forums. Important bits will be in bold, but always read the meeting notes.
    Update 1: Tumz’ Schedule
     For the past six weeks I have been involved with after school activities, I have not been on tuesdays, Thursday’s, and evenings Friday and Saturday. This weekend don’t expect to see me much. After next week expect me to be in-game more.
    Update 2: Flight Specialists
     I am looking for a group of people, 2 to 4, that are considered excellent pilots for the transport and attack helicopters. Those who wish to participate in [classified] are to contact me directly, and will receive payment with a little extra for destroyed helicopters. 1 person has already joined at this time.
    Update 3: Meeting Notes
     The following was discussed at last weeks meeting:
    Having the appropriate amount of medics and snipers during wartime
    The difference between low, major, and high command.
    “Special needs” and a kindergarten-esc gold star system
    Teamspeak requirements for enlisted, and expectations for officers to be active on the forums and TS
    Improvements to the meeting structure, appropriate time for the meeting on the weekend or Friday during the midday. As well as use of meeting notes.
    USAF if you are still reading this comment below your favorite color
    Removing and adding rank insignias, as well as whitelists for appropriate ranks
    Marksmen and Medic REQUIRE training to use (officers look at the training guide document, it does not take that long to train for these jobs)
    Other information and more will be discussed during the next meeting @5PM CTZ
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  14. Tumz added a post in a topic Weapon storage for donors   

    I don’t know how hard this would be; I guess very difficult, but I imagine it was be a very good improvement for those with multiple donor guns
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  15. Tumz added a post in a topic Favourite Military Branches?   

    Incorrct (‘:
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