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  1. TUCK3R added a post in a topic Gustards Resignation   

    Dad... You were one of the best GOA's out There (Hotshot is still #1). Anyways school is always more important than Garry's Mod. Have fun in college. If you ever on the Teamspeak again, I hope we can play games like we use to. Ill Miss You Dad...
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  2. TUCK3R added a topic in Army   

    Good Luck Army!
    Well after being demoted from Vice Commander... the people who I use to boss around will start doing that to me now. This isn't a Resigning Post Nor A Leaving post. However A Thank You Post. Through my very few weeks as a Vice Commander, I've seen great improvement in the army. people have been achieving huge feets of Strength. so this little list of people, i wish you luck. If you are not on it im sorry :( 
    Perry- Thank you for giving me a chance at being a Vice Commander. I loved being it. Even tho people didn't want me to be it. 
    Spades- Thank you For Always being there for me. Standing up with me in every situation.
    Gustard- Thanks Dad for letting me and officer at all xD. The great times we had together.
    Babs- I've seen you grow up so much from a LCPL when there was one xD. i hope you get Vice Commander!
    Chilies- Man you got me in this!im kidding that was on me. Anyways your pretty funny guy. Wish you luck.
    Wezzy And Joey- I CANT TELL THE DIFFERENCE! Thx for always being by my side.
    Tundra- Man, youve been cool and chill ever since i met you we had good times on the server.
    Ruby- all those times we had on Tali, never get old!
    Sayajin- Your the new SR VCMDR xD, Good Luck!
    Link- i need to get rainbow some day, SO I CAN DUNK ON YOU!
    Ranger- You were my favorite SCOL!11
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  3. TUCK3R added a topic in Army   

    A COL Spot In The US Army
    So, Indeed this a COL spot open in the US Army Core. What this means is that one of our LTC's Can Try Out, However I came to a bump in the road, Since i haven't been that active much because of school (i will get more active since my quarter ended) But many of our officers are doing good work. Brigadier General John is working on exams as this Post is being written. So, while he is working on these exams i'm creating an Exam to test For COL In The Army. Remember this spot is a very serious position in fact, your right below VCMDR. So MAJ have the ability to apply. Please Follow This Format.
    Your Name In Game:
    Your Rank In Army Core:
    Why Do You Want To Be COL?:
    Why Should We Pick You?:
    Your Playtime In The Army Core ( If Not Known Put N/A):
    The Exam Link: https://goo.gl/Nqoxqw (Put Finished IF Done With The Exam):
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  4. TUCK3R added a post in a topic Graypop's CPT Application   

    There Is No 31st RGT & Your Not MP
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  5. TUCK3R added a post in a topic Wezzys Ranger App   

    -Great Friend
    -Active IG/TS
    -Good Soldier 
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  6. TUCK3R added a post in a topic John's Brigadier General Application   

    -Great Leader
    -Active IG/TS
    -Active On Forums
    -Amazing Candidate For BG
    -Overall Great Friend
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  7. TUCK3R added a post in a topic US army rollcall   

    Name: Tucker
    Rank: Vice Commander
    Roster status: More Active Than Perry
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  8. TUCK3R added a post in a topic Perry taking a 5 Day LOA   

    See You Soon Bucko!
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  9. TUCK3R added a post in a topic Army Meeting On Friday   

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  10. TUCK3R added a topic in Army   

    Army Meeting On Friday
    Day- Satdurday October 14, 1:30 PST 
    Who Has To Come- Officer's (Talk To Me If You Cant Make It)
    Who Should Come- Enlisted (Very Suggested If You Come, Might Get A Promotion :)
    The Purpose-Things we can do to improve the Army, Annocucing New Major, Rangers/Regiments, Ideas New Ranger Weapons, & Enlisted Complaints
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  11. TUCK3R added a post in a topic feelsbadman Chiken leaving feelsbadman   

    Im Gonna Miss You Chiken, STAY STRONG SON!!
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  12. TUCK3R added a post in a topic Felix's CPT Application   

    Speak with a Vice Commander+ to be trained!
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  13. TUCK3R added a post in a topic Felix's CPT Application   

    Pending... Need More +Supports & Please Change The Font And Fix The Application.
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  14. TUCK3R added a post in a topic Who wants to have another episode of PVTs Got Talent?   

    YES YES YES!!!
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  15. TUCK3R added a topic in Army   

    Vice Commander Tucker's LOA
    In-Game Name: US Vice Commander Tucker
    Rank: Vice Commander
    Length of LOA: 1-3 Days (return date is 9/28)
    Reason for LOA (if private that is fine): I am spending way to much time on the server and my grades are not looking good, I need to bring them back up a little.
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