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  1. TUCK3R added a topic in Army   

    No Demotions Lately & A Roster Purge!
    This May Be A Surprise To A lot Of People Due To The US Army Core Minging Stereotype. But, Overall Not A lot Of Demotions Lately Which I Am Happy To Say! Keep Up The Good Work! As well Speak With An Officer For An Inactivity Check, Don't Worry You Have To The End Of This Month! However Follow This Format If you Cant Be Online.
    Name & Rank:
    Reason You Can Not Be Online (If You Cant Answer This Then Your Rank Will Be Removed):
    Will You Be More Active Once Your Problem Is Sorted Out (If You Don't Have A Problem Don't Answer):
    -US Vice Commander Tucker
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  2. TUCK3R added a post in a topic US Army Officer Meeting And Ranger PT Meeting #3   

    Name and Rank: US Vice Commander Tucker
    Meeting(s) You Cant Attend: N/A, I pretty much go to church every Sunday and I am usually doing stuff after that. 
    I Promise To Speak To An Officer To Get The Details Of The Meeting: Understood And Acknowledged.
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  3. TUCK3R added a post in a topic koro's Army Ranger Application   

    Also Good Luck Solider, I've Seen Good Work From You. I Will Leave This Up To John.
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  4. TUCK3R added a post in a topic Regiment Informationals   

    Very Nice A+
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  5. TUCK3R added a post in a topic Calland's Support Application   

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  6. TUCK3R added a post in a topic not whitelisted as donor on military rp   

    If You Have Not Join The TS And Get Your Tags As well As Supporter.
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  7. TUCK3R added a post in a topic Officer Activity Warning   

    Read And Understood
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  8. TUCK3R added a post in a topic Chilies CPT Application   

    Speak With A COL+ To Be Trained For CPT!
    Welcome To The Family!
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  9. TUCK3R added a post in a topic The time has come   

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  10. TUCK3R added a post in a topic Chilies CPT Application   

    On Hold
    -Need More +Support
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  11. TUCK3R added a topic in Army   

    Rangers In TS
    Rangers Make Sure You Are Always In TS When You Are On Or You Will Be Removed. You Only Have An Excuse When You Either Have...
    Computer ProblemsCant Connect To The TSWiFi Issues .EtcFor All Of My CPT+'s Make Sure You Keep An Eye On Them And Notify Me With Evidence, I AM SERIOUS!
    -US Ranger Vice Commander Tucker
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  12. TUCK3R added a post in a topic Chilies Ranger Application   

    On Hold
    Need More Support
    US Ranger Vice Commander Tucker
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  13. TUCK3R added a post in a topic Weekly Army Meeting And Ranger PT #2   

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  14. TUCK3R added a post in a topic Vice Commander Interviews   

    1.What Is Your In-game Name: US Ranger COL Tucker
    2.What Side Are You Applying For: US 
    3.How Much time Do You Have On The Server?: N/A But My Guess Is 4 Months
    4.Why Do You Want To Be Vice Commander(30-50 Words Min): I Feel Like Being A Vice Commander I Am Cable Of Making The Army And Shaping Into The Best Branch That It Can Become. I Will Make My Soldiers The Best Of The Best, Train Them To Be Good Leaders, & And Most Importantly... Fight The Good Fight. PVT's Are Usually Consented As Minges, However Some PVT's Are Good And People Don't See That. However My Superiors Saw That In Me Which Is Why I'm A Colonel, Unlike Other Higher Ups, I Will Be As Active As Possible I Do Not Have Plans To Leave The Server Anytime Soon, I Have Learned How To Be A Good Solider, Be In Check And Most Crucially See What The Army Is Best For. As A VCMDR, With This Type Of Power Inbetween My Grasps I Will Take The Time And Effort Into The Army To Make IT Something. They Will Want To Stay In The Army When I Am Done With It. Rangers Are The Most Important Past As well, Rangers Are The Most Tactical, Stealthy, Active, Physically Fit,& Trained, However It Doesn't Matter If You Get The Job, In My Eyes I Feel Like With The Right Training I Can Shape Anybody Into A Ranger Like That, I Feel Like As A VCMDR, I Can Make An Improvement In The Army. I Look Up To US MG Perry, He Is My Friend And He Used To Be A PVT, But Now He Is A Major General. Everyone Starts Somewhere And I Feel Like I Deserve This Rank Because "Started From The Bottom Now We Here". I Will Respect Any Of My Soldiers With The Respect I Would Treat Any Of My Fellow VCMDR's OR CMDR's. The US Army Is A Great Branch That's Why I've Stayed In It, People Have Risen And Fallen, But I Will PUSH PUSH AND PUSH, Never Stopping To Reach My Goal Of A Better, US Army.
    5.Who Would Like To See You As A Vice Commander?(Two Officers MIN): US MG Perry, GOA HTO Gustard, USAF Vice Commander Chiken, & US Vice Commander Spades.
    6.Why Should We Trust You With Vice Commander?(This Is A High Rank In The U.S): I Feel Like I Have Proven Myself, I Was Demoted 3 Times From CPT, But Now I Am COL That Must Show Improvement Making Me Eligible For Vice Commander Slot.
    7.Have You Donated To The Server?: Yes, $377
    8.What Is Your Rank On The Server?(I.E;Admin,Platinum V.I.P): Moderator
    9.What Is Your Timezone?: Pacific Standard Time
    10.What Is Your Army Rank?(CPT+): Colonel
    11.How Often Can You Be On?: At The Moment I Am Recovering From An Injury But I Can Be On The Weekends, Sunday & Thursday Also, A Little During Monday-Wednesday. 
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  15. TUCK3R added a post in a topic US Army Meeting   

    Name & Rank:Tucker LTC 
    I Cannot Attend I Am Curently In The Hospital And I Am In Bad Condition I Will Try To Be In Monday If I Can.
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