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  1. EmptiedSkies added a post in a topic Russian Spetsnaz Information   

    Great job Ocelot!
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  2. EmptiedSkies added a post in a topic Funkey's 1LT app   

    - Application could use some work
    + Active
    + Friendly
    + Obedient with higher ranks
    + Handles training and promotions well enough
    + Very good at following through with orders and strategies in war.
    I have fought along side as a duo with Funkey in a couple wars now. It was both very enjoyable and effective.
    good luck!
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  3. EmptiedSkies added a post in a topic Sky's CPT Application   

    Thank you very much! :D
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  4. EmptiedSkies added a post in a topic Wezzys 1LT App   

    +No warns
    +Active enough 
    +Willing to be a leader
    -Application could use some work
    Good luck!
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  5. EmptiedSkies added a topic in Navy   

    Sky's CPT Application
    1. What is your in-game name?
    2. What is your RN rank? (ENS+)
    3. Are you a part of MP? If so what is your rank? 
    Yes, I am a part of MP. My rank is MPO.
    4. What rank are you applying for?
    Russian Navy CPT
    5. Who would like to see you as a "promoter rank?" 
    RN RSOF 2LT Funkey
    RN RSOF 1LT Spack Jarrow
    6. Why should you be trusted with a "promoter rank?"
    I should be trusted as a Russian Navy CPT because of my previous experience in the RU Military. I have already taken on much responsibility through my current officer rank in both the Navy, and Military Police branches. I believe I have proven myself to be loyal and obedient to the RU Military through my activeness, and my leadership. I take on many roles to train, promote, and lead the ranks in the RU, and so far, I have not severely failed in my capabilities to do so. Many people trust me, and I trust them. I'll continue to carry out my duties as an officer until the day I retire from the server.
    7. How many strikes do you have? What for?
    0 (none)
    8. How many warns do you have?
    0 (none) 
    9. How would you deal with someone shooting in base? 
    When someone is firing inside base (without a silencer, and not in the firing range), I verbally warn them first, If they continue, I arrest them, and advert an RFA. "RFA: Firing in base." (This usually only applies to lower ranks. Higher ranks should know better.)
    10. How would you deal with someone from your regiment dissing another players?
    I would first verbally warn the player, and politely explain to them that it's inconsiderate to act that way. If the player continued disrespect others, I would arrest them and contact an admin to deal with them. If need be, I could contact the commander of my regiment to also deal with the player.
    Thanks for reading/responding to my application!
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  6. EmptiedSkies added a post in a topic Giving Tali more Freedom   


    sounds like a lot of fun!
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  7. EmptiedSkies added a topic in Military Police   

    Roster Questions
    As a newly promoted Military Police Officer, I have a couple questions:
    • Now that I can promote and whitelist people into the MP, do I fill out a promotion form like I would for any other type of promotion, or do I have access to the MP roster?
    • It also appears to me a lot of the people in the MP roster are either inactive, or need to be removed? More space should be made for active MP.
    (please take these points into consideration, but correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks for reading!)
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  8. EmptiedSkies added a post in a topic WHO'S ON AND WHO'S OFF   

    Williamm has been online lately, but just not on the server a whole ton. He's doing his job though.
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  9. EmptiedSkies added a post in a topic Spack Jarrow's 1stLT Application   

    + Friendly
    + Respectable / respective
    + Nice application
    Good luck!
    - Sky
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  10. EmptiedSkies added a post in a topic Resh's RU Navy RSOF Application   

    - Application could use some work
    + Fun and friendly to be around
    + Decent soldier
    + listens to higher ups
    + Has lots of potential
    Good luck! 
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  11. EmptiedSkies added a topic in RU Military   

    Sky's LOA
    Due to hurricane Irma knocking out two trees into the powerlines in my yard, I may not be able to get online for a few days. I'm not completely sure about when I'll be back on, so I appologize for my inactiveness.
    (I did this through my cellular data btw)
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  12. EmptiedSkies added a post in a topic Sky's MPO Application   

    Thanks! I'll try to be on as soon as my house is receiving power and internet again. Dang hurricane Irma!
    Thanks man, I appreciate it!
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  13. EmptiedSkies added a topic in Military Police   

    Sky's MPO Application
    1.What Is Your In-game Name:
    RN RSOF 1LT WO2 Sky
    2. How Much time Do You Have On The Server(3 Days 10 Hours MIN):
    Definitely 100-200 hours.
    4. Why Do You Want To Be MPO(30-50 Words Min):
    If I were an MPO, I would feel like I'd have more of a purpose being in the Military Police. There are very few to no MP ever online, and being an MPO officer would allow me to order people into getting on their MP jobs. I would like to see the MP branch more active overall.
    5.Who Would Like To See You As A MPO?(Two Officers MIN): 
    RUAF ADF LTC Jackal (Adam), RN Commander HMP Williamm
    6.Why Should We Trust You With MPO?(This Is A High Rank In The RU):
    As an officer, I have never severely abused my powers, or disrespected higher or even lower ranks than me. I try to do my job to the best of my abilities, even though I get confused sometimes. I try to not let people get on my nerves, and I generally stay calm. I enjoy giving advice, answering questions, and being social. I don't expect to be respected, but I expect myself to respect others. I'm here as an officer to fix players' problems, and to lead them in the right direction. I may mess up at times, but I'll try my best to hold out my duty as an MPO!
    7.Have You Donated To The Server?:
    Yes, 40$
    8.What Is Your Rank On The Server?(I.E;Admin,Platinum V.I.P):
    9.What Is Your Timezone?:
    10.What Is Your Military Police Rank?(WO1+):
    11.How Often Can You Be On?:
    Every other day during the week for a few hours. I can't be on everyday due to school.
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  14. EmptiedSkies added a topic in Navy   

    RN Roster needs to be updated.
    Sorry to bother the RN Commanders and Generals, but the RN roster has been receiving a lot of new enlisted members. This also includes recent promotions of higher ranking individuals as well. Please take this into account, and sorry for bothering you guys!
    Stay safe guys, I know these hurricanes are going around.
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  15. EmptiedSkies added a post in a topic Sky's 1LT Application   

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