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  1. Ryan The Epic Guy added a topic in Denied   

    Th3-False Warn Appeal
    Your In-game: Ryan (aka Ryan The Epic Guy, Mayor Man Ryan, Crip Ryan, Bus Driver Ryan, etc.)
    Your SteamID:STEAM_0:1:177289514 The admin's name in-game: th3 The admin's steam name (If you know it): What warning did you receive: Not the exact name as in ts/in game Evidence of the warn (REQUIRED): [AWarn] You have been warned by [GL] th3: BreachofGangRules | Not the exact name as in ts/in game Why do you think this warn was false: My In-Game is always some form of Ryan in mil rp and in police rp. Because it varies (as mentioned before there's many forms of my name depending on my job) I keep my ts name Ryan for convenience since my name is always a form of Ryan. I was chilling and having a nice life, when I see in chat randomly [AWarn] You have been warned by [GL] th3: BreachofGangRules | Not the exact name as in ts/in game. I got no admin sit, no talk, NOTHING. I just randomly got warned because my in game name was Ryan The Epic Guy and my ts name is Ryan. I was the only Crip on making it more obvious who I was. I believe this to be completely false.Any extra informationThis is literally the dumbest warn I have EVER seen.
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  2. Ryan The Epic Guy added a post in a topic USN 2LT Ryan LOA/Not as active   

    The second it is cleared i will be back on as normal. Sorry for any inconveniences caused by this. Also I will find it very hard to put a new loa on every week if it gets to an out of control situation. Keep me in your prayers guys.
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  3. Ryan The Epic Guy added a topic in Navy   

    USN 2LT Ryan LOA/Not as active
    My parents have not liked my grades so they’re taking my computer. I won’t be as active until I sort it out. I may slip on here and there though
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  4. Ryan The Epic Guy added a post in a topic USN LTJG Ryan's USN SEAL aplication   

    well shit. ill try again in two weeks ;)
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  5. Ryan The Epic Guy added a post in a topic USN LTJG Ryan's USN SEAL aplication   

    I haven't made a seal app in months... I think you got confused with my 2LT app
    also I'm SO sorry I forgot the poll. It wasn't letting me edit it because of the cooldown and I forgot to add it
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  6. Ryan The Epic Guy added a topic in Navy   

    USN LTJG Ryan's USN SEAL aplication
    What Is Your In-game Name: USN LTJG Ryan
    2.What Is Your current Rank?(MCPO+): LTJG
    3.Who Would Like To See You As a Navy Seal?(Two Officer's): CPT WarWinner and LTCMDR Tundra
    4.Why Should We Trust You to be a Navy Seal?(This Is A Special Force In The U.S): I have one warn and zero strikes. I have never left the USN since I joined it to join another branch. I am three ranks above MCPO and have been around since June of 2016. I'm beyond ready for SEALS.
    5.Why Do You Want To Be a Navy Seal? (30-50 Words Min): I first joined about June 2016 and have been USN since I joined soon after. I feel that I'm more than ready for SEALS. It would help me to become a better soldier which would in turn help the US become better. At this point, I'm 3 ranks higher than MCPO which means that I am way more than just "ready."
    8.What Is Your Timezone?: EST
    9.How Often Can You Be On?(How many days/hours a week): Weekdays 5:00 pm-10/11pm weekends all day
    10.Are you a well trained & disciplined Soldier?: Yes.
    11.How many warns do you have?(Can be checked by !Warns): 1
    12.Do you have any Active strikes?(If you do, then you will be denied): no
    13.Are you capable of completing the mission & helping out your team mates any way necessary?: Yes.
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  7. Ryan The Epic Guy added a post in a topic USN LTJG Ryan's 2LT Application   

    It asked for two people I would like to see as 2LT. not 2 2LT+ who would like to see me as 2LT
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  8. Ryan The Epic Guy added a topic in Navy   

    USN LTJG Ryan's 2LT Application
    1.What is your in game name: USN LTJG Ryan
    2.What branches have you been with?: Besides being a US PVT to start off I have been in USN the entire time.
    3.How much time do you have on the server? A LOT (idk any exact numbers)
    4.Why do you want to be 2LT (40-60 Words MIN): I have invested months without ever leaving USN (not counting being USMP for three weeks). I believe that with only 1 warn from June 10 2016 and an investment of $65, I am ready for 2LT. I believe I am extremely capable of handling the responsibilities of 2LT as I have experience with Google Sheets and always follow orders.
    5.Who would you like to see as a 2LT(Two officers): USN LTJG Lil Pump and LTJG Kopa
    6.Why should we trust you with 2LT?(This is a high rank in the Navy): I am an older player who only has 1 warn. I have always done what's asked of me and have been faithful to the USN. I am known to be a friendly person. I've spent months to get to USN LTJG. I believe I am ready to finally become a 2LT.
    7.Have you donated to the server?: Yes. I've purchased 65 credits. (I think that's $65)
    8.What i your rank on the server(IE: User, Member, Gold+)? Diamond
    9.How many warns do you have?: 1 (Sat June 10 2016 RU Commander Cole Player Dis)
    10.What is your Navy rank (Must be LTJG+).LTJG
    11.How often can you be on the server?: I get on roughly about 5:00 PM on school days. Otherwise I'm on my computer 24/7.
    12.Do you have experience with google spreadsheets?: Yes.
    -Note if you ask for +Supports or you will be denied-
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  9. Ryan The Epic Guy added a topic in General   

    When do warns go away?!
    I still have warns from when I was an OFC! When do they go away because I'm paying for not knowing back then now with a 2 day ban! If I don't figure it out soon I'm screwed!
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  10. Ryan The Epic Guy added a topic in General   

    A really neat idea for the new update
    I was thinking about the bits and stuff. when police find things like cocaine and weed they don't destroy it in real life, they take it in as evidence. maybe in the new update you can add the thing that allows you to take bits and weed to fbi since their specialty is those things? I know there's an add-on (I think) called theif bag that does this. And a place in the pd where we put them and it despawns them there. It's just a little thought to go with the big update (can't wait).
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  11. Ryan The Epic Guy added a topic in Denied   

    Bulletz4Breakfeast warn request/player report
    Your In-game: FBI PA Ryan
    Your SteamID: (STEAM_0:1:177289514)
    The player's name in-game: Bulletz4breakfeast
    The player's steam name (If you know it): (STEAM_0:0:76994838)
    What did the player do: RDM me as an fbi and he's staff so should know better.
    Evidence (REQUIRED): https://gyazo.com/eaeee28981f1db06af70250316783051
    What do you believe should happen to the player: I don't think that he should get in serious trouble, however I do think he needs to at least be talked to and maybe warned because he's a moderator and should be fluent in the rules.
    Any extra information: he broke the elevator and jumped down. I didn't hit the button because its very difficult to get the door open before your squished at the top anyways/ then he changed jobs or something to respawn (not 100% sure the details on that) and then came down the elevator and UNLOADED on me. afterwards he attempted bribery to get me to ignore it and poked me about 17 times on ts.
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  12. Ryan The Epic Guy added a post in a topic 09/20/2017 PoliceRP Update   

    i can see it now "Swat responding bank robbery code walk." XD
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  13. Ryan The Epic Guy added a post in a topic The Bullying Of Staff And Players   

    that's why I am so grateful GL exists. It has been the only place where people don't often relentlessly attack each other. Hearing that there's a bullying problem in GL is sickening.
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  14. Ryan The Epic Guy added a post in a topic The Bullying Of Staff And Players   

    I know how it feels. I have Aspergers and am bullied every chance there is. Only a small number of people choose to be nice to me. It's a rough thing and I strongly approve of heavy watch to remove those people who don't think about the sh** people get for not being 100% perfect. They fail to realize nobody in this world is "perfect" and what damage they do to people when you bully them. They give 0 ****s if those people get harassed so bad they get anxiety, depression, and sometimes suicidal tendencies. They give 0 ****s that they are emotionally and physically destroying innocent lives. It's repulsive when you begin to think about it.
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  15. Ryan The Epic Guy added a post in a topic 09/13/2017 - Update PoliceRP   

    the issue with Utime's return is that it only shows the time I have from when GL had Utime that I played. This results in a serious error as it doesn't show the true number of hours I have on GL
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