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  1. Jabs Savage added a post in a topic Alistair's support team application   

  2. Jabs Savage added a post in a topic Dream Car   

    Rolls Royce Dawn but other than that a Dodge Charger Hellcat. 
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  3. Jabs Savage added a post in a topic New Job's/Weapons - Added to Donation store?   

    +Support on all 
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  4. Jabs Savage added a post in a topic Vinny's Introduction   

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  5. Jabs Savage added a post in a topic Forum Diplomat Ap.- Louie D2   

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  6. Jabs Savage added a post in a topic FBI DAD Vinny's AD App   

  7. Jabs Savage added a post in a topic Support Team Application- Louie D2   

  8. Jabs Savage added a topic in Accepted   

    Jabs Savage Support Application
    In-Game Name: Jabs Savage 
    Steam Name: #LOAHurricaneJabs 
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:47518215
    Are you a Moderator+? Yes
    How often are you on TeamSpeak? All day everyday. 
    Do you have a working quality mic? I have a working mic but not really the best in the world but you can hear me properly. 
    What timezone are you in? EST 
    Why would you want to join our Support team? I would like to join the Support Team because I'm very active and on everyday. I am a person who enjoys helping people especially in situations where help is really needed.  I know lots of things about teamspeak and know how to give out tags and Etc.
    Are you a friendly person that can uphold the reputation of our Support team? If so, how are you a friendly person? I don't get mad easily unless if someone is blatantly trying to ruin my temper. I enjoy socializing/conversating with people and making sure they will get the best support they need.   
    How would you greet someone that has a problem in one of our support channels? I would pull them into a support room and introduce myself. (Example: Hello, My Name Is "Jabs" and i will be assisting you today, What assistance will you need?" )
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  9. Jabs Savage added a post in a topic Jabs Savage $2Mil Giveaway   

    Congrats you won. Answer was 911 but you were the closest. PM me whenever you are in-game !
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  10. Jabs Savage added a post in a topic LOA For a few days   

    If its private he does not need to state one 
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  11. Jabs Savage added a post in a topic State Trooper Guidelines   

    Congrats to all who got accepted !
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  12. Jabs Savage added a post in a topic Tips for Hurricane Irma Survival by Local News   

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  13. Jabs Savage added a topic in General   

    Jabs Savage $2Mil Giveaway
    Due to the fact i have a hurricane on the way and probably won't be on for maybe days , weeks or more and pretty much have everything i wanted on PoliceRP , I'll be giving away 2 Million dollars. Same contest as what @Marsgaming and same rules will apply.  
    So in chat you will guess a number 1-1000. whoever gets closest wins you can not have same number as someone else or u will be disqualified if you land on the exact number you will receive a extra 100k. have fun and Good Luck. 
    Winner will be picked tomorrow on 9/09/17 at 5:00 EST 
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  14. Jabs Savage added a post in a topic My "introduction"