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  1. Soileau added a post in a topic Zurps CPT app   

    You can apply for CPT?
    I think you should wait to get promoted instead of applying and officer places are crowded at the moment
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  2. Soileau added a post in a topic GranSavage ADF APP.   

    Never seen you in game or in TS
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  3. Soileau added a post in a topic Spawn's Trail Moderator Application   

    inactive on forums
    hasn't joined the steam group
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  4. Soileau added a post in a topic Zer0's Trial Mod Application   

  5. Soileau added a topic in Airforce   

    Soileau's LOA
    Name: Soileau
    Rank: COL
    Reason: I will be on LOA because some family from south Texas are gonna be staying for a bit because of Hurricane Harvey and I have a ton of School Work on top of that. I will be back Saturday September 16th, if you nee me message me on steam.
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  6. Soileau added a post in a topic Wrexs ADF App   

    + Support
    -Cool Guy.
    -Seems like he's pretty good, haven't seen him in action very much though.
    -The strike was for disrespecting the VCMDR, I do not believe he should've gotten a strike depending on the magnitude of this disrespect.
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  7. Soileau added a post in a topic MINIMAP?   

    That's cool, would be helpful to newer players i think
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  8. Soileau added a post in a topic LOA- Jedi   

    As long as you play on weekends you should be fine if you inform your commander also. I'll miss you bb. 
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  9. Soileau added a post in a topic Tristan's SZ Major Applacation   

    Did he know it was on hold though? :P
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  10. Soileau added a post in a topic TayK47's RUAF ADF application   

    IM Stupid, B
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  11. Soileau added a post in a topic ADF Informational   

    I do believe so.
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  12. Soileau added a topic in RU Military   

    Off LOA
    I am now off of LOA, it would be appreciated if someone could update the roster.
    --RUAF LTC Soileau
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  13. Soileau added a topic in Airforce   

    ADF Informational
    Commander of RUAF: Maxim
    Vice Commander: N/A
    ADF Dedicated Trainer(s): COL Soileau
    ROSTER: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1B3mRGVMkMpj62qt1H8uqUfj_B-GX4RIv65W1bzkk2ic/edit#gid=940835981
    Special Forces Requirements
    Must Be Active
    Must Be In Teamspeak
    Must Be Able To Work With A Team
    Must Be Respectful
    Special Forces Run On A 2 Strike Policy
    Must Be The equivalent of 1SG in your RUAF
    Must have at least 5 days on the server
    Must have read and understood the RUAF guidelines (You will be tested) -- http://gaminglight.com/main/topic/14441-russian-air-force-info/
    Testing of the RUAF guidelines will occur through the following google form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/18vZ_D3jW5BruTpiuPX7SjsejcqiQVX2fKZWCwog3lnk/edit?ts=598d3996
    RU Special Forces Training
    Change Name To "RUAF ADF Trainee *Name*"
    Faces (Must remember a sequence of 4 faces and do them)
    Advanced Weapon Training
    -Recoil Control -
    -Reaction Time -
    -Trigger Discipline (3 Mags)
    -Timed Shooting Test
    -Target Area Shooting (Shooting Certain Area's Of A Target) -
    Breach Training (Breach The Tower along with other buildings the training officer feels suitable) -
    Knife-defense -
    -Countering Knifes
    -Knife Combat (Not required if trainee does not have a knife)
    Defensive Vehicle Tactics (Dodging Moving Vehicles)
    Vehicle Take-down Tactics (Destroying Moving Vehicles)
    Counter-Sniper Tactics -
    Must be able to pass course in training facility on level 3.
    Flight Training (Required for VIP classes) -
    Note that not all of these must be used in training except for the classes marked with an orange dash: the marked ones are required
    This will be held one war after you  have gotten you training in order to establish a base on which you skill will be determined
    Post-Training you will go to war and afterward you will report to DB as usual where you will the be sworn in after it ends. (A negative KD will postpone the graduation until fixed) 
    If the training officer or the commander see the trainee unfit post-training their training will be void.
    \Take The Oath:
    "I do solemnly swear  that I will support and defend the Motherland of the Russia against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of Putin Vladimir and the orders of those appointed over me”
    If you fail the training your post will be denied and you will have to reapply in a week.Do not ask for training, a dedicated trainer or VCMDR+ will inform you of it.As special forces you will hold PT if a war is lost and no officers are on.Unless the Commander says otherwise training will always take placeYOU WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED ON THE FORUMS UNTIL AFTER YOUR GRADUATION
    "Fire From The Clouds"
    If you are an LTC or COL please message 'Soileau' your email so you can be added to the Graduation Document below.
    The only reason for this document is so that people without roster access can keep track of graduated special forces until the roster is updated.
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  14. Soileau added a post in a topic TayK47's RUAF ADF application   

    +/- Support 
    I believe you are capable but being a officer in US would hinder your ability to be on as special forces.
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  15. Soileau added a post in a topic Jhonsons Staff app   

    -A lot of warns for disrespect.
    -Doesn't really know the rules that well (In my experiences with him).
    -Kind of mingey
    -Not very active on the forums 
    -He states he started playing in 2016 yet he has just made is forums account on the 11th of this month
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