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  1. ColeSoft Grey added a post in a topic Nimo LOA   

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  2. ColeSoft Grey added a post in a topic Mr Valkyri3 LOA 11/9 - 11/16   

    the streams must be watched
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  3. ColeSoft Grey added a post in a topic Trooper's CallSigns   

    thats the police verson of the phonetic alphabet
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  4. ColeSoft Grey added a topic in General Discussions   

    TS Suggestions!!
    Verified Law Enforcement 👮
    Verified Medical (LifeGuard, C.E.R.T, EMT, Paramedic, Doctor, Any EFR) 🚑
    Verified Millitary 🎖
    Here are my idea for tags on TS..    
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  5. ColeSoft Grey added a post in a topic SM cole 029 Support application   

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  6. ColeSoft Grey added a topic in Accepted   

    ColeSoft - Support Application
    In-Game Name: ColeSoft
    Steam Name: ColeSoft Grey -=|[ GL ]=- 
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:92941799
    Are you a Moderator+? Yes
    How often are you on TeamSpeak? Anytime I'm on my computer
    Do you have a working quality mic? Yes
    What timezone are you in? PST
    Why would you want to join our Support team?  I want to join your TeamSpeak support team because I want to be the guy people can trust to help them in any situation.  I will do my best to make sure that everyone who I assist is happy with their answers and understand how to do things in the future. I have a great understanding of how Teamspeak works and I can help with any situation regarding addon issues. I would also like to offer some help to let off some stress from the head staff in the community and offer my services as a support staff because I'm quite socialistic, and I like to deal with issues and solve them. Which is one of my main reasons to why I want to join your support team
     Are you a friendly person that can uphold the reputation of our Support team? If so, how are you a friendly person? I am a very friendly person and I am willing to help anyone who needs it regardless who it might be. I will make sure that they feeling like there experience with support was a good one and will go on and recommend people to support if they need any assistance in the future
    How would you greet someone that has a problem in one of our support channels?****************** Hello, My name is Cole from the GameingLight TeamSpeak and Addon Support system. How may I assist you today?
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  7. ColeSoft Grey added a post in a topic Gangs - IMPORTANT!   

    Read and Understood
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  8. ColeSoft Grey added a post in a topic Staff Handbook   

    Red and understood 
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  9. ColeSoft Grey added a post in a topic STATE TROOPER Roster [NEW!]   

    Name: ColeSoft Grey
    Rank: Trooper
    CERT: No
    Number: 172
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  10. ColeSoft Grey added a post in a topic State Trooper Accepted List   

    ColeSoftXD.  xD.    Thank you for letting me into troopers
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  11. ColeSoft Grey added a post in a topic Whats your Favorite gun?   

    Awp.   Cause I'm awpsoft
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  12. ColeSoft Grey added a post in a topic I got a strike?   

    I mistakes you for house duck    Do do not have any noted strikes 
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  13. ColeSoft Grey added a post in a topic I got a strike?   

    Houseduck    Threatning players / harassing , minge    Striked / demoted down to SA    6/20/2017    COS NoOne
    i fixed you being on the roster twice
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  14. ColeSoft Grey added a post in a topic Roster Updates   

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  15. ColeSoft Grey added a topic in FBI   

    Roster Updates
    Hey.  In preparation for the upcoming FBI updates, the following ranks have been removed from the roster.  ADD, DAD, SSA    If you were one of these ranks, you far the rank below 
    i have added a prop agent spot for those who were demoted  from sa
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