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  1. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic RU CORE Officers   

    We will let the Generals and GoA talk about a CMDR, but currently I presume Alistair will stay as COL. We just need more officers in the branch which I have made a post about asking people to transfer branches.
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  2. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic RU CORE Officers   

    You still never told me your name. So I don't know why you would be obtaining a free Officer rank.
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  3. LeTroll (Cole) added a topic in RU Military   

    RU Core Transfer
    Recently with the RU Core Commander leaving and having almost no officers, it has been brought to my attention that the branch needs a revive. I will talk to the higher ranking Generals about appointing a new CMDR but for now we need some officers to give lower ranks promos.
    Usually, to switch branches, you lost a rank. For a short period to revive the branch, I will be accepting requests to transfer to RU Core and keep your current rank.
    Please post below with your IGN, your current rank and I will get back to you about switching. I will not be taking every officer from another branch, in turn killing that branch. So if there is a lot of responses, I will be denying some.
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  4. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic RU CORE Officers   

    1. Ill talk to Alsher about appointing a new RU Core Commander. I recently came back and I'm pretty sure the past Commander quit just days ago, so we need some time before just giving out ranks.
    2. Giving out free ranks is not something we do. You work for the rank and get promoted. Just because it is empty does not mean we give free ranks. I will talk to other branched and see if any officers wish to switch to RU Core to help bring it back.
    3. I'm not completely sure who you are and why you deserve and officer rank. What is your name on the Roster?
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  5. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic Armor Stacking   

    This is intentional I presume. People who already have the armor spent time and work to get it. If they buy more, it would stack on top.
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  6. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic MINIMAP?   

    On old MilitaryRP servers, I would download the overview of the map and put it as my spray. This would be very helpful for navigation.
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  7. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic Update training   

    With new players trying to figure out the map, this could be a crucial piece of information for new trainees.
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  8. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic Resignation   

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  9. LeTroll (Cole) added a topic in Introductions/Leaving   

    RU Major General Cole - Leaving 60 hour notice
    Hey guys, Cole here. In the coming future, I'll be going back to College and don't want video games to be in the way. I'm going to completely stop playing games during my time there to mainly focus on school and further my education. With this news, I'll be resigning from RU Major General. Some people will say "You can play on weekends, no?". I could, but I'd rather focus on school and not playing video games all the time. It gets in the way of trying to actually live a life :D. Others will say "People leave for a LONG time and still have General rank, why get rid of it?" Well, I feel like an inactive General is a useless one and I don't want the title of Lazy general. It gives others the chance to rank up and fill the spot with more active dedicated players. If I could be a General and only have to be on TS all the time, I would do it, but I cant sacrifice hours everyday towards this game. People usually list off people that they have separate messages to, but I find that to be completely useless considering I'll still probably talk to the important ones on steam. So thanks Gaming Light,
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  10. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic Jedi RU Navy RSOF Application   

    And by CPT, he means Navy CPT+. Not regular CPT+.
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  11. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic Military kill leaderboard   

    The leaderboards are the only thing top level players have to strive for in GL. They mean a lot to players when there is close competition. They clearly got rolled back for reasons we don't know. It would be great if they were un rolled back but I highly doubt it will happen due to it not actually impacting the game.
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  12. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic New map(in the WAY future)   

    They could always change it to a Snow map instead. Same style as desert, just a different feel.
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  13. LeTroll (Cole) added a topic in Suggestions   

    The radio system is still a nuisance to use as a sniper. Aiming and shooting changes the channels and makes it impossible to communicate with team mates. I would recommend making it an item in your inventory that you can hold and change channels and such. It would make it a lot easier to keep radio constantly on. The only problem with this is that it would be annoying to turn off when you want to talk to someone next to you. Another idea would be to change the key bind to something less used. Usually you can't change it to a button, it usually has to be already used, so maybe Reload and Crouch? This could still cause a problem for some people but its used a lot less by people. I don't know if any of these suggestions are helpful, but I hope it gets changed sooner or later.
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  14. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic RU Officer Meeting 8/12/17   

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  15. LeTroll (Cole) added a topic in RU Military   

    RU Officer Meeting 8/12/17
    Recently, the Russian Officer meetings have been more of a side thing when it is clearly stated they are mandatory. This coming weekend, i expect every officer (2LT+) to be there. If you have a reason to not attend the meeting, post the reason below. These LOAs are usually listed under the post made by Kenny, but I hope to make it a weekly post sort of thing instead of one big mega post. The meeting will be at 8pm EST on Saturday (8/12/17). I'm not enforcing this coming meeting (8/2/17) due to short notice, but providing more than a week of time should be sufficient. If you can not make it follow the following format:
    Strikes will be given out to every officer who does not attend and does not make an LOA reply.
    If you do not have Teamspeak, get it. There is no excuse. if it does not work for your computer, search up videos on how to fix your specific problem. I am giving you guys 10 days notice till the next meeting, that is plenty of time. I hope to see all of you there.
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