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  1. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic Clout’s Public Apology   

    If you should listen to anyone clout, listen this Soileau. he has first hand experience with stuff like this and look at where he is now. All I can say is even he didn't do an apology, so good on you clout.
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  2. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic WAC Aircraft's Buff   

    Theres a reason no one flies helis these days
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  3. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic How to RP knife 101   

    Anyone who doesn't want to watch entire video, here is what I got in a bulleted form. Scheffer, you're free to build on it :D
    If both players are out of ammo and both take out a knife, a knife fight is initiated and allowed as long as neither player pulls out a gun.Knifing under the water is allowed.If you are walking with a knife out and someone sneaks up to you within lets say 10 feet, you can turn around and try to knife them. This does not include chasing them with the knife after the fact, or if they are 20 feet away shooting you. You must switch to a gun at this time.If both players run out of ammo and one person takes out a pistol, a knife is considered an invalid weapon of engagement.If Player 1 is reloading and Player 2 takes out a knife instead of reloading and has ample time and Player 1 is low on health, knife rushing someone to get the final hit it allowed. If Player 2 has not hit a single shot and the person is still at 100+ health, a knife is an invalid way of attack.If Player 1 has full ammo (Primary and Secondary) and Player 2 has no ammo, using a knife at a reasonable distance is allowed. If there is enough distance to run away and buy ammo, a knife is not acceptable.So that is what I got from the video, I just have some concerns.
    There seems to be alot of "reasonable distance" or "under certain health" talk. Whenever there is these big grey areas in rules, its easily abused. If these rules or strategies are to be followed, they need to be more defined so its not based on if the admin feels like 10 feet is enough or 100 feet is enough.
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  4. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic Changes to SZ   

    Shoot 5 targets in 5 seconds or less
    Is this physically possible? I've never done timed tests at firing range, so I don't know baseline, just seems fast.
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  5. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic The Name symbol RU to RF   

    Seems like a monor change that has no real in game difference. Might make more sense Roleplay wise, but doesn't add or change gameplay at all. Seems like a change just for the sake of a change.
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  6. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic Clout’s Public Apology   

    I'll give my little rundown of information that I've obtained from this post.
    - Small amount of players on which in turn ends up in minging for fun (Happens all the time, nothing weird)
    - Kopa got tired and said do it again and ill warn.
     - Lee did it again and got AOS
     - You spawn ATV to help Lee, but in turn run over Kopa
     - Kopa respawns and catches Lee and batons him
     - You purposely CDM him (-1)
     - Switched to RU due to war starting soon (Totally understandable)
     - Got in trouble on RU side (I don't understand this one)
    I will be as unbiased as I can with this response, so anyone who reads this, understand I'm not taking signs.
    Migning on the server is not allowed in any state. But as we all know, when a small group of players are on and no staff, people like to have fun with each other and mess around in base. I personally see no problem with this as long as all players are alright with the ensuing minging.
    Once Kopa declares that if he dies again, they will be AOS, that is an indication that the RDM and Minging should stop. If it continues, players should be punished.
    Switching to another army before war is also fully allowed. There is no rule that states if you are wanted for AOS or KOS, you must stay the army. People will argue this is FailRP, but rules are not rules unless they are written. It applies with the recent knife rushing rule also, it was not a rule until it was written. I'm sure the people who got Clout in trouble will disagree with this entire paragraph, but its how rules work. Do not assume people have common sense is the basis of any Rulebook or MOTD.
    As a player who has played quite a lot, and seen people get away with a lot, the punishment you were given was uncalled for. Now lets get into the punishment.
    You were breaking rules on US, this should not impact your RU rank unless you switched to US and only have a PVT rank. If you are lets sat a CPL on US, they ranks and punishments should be dealt with there. If you switched jsut to switch and are an PVT, the punishment should apply to RU.
    If you got introuble for Minging and RDM, I would argue that Kopa and Lee both need to have punishments also then. Breaking rules and making it seem fine, then when someone you don't like breaks rules with you, does not give you the right to only get them in trouble. So the punishment regarding RDM should be applied to all players.
    I also find that this LTAP should have been dealt with by an admin, not regular members. This is a OOC rule being broke, it should not have IC consequences.
    The proper punishments I see it:
    -Clout: Warning for LTAP and a demotion on US for TK (Strikes should be removed due to no IC rule breaking)
    -Lee: Punishment within US for TKing a higher officer
    -Kopa: Punishment within US for TKing
    Just because you break rules with friends, still means youre breaking rules and should be punished.
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  7. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic Transfer issues   

    Just read the Important Notices part of the Roster. It shows who can transfer and how to do it.
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  8. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic Delete the new knife rule?   

    I'm not going to try and BS you with saying "People would totally run at someone holding a gun with a knife". Its purely a different way to play the game and seems viable to me.
    But to deter people from only knife rushing, nerfing movement speed is the best option. There is no need someone should run faster than an ATV.
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  9. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic Maxims LOA   

    Wait, is speedy still on LOA while maxim is on LOA? Woah GG
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  10. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic Wrench Demotion   

    Answer (+1 or -1):
    Name and Rank:
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  11. LeTroll (Cole) added a topic in RU Military   

    Wrench Demotion
    November 17, 10:20 PM
    Wrench was removed from CMDR and Navy and put as PVT in SZ
    Had 1 strike for not doing promos, not enough to bring all the way down to a PVT.
    November 18, 7:17 PM
    Wrex was moved from LTCMDR to CMDR
    November 18, 8:05 PM
    Lil Pump was promoted from MAJ to VCDMR
    Corvo was transferred from RU Core VCMDR to RN VCDMR
    So from this little information
    - Wrench was wrongly demoted, unless more evidence of failing to abide to the rules is somewhere shown that is hidden to the public.
    - Lil Pump was promoted 3 ranks at one time which is also not allowed.
    - Corvo was moved as VCDMR to another branch, which doesn’t violate any rules, but an LTG can not move VCMDRs or CMDRs.
    - All these moves were done by LTG Speedy.
    I don't want any of the above players who were moved to their current positions to be penalized due to the fact its not their fault. I personally think though that Wrench needs some compensation. If there is more evidence against his wrong doing, I'd be more than open to see discussion in the comments.
    A lot of RN have shown me feelings that they want Wrench back in CMDR spot. I know I'm not Navy, but I'd like to see which Navy want him back as CMDR. I won't do a poll, since I can't limit it to Navy. So what I ask is that you post below whether you want him (+1) or not (-1) with a reason, and your name and rank.
    Wrench as CMDR
    Answer (+1 or -1):
    Name and Rank:
    Follow the above format and let us know :D 
    I know I have no power anymore, but whilst I was MG, I tried to give people fair chances and hate seeing people robbed of ranks they deserve. When I see something fishy or out of the ordinary, I like to investigate.
    If you've actually read this far, thank you for reading and being involved. This may not seem like an actual problem to most, but I know some people voiced their concern to me but didn't know how to go about it.
    Any information needed about the above topic can be found at http://gaminglight.com/main/topic/5623-russian-officer-hand-book-updated/
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  12. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic How to Lead Russian Debrief   

    Me of course :D Kappa
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  13. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic Tank for tank crewman   

    So why not switch out the other vehicles and just completely move over to Simphys cars and WAC or HVAP helis? The ATVS and Humvees never feel like good cars anyways.
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  14. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic Tank for tank crewman   

    Cant be spawned by F4 but possible to make a vendor who sells it only if you are the right class?
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  15. LeTroll (Cole) added a post in a topic Playermodel change   

    1. IMPOSSIBLE to read
    2. Its a video game
    3. Server has enough models currently, we do not want more to increase lag if we don't need to
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