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  1. Mikedanoobgamer added a post in a topic Forrest’s FBI and SS LOA   

    Take as much time as you need, I hope everything turns out ok!
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  2. Mikedanoobgamer added a topic in FBI   

    Mikedagamer’s SS & FBI LOA
    Name: Mikedagamer 
    LOA Time: 5/23/18 to 5/26/18
    Reason (Private if needed): I will be going to NY! Since Forrest is also on LOA Igneous will be the active commander of Secret Service.
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  3. Mikedanoobgamer added a post in a topic SS Discord   

    Keep in mind that it is not required for any SS agent or command member to be apart of and all operations, meetings, patrolling, etc will take place in TS. This is meant as a secondary option for people to attempt to contact an SS member. 
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  4. Mikedanoobgamer added a post in a topic New Rule for PD Raids   

    + Support
    Training cadets is essential to help the server grow and prosper. They cannot be interrupted as they are all the new players.
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  5. Mikedanoobgamer added a post in a topic Trial Mod Chief Abuse Report   

    If the case was he was going to jump off the roof or something of the sort then it would fine, but this does deserve a talking too. Keep in mind it’s not like Chief threw him or anything of the sort. I think that people are taking this rule way to seriously, if someone is stuck or if they just need to move people out of spawn then it’s not at all abuse, it’s helping the server and the staff member gains no advantage.
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  6. Mikedanoobgamer added a post in a topic Staff Aplication   

    - Support 
    You said that you are currently staff with another server (Maybe I misread it though)
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  7. Mikedanoobgamer added a post in a topic Secret Service C.A.T. Info   

    I am sorry for your frustration over it, but please do not post such comments. Remember we are all on the same team! :D
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  8. Mikedanoobgamer added a post in a topic SS and FBI Player models Switch and fix   

    This is obsolete now because we are getting them included in our update in a few days. Thank you for the good suggestion!
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  9. Mikedanoobgamer added a post in a topic Secret Service C.A.T. Info   

    As Th3 said we are very under powered, with the C.A.T being added we do not need to call SWAT/CERT/SRT every time there is a shooter. Believe me it will not take away your jobs as CAT will not respond to bank raids, grocery store raids, robberies in general, hostage situations, etc. Also they are very balanced, trust me on that.
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  10. Mikedanoobgamer added a topic in FBI   

    Secret Service C.A.T. Info
    Counter Assault Team Leaders:
    Team Alpha Leader- TBD
    Team Bravo Leader - TBD
    Counter Assault Team Roster:
    Counter Assault Team SOP:
    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Nll0YQCEvbxpT79gx6jKI3DajPlWtwEy7gDmGN_las8/edit?usp=sharing [Still being edited]
    Counter Assault Team Leaders Application:
    [Apps are open!] https://goo.gl/forms/VTigavBaA3OwQegU2
    Counter Assault Team Operative Application:
    [Apps are open!] https://goo.gl/forms/F91gKJNbLB47KtTx2
    We expect our update to be out within a week. The SOP Section should be finished by Monday, thank you for your cooperation.
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  11. Mikedanoobgamer added a post in a topic Jbane56's T-MOD Application   

    Also you joined the forums April 30th not March 2nd.
    Good luck however!
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  12. Mikedanoobgamer added a post in a topic Ruinz Trail Application   

    + Support
    Seen on a lot.
    Good luck!
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  13. Mikedanoobgamer added a post in a topic Graffiti Turf Wars   

  14. Mikedanoobgamer added a topic in State Trooper   

    Mikedagamer - 48 Hour Notice
    As many of you have probally noticed I am not as active on state as I used to be. When I first joined state I had much less departments to be apart of and was not in command of SS. Also they had DOC which was one of the main reasons I joined state. There is no doubt that this department and the people inside it have a huge amount of potential, but I feel that I am taking the spot from somebody that has more time for the department. 
    It has been an honor serving with you all, 
    - Senior State Trooper Mikedagamer 1T80
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  15. Mikedanoobgamer added a post in a topic Bring back the old PD command Models