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  1. Matricies added a post in a topic Reborns Super Admin App   

    Hello MILRP Community,
    I don't really reply to these topics much however the individual applying has qualities I approve of in what would essentially be junior management:
    - Active in the Community, TS/Server
    - Friendly with Good Customer Service Skills and Appropriate Behavior
    - Helpful with all players and I've seen them help other staff members
    - Long period of experience and is ready to take on more responsibilities
    - Good understanding of rules
    Without a doubt, I feel this individual would be great in a super admin role. This application has my +Support
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  2. Matricies added a post in a topic RUAF AFI/Helicopter Certification Roster   

    Hello RUAF,
    Updated, Cheney/Goatsire Added to Helipilot Roster.
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  3. Matricies added a post in a topic Cat's ADF Application   

    Please Talk to an LTC+ for ADF Training and Whitelists
    P.S - People who +supported this didn't vote for some reason.
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  4. Matricies added a post in a topic Absent from Officer meeting   

    Hello Wrex,
    This is the form you need to use
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  5. Matricies added a post in a topic RUAF AFI/Helicopter Certification Roster   

    Hello RUAF,
    Welcome Richard to the AFI. Added Chrovoski to Helipilot Roster
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  6. Matricies added a post in a topic Snookiebear’s LOA   

    Hello Snookie,
    See you when you get back!
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  7. Matricies added a post in a topic Change the recruit system   

    Hello GL,
    So I'm on the fence with this one. While I think this would streamline the process a bit and make it a little less annoying seeing as you can customize the test anyways to help people learn the more important specifics of the branch. Not to mention, unless your a complete minge/utterly unable to grasp the concepts, most tryouts are not going to be deal breakers for the majority of recruits into other branches and mimic training for that branch rather then an actual tryout.
    But I do understand the concern that it may take people away from the Army/Russian Core branches and it may not train them specifically on all the nuances of the branch like a tryout/training does. But unfortunately, if someone trys out for a branch as soon as the tryout becomes avaliable, they problely already had their mind set on the branch and weren't going to stay in core which is how the majority of people move branches (unless theres other reasons for it). They see Army Core and USAF/USMC/RUAF/Spetsnaz and psychologically most just go for the alternative branches because its not boring old core (no offense to core people, as all branches help in their own way and have important places in war).
    And as for the nuances of training, even after tryouts people will still be learning and reinforcing the ideas and people are going to have to ask regardless because their new to the branch after tryouts/training. So it really does not matter if they got in because of a tryout or if they got in from the start of their server life. But I still understand the concerns here.
    Overall, this has a +Support- from me.
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  8. Matricies added a post in a topic RUAF Rolecall - Will be redone on May 27th   

    Hello RUAF,
    So I have been talking to people and looking through the forums and it appears that this week and maybe even half of the next is going to be a very busy week for all of our school fairing players.
    As a result of this re-evaluation I will be ending this rolecall and it will instead be held on May 27th and end on June 3rd. Thank you to all of you who have been vigilant in checking the forums for these rolecalls and announcements but I understand that some of you are probably busy and not even thinking about this right now which is completely okay.
    I hope everyone does well in these last weeks of their school year and hopefully we can start a good summer off for RUAF.
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  9. Matricies added a post in a topic RUAF AFI/Helicopter Certification Roster   

    Hello RUAF,
    XT, Cat and Lightbulb man added to helipilot certification list.
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  10. Matricies added a topic in RU Military   

    Ranks and Whitelists
    Hello RU,
    So it appears that the WL and ranks system has been fixed so we just need to make sure our promoting officers give people their correct rank icons and jobs if they don’t have them yet.
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  11. Matricies added a post in a topic RUAF Rolecall - Will be redone on May 27th   

    Hello Xtatic,
    Just look at the roster. Some easy things to note is that SSGT the marksman rank comes directly after SRA. MSGT comes after TSGT and CMSGT is before CCM but after SMSGT.
    Or if you want to make it easy, just keep the roster open in the background and before you promote someone look at the roster, which is something everyone should be doing anyways.
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  12. Matricies added a post in a topic RUAF Rolecall - Will be redone on May 27th   

    Hello Duke,
    You appear to be an SMSGT on my roster and were promoted by Arnold from a prior promo form I remember. You may want to change your name ingame next time you log on.
    If you wish to check the roster to see your rank, this roster is free for all people to see
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  13. Matricies added a post in a topic RUAF Rolecall - Will be redone on May 27th   

    Hello Wrex,
    We are trying to get more enlisted in, just need more PVTs. Though we did have some people transfer over recently from RU core so thats two more and we have more recruits who are starting to move up in our ranks. As long as promoting officers stay active, we'll be able to keep holding tryouts.
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  14. Matricies added a post in a topic Alsher's 72 hour notice   

    Hello Alsher,
    I know we've had some ups and downs through the last few months with updates and inactivity but at the end of the day, there is a lot to the job you took on and not everything will be positive. However, you done your part in the server to help it out the best you can to try and improve it and have spent good times with players and staff a like. You may be resigning but you will leave a legacy and mark on the MilRP server. Thank you for being our Manager.
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  15. Matricies added a topic in Airforce   

    RUAF Rolecall - Will be redone on May 27th
    Hello RUAF,
    I am issuing a ROLECALL order for all RUAF. Everyone has from Today 5/13 to next sunday 5/20.
    Officers not responding to this rolecall will be striked/demoted depending on activity/behavior - Officers should easily be able to respond to a week rolecall, I expect all officers to respond
    Only High Enlisted have to respond - MSGT+ and they will be striked/demoted/removed depending on behavior/activity.
    Please reply to this post with the format below:
    Name: RUAF CMDR Matricies
    Rank: CMDR
    Activity: Every day usually for 2-5hrs
    Any Concerns: Matricies sucks at flying, should not be head trainer for AFI.
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