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  1. Matricies added a post in a topic RUAF AFI/Helicopter Certification Roster   

    Hello RUAF,
    Updated - Raven added to certified helipilots.
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  2. Matricies added a post in a topic VCMDR Lego Complaint Forum   

    Hello Lego,
    My main complaint is that your the VCMDR of USAF and Im the VCMDR of RUAF. I literally have no other comments.
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  3. Matricies added a post in a topic Jedis Janitor Japplication   

    Hello RU,
    I have a few complaints about this so called janitor. I barely see them even attempt to clean around the base let a lone use a mop or broom during peacetime. Hes also gone a lot of the time so he doesn't even have a chance to clean.
    I'm sorry but this gets a huge -Support from me due to the lack of initiative in cleaning even though your not a full time janitor yet. Maybe clean off the Littlebirds during peacetime and maybe I'l change my mind.
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  4. Matricies added a post in a topic Difference?   

    Hello Eman,
    The RUAF equivilent is an CMSGT and this informational has all the information you need to apply for ADF when your a CMSGT
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  5. Matricies added a post in a topic Corvo's resignation from RU   

    Hello Corvo,
    We would hate to see you go but If things aren't working out the way you would wish they would and all options have been exhausted I fully understand your decision. Make the decision thats best for you and I hope at some point you can come back to RU when you feel that its improved.
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  6. Matricies added a post in a topic RUAF AFI/Helicopter Certification Roster   

    Roster updated
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  7. Matricies added a post in a topic RUAF AFI/Helicopter Certification Roster   

    Hello RUAF,
    Updated, Welcome Frank Wayne to the AFI and Wardog to Certified Pilots.
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  8. Matricies added a post in a topic Increase Death Timer   

    Hello GL Community,
    So this is kind of a double edged sword for me because this has pros and cons.
    - Most obvious change is that it helps medics find and revive people much easier
    - Makes medics more valuable in wars to revive people with lengthy spawn timers
    - Reduces chance of people getting into the awkward TAC Camp situation by giving people more time to find TAC insets
    - May or may not make people think more about dying due to longer spawns
    - If you have a tac insert, getting revived doesn't really matter as you get spawned at your tac insert anyways
    - If you don't have a tac insert and the medic isn't doing their job you have to wait even longer then before to revive
    - Does not guarantee that it will be enough time to find someones TAC INSERT
    - Requires people to change how they fight on the battlefield as longer spawn times can sway a war if too many people die
    The two things I bolded above are probably the most significant factors in whether or not this change would be viable for people. Yes it makes medics more useful but this change doesn't just hit medics it hits EVERYONE. A new 15-30 second spawn could change dynamics on the battle field, especially with the new map coming up in a month or 2 and it may not seem like a lot of time but it most definitely is when you can die in half a second. This change reduces the chance that a medic will not be able to do their job effectively but does not GUARANTEE it either.
    This gets a -Support+ from me because it kind of depends.
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  9. Matricies added a post in a topic RUAF AFI/Helicopter Certification Roster   

    Hello RUAF,
    Updated, Welcome Frank Wayne and AWG to the Certified Helicopter Pilots.
    Removed Corvo, transferred.
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  10. Matricies added a post in a topic RUAF AFI/Helicopter Certification Roster   

    Hello Phrozen,
    MP shouldn't need to enforce these rules because the only people who have access to helicopter pilot whitelists(including the donor one which also requires you to be ADF) are people who finally pass certification with a instructor (CPT+) and get whitelisted for the classes.
    Anyone else shouldn't really have these whitelists aside from generals who for obvious reasons do not have to do any certification training (although if they want to learn, don't hesitate to ask, willing to teach as will all future AFI)
    However, if there are people who do have these whitelists and are not on this list, please let me know so I can make sure they do their certification with another AFI trainer or I.
    Hello Frank,
    As solieau said, make sure you enable arcade mode to try and alleviate the problems that come when it tries to implement more realistic helicopter controls on you. Also make sure that your on mouse controls and check to see if your controls aren't inverted cause it can be awkward to pitch with non-inverted helicopter controls. But ultimately, the best way to get better with it is to practice in singleplayer mode where you are not limited by money/spawn times or spawn limits. This will give you plenty of experience so you can pass your certification.
    Remember, the certification training is basic helicopter pilot skills such as how to take off, how to fly around and how to land (this last one isn't required but your required to attempt to do it during the final part of certification). This way, you have a base to build your helicopter skills on by practicing.
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  11. Matricies added a topic in Airforce   

    RUAF AFI/Helicopter Certification Roster
    Below is the roster for AIRFORCE FLIGHT INSTRUCTORS who are approved to train people to become Helipilots as well as the list for CERTIFIED HELICOPTER PILOTS.
    *This list does not include the jet roles as they are donor only, you can learn them on your own time
    RUAF COMMANDER: Arnold Duck
    - HEAD INSTRUCTOR (COL+): Matricies
    - Frank Wayne
    - Dinglechalk
    - AWG
    - Frank Wayne
    - Wardog
    - Eman
    - Richard
    - Raven
    - More to Come...
    If you are not on this list for helicopter pilots you should not be flying helicopters. If you are not certified to train people for helicopter pilot you should not be training helicopter pilots.
    CPT+ Please talk to me if you want to become AFI as I will tell you what you need to know before tryout. YOU MUST BE A CERTIFIED HELI PILOT FIRST AND HAVE BEEN ONE FOR 3+ DAYS.
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  12. Matricies added a topic in RU Military   

    RU Promotion Form Cells
    Hello RU Military,
    Is there any way that a general could possibly clear the excessive cells in the promotion form page. Its exceeding 250+ cell rows and makes checking the form take longer then it should. I know it was said that CMDR/VCMDRS should be deleting the cells but it appears we don't actually have perms to delete entire cells, just the contents of the cells. This results in the cells building up unnecessarily because we can't actually delete the cells themselves and making the page longer then it needs to be.
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  13. Matricies added a post in a topic Drill Sergeant Classes   

    Hello MILRP Community,
    While this is a neat idea to add more roleplay it comes with a specific caveat that people must be willing to stop what their doing in war/peacetime and actually train people. If you were here back in may 2017 before they added the automatic whitelist system then you'll know why this idea wasn't the best. People just do not want to do that and its a lot easier to get them to take the test and just get into the server to learn on the job.
    I still remember when I first joined the server in March/April 2017 and had to wait 3 days because no one would take the time to train me even though there were 30+ people on and certified drill sergeants and officers. I also remember training people myself as a CPT+ before this got added and it wasn't really efficient because the server gets new people all the time. Even if you enjoy training new people, your going to want to go to war or do something else at some point and with new PVT's joining pretty much all time (This is especially true with US) that can get tiring real fast.
     Maybe if you wanted to add them for PT circumstances but then you don't need a class for that, you already have your NCO/CO's do this.
    This gets a huge -support from me based on experience, practically and efficiency issues.
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  14. Matricies added a post in a topic New Airmen Basics   

    Hello RUAF,
    Congraulations to all of our new airmen. We welcome you to the branch knowing you will show discipline, teamwork and coordination.
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  15. Matricies added a post in a topic ATTENTION ALL RU TROOPS   

    Hello RU,
    This post isn't really directed at RU winning with less troops then US but rather, getting more RU on in general. People don't want to see 5 RU vs 22 US, that demotivates new players even if we manage to somehow win. It also makes them think we're not really active and want to go join US(which isn't a huge problem but then we lose potential recruits and future leaders). Im glad that we're getting more active now because this will help get more and more RU on and get people active and motivated about playing MILRP on our side.
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