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  1. Pliskin added a post in a topic ac15CR Staff Application   

    +1 Support
    Active In-GameActive on TSActive on forumsGreat ApplicationNo warnsReady for staff
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  2. Pliskin added a post in a topic Josh Trial Moderator Application   

    +1 Support
    Active In-GameActive on TSGreat ApplicationWill make good Trial Moderator-1 Support
    14 warnsCould have a bit more activity on forumsOverall I give a +Support
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  3. Pliskin added a post in a topic Nanoo's Trial Mod Application   

    -1 Support
    Never seen In-Game (same time zone)Not on TSOnly 4 forums postsNo effort in application#15 is incorrect as sometimes admin+ are not on to ban and we prefer not to ban peopleNot ready for staff
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  4. Pliskin added a post in a topic kidnapping/hostage rules   

    My only problem with this is there has to be a limit for the number you can kidnap at once because If the max of four and able to kidnap swat goes through a family of 5 can come in and kidnap the whole team which breaks the whole idea of the team... but if we can find a middle ground like 2 SWAT hostages max then I will give a +support!
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  5. Pliskin added a post in a topic STATE ROLL CALL- Respond by 3/25/18   

    Ingame name : Pliskin
    Ingame rank: Trooper
    Callsign: 1T
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  6. Pliskin added a post in a topic AFK Suggestion   

    That is not where afk people go those are people loading in i am talking about the people who go afk and are brought to that out of bounds area
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  7. Pliskin added a topic in Archive   

    AFK Suggestion
    What you want to see? - Player's being kicked for being afk for 30+ minutes
    Why should we add it? - While this may sound dumb and SMT has said thing in the past hear me out. While having 80+ players on at once is great for the community having 40-50% of that count being AFK is dumb. When the server is full this is a big problem as players are trying to join but 20+ people are just sitting AFK to keep their spot on the server. This will decrease lag by deleting props of AFK people (after they are kicked). Also this will improve the economy by making it so that you cannot AFK bitmine which is what basically broke the economy to begin with. Certain features of the plugin can be disabled
    What are the advantages of having this? - Decrease lag, improve economy
    Who is it mainly for? - Whole server
    Links to any content -
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  8. Pliskin added a post in a topic Ride-a-long program!   

    -1 Support
    PD Barely takes OFC's for ridesWill be abusedUnnececaryIf you want a "Ride along" take an OFC there is no reason for this
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  9. Pliskin added a post in a topic Staff Fails   

    When I was a T-Mod I thought I warned the wrong person because it shows a steam name instead on RPname and I apologized in OOC but to realise I warned the correct person
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  10. Pliskin added a post in a topic Staff Handbook   

    Read and understood
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  11. Pliskin added a post in a topic Warn Request on v0idz TNO   

    +1 Support
    Clearly fearRP'd by pulling a shotgun while at gunpoint
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  12. Pliskin added a post in a topic Zayn's Development App V2   

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    Made a good amount of steam profile icons for people in the pase (including this one)ActiveGood personShould be a developer
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  13. Pliskin added a post in a topic SWAT WEAPON CHECKER   

    IRL even though PD knows it is there SWAT does a check to make sure there is not more...
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  14. Pliskin added a post in a topic PoliceRP Staff Rolecall!   

    Name: Pliskin
    Rank: Admin
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:126924731
    Need Correct Forums Rank (Yes/No) No
    Needs In Game Rank (Yes/No) No
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  15. Pliskin added a post in a topic Why does this rule exist?   

    Yukkiteru has been around way longer than the yukis
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