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  • Interests LOL NAW IM JOKING. I Play Football. Defensive End, and Tight End. Division 1 and 2. Junior

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  1. Louie D2 added a post in a topic FBI AD Vinny DT's Recruitment Team Application   

    Good Person 
    Nice and Caring player
    Knows rules
    Not biased
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  2. Louie D2 added a topic in Recruitment Team Applications   

    Recruitment Team App-Louie
    In-Game Name: Louie 
    Steam Name: ImShmacked
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:75633435
    Are you a Moderator+? Yes
    How many post do you have on the website? 360
    How often do you play your server? Everyday Mostly On PoliceRp
    What timezone are you in? PST
    Why would you want to join our Recruitment Team? I want to join the recruitment team because I want to guide others to where they want to be and not let their commitment down. I am part of Support Team and I want to help people get to where they are at. I have commited half of my time on PoliceRp, not saying its a priority but Its just fun to get on and meet and play with people I know. I can use my Support Team skills to implement it on to Recruitment Team and show others what I have on deck. I have proved myself that I have became a better person through out the time or all the time I would say. Trust me on that please.
    Would you consider yourself to have good judgement? If so, how? I consider myself to have good judgement, Its like saying don't judge a book by its cover. I myself am not bias, you got to know how the person and tell if he/she is fit or the position or job. If you talk to the person for a long time you can really know the characteristics of the person and know how he/she is like. If they treat me with respect ill do the same back to them, and also be fair to them. 
    How would you decide if a player is fit for staff? I myself would see if they respect other players with respect because that's an important roll if they wanna join a Team like this, and also in real life. For me in my opinion I like to see people help guide others when they are struggling and set examples for others and that's what I like to see if they want to join Staff. If they are always constantly talk down on others then there is no way they are fit for the team because once again RESPECT is the key. I would lastly also watch the player in RP for there actions and not breaking the MOTD- A fair player basically.
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  3. Louie D2 added a post in a topic Stealing Truck's/Bus's   

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  4. Louie D2 added a post in a topic Roster Updates   

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  5. Louie D2 added a post in a topic Garrett's FBI Assistant Director Application   

    Not ready 
    get on more 
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  6. Louie D2 added a post in a topic 09/20/2017 PoliceRP Update   

    Foot patrol
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  7. Louie D2 added a post in a topic Roster Updates   

    YOu put two of the same thing
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  8. Louie D2 added a post in a topic Dream Car   

    Hennessey Venom GT
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  9. Louie D2 added a post in a topic What is your dream job?   

    I.C.E Unit / SWAT
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  10. Louie D2 added a post in a topic Aaron hotcher Fbi looa   

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  11. Louie D2 added a post in a topic What's the difference   

    PoliceRp is always better lol
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  12. Louie D2 added a post in a topic greatest remake of your welcome   

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  13. Louie D2 added a post in a topic Hazy's Staff Application   

  14. Louie D2 added a post in a topic Thank you PoliceRP Staff   

    Thank You 
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  15. Louie D2 added a topic in Introductions/Leaving   

    Louie D2- LATE Introduction
    Hi, my name Is Louie as many of you know 
    San Eggo, California 
    I like sports im a tri-athlete ( I play Football DE and TE, Wrestling, and Track and Field Shotput and Discus
    I play GTA5, GMOD, and First Person Shooter Games
    In the future I want to be part of the I.C.E or S.W.A.T team
    As many of you may know I am Part of the PoliceRp Staff Team and im proud of it. Part of SWAT and FBI
    Joined the forums on April 6, and joined Gaminglight on August 2016 I believe So I basically didnt know about the forums until someone told me
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