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  1. Bronco added a post in a topic Meeting   

    Ye i didnt make it either im out of town, i messaged gaur on the forums earlier though
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  2. Bronco added a post in a topic The Supervisory Coordination Control Team (SCC)   

    ye would be better as a committee that meets on TS and goes over issues and stuff, but I like it
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  3. Bronco added a post in a topic US Marshal’s   

    First of all, I made a suggestion a lot like this around a year ago when we had about half the departments we have now, and that got shot down because it wasn't needed.  Today it is even less needed. @Heinrich Also, I can see that you have experience and the capability to lead it, but you're new to the server.  You have 16 forum posts, 0 rep, and maybe an hour or two playtime on the server.  You're also arguing a lot with people's opinions and one of the first encounters I had with you involved heavy player disrespect toward FBI.  In terms of first impressions of you as a leader and the department you came up with, I personally do not want to see an argumentative and somewhat disrespectful person with no prior experience on the server leading a kind of pointless department, even if they have real life experience and can make a good looking SOP. (Forrest is more qualified to lead it, but still only has about three months on the server based off of his forum account)
    In conclusion, not needed and clearly not wanted based off of the feedback.
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  4. Bronco added a post in a topic Hi (Fame’s Semi Late Introduction)   

    i hope when you say not legal youre talking about alcohol, because if not fame better start watching his back
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  5. Bronco added a post in a topic National Guard   

    idk man, i dont think it would fit in.  i like how you started making an sop and roster and tried to organize this, which shows great responsibility and leadership skills, but i dont see this fitting in with prp.  the idea is cool, but the kinds of situations you are talking about like 10+ cops dead or 30+ civilians doesnt happen super often and when it does SWAT, CERT, and SRT already all have the training and some resources to deal with it.  what are they gonna do all day when these situations arent ongoing anyway?  i like the ambition, and if this doesnt pass ik exactly how you feel.  a long time ago i suggested adding the us marshals as a department.  made an entire roster, sop, big forum post explaining it, even suggested people (more qualified than me) to command it.  but it just wasnt what the server needed at the time and i think this is the same way.
    so, -support
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  6. Bronco added a post in a topic Bring back PoliceRP 2 ( the photon serious rp one )   

    I was an LT on PRP 2 and it was great, and would love to do it again, but someone higher up would need to manage it.  Also, if GL senior management is too busy, they shouldnt have to worry about it.
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  7. Bronco added a post in a topic FBI Subdivision Suggestion - - - - - Federal Marshals   

    I made a suggestion involving the addition of US Marshals a really long time ago, but it got instantly shot down by Valk.  Now there's even more departments and divisions than there was at that time which makes me think it is unnecessary, but also think FBI should have more to do and know that if Colesoft is in charge of it itll be good
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  8. Bronco added a post in a topic Easter Holidays   

    I'm on a one week  Sprlng Break rn but not for Easter, I go to a public high school near Denver
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  9. Bronco added a topic in Introductions   

    im back
    im back, ik how much all of you missed me
    im a former police cpt, state sgt, and aru member and im gonna come back as a police sm
    left bc i couldnt progress and lost interest, coming back bc i miss all of you and i wanna have fun (just like 'the girls' in the hit 80s song "Girls Just Want To Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper, but kind of different as i am of the male variety, but not different in a sexist way, boys and girls can have the same kind of fun if they want to)
    Also if someone could remind me how to remove my signature that would be great, the one I have is pretty outdated
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  10. Bronco added a post in a topic EMS Radio   

    Oh ok, I looked at it.  It was made almost a month ago so I'll keep this up to see if opinions have changed.  I don't really see why this would get denied in the first place, all it does is simplify things.  It'll probably boost EMS population too because they'll actually get dispatched to situations every once and a while instead of having to wait for the occasional panic button or bank robbery
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  11. Bronco added a topic in Archive   

    EMS Radio
    Idk if this has been suggested yet, but it's a pretty simple suggestion.  I think that EMS should have access to Patrol 1 and 2 radio channels as well.  This way EMS can hear over radio what situations are going on and where they might be needed.  It will also make it easier for dispatch to dispatch them to a scene with everyone in one channel.  This might not have worked when EMS was joinable by anyone, but now that it's even harder to get into than PD because of the application and is whitelisted with a command structure to supervise it, I don't see the harm in letting them use the normal radio channels.
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  12. Bronco added a post in a topic Trooper Tom T-Mod application   

  13. Bronco added a post in a topic Police Computer (Won’t increase lag)   

    Probably the easiest way to make a database viewable and enterable by everyone that is free is by making a Google Form that anyone could enter into, and then attach it to a Google Sheet that will instantly fill in the information.  Then, if officers need priors on suspects, they go to the Google Sheet, do CTRL+F and type in the persons name, which will bring up all of the submissions entered by other officers in the past.  However, I doubt that would work out either for a few reasons.  Not everyone that plays on police is very serious as it is joinable by anyone, meaning that a lot of people would either not take the time to fill out a form for every arrest or ticket, or wouldn't know how to.  It could also lead to minges submitting false forms and corrupting the database with useless information.
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  14. Bronco added a post in a topic Prisoner transport job   

    If we still had that Mercedes Sprinter van maybe it would be cool to give it to DOC and they could go out and pick up prisoners from officers that are requesting it.  Not really that useful though, if you're the arresting officer you should just transport your prisoner yourself.
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  15. Bronco added a post in a topic OFC Adjustment   

    I think I suggested this for PoliceRP 2 when it was a thing.  I like and support the idea.
    I understand where you're coming from though.  Really, OFC is our Cadet rank.  They aren't given a vehicle or a radio and do have to get promoted to receive those things.  I think that if this suggestion were approved that OFC would a car and radio and it would really just be a title thing so that ranks are more realistic.
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