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  1. Agrow added a post in a topic Whats your Favorite gun?   

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  2. Agrow added a post in a topic FBI AD Vinny's EAD Application   

    -cares for DT
    -Actually protects higher ups and the Mayor
    Good Luck!
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  3. Agrow added a post in a topic IM INNOCENT!   

    No It's late for me and I have school tmrw
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  4. Agrow added a post in a topic IM INNOCENT!   

    Understood,btw I was the last one to use the roster before I got redirected I think that was when the Info got deleted and I happened to have edited Apex's notes putting him on extended LOA before the whole incident occured.
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  5. Agrow added a topic in FBI   

    So I'm writing this as I can't speak to NoOne directly due to my timezone being the opposite of his timezone is opposite of mine.
    First off,I would NEVER abuse in any form especially on the roster and the only things I changed on the roster was putting in notes such as telling Garret to stop asking for AD perms,Saying thank you in the notes next to Toxic and at the very last moment when I was adding Apex to LOA due to his upcoming Exams I got redirected to "access denied" before messaging Colesoft about it 
    Secondly,I didn't have access to the FBI info and Strike list so I can't even add a strike in.
    I don't know what's going on but didn't clear the roster all I did was in the above and I hope you can clarify the whole situation as well.Also if you don't mind can you tell me the time this occured? 
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  6. Agrow added a topic in FBI   

    Jonathan Bills Extended LOA
    How long will you be on LOA: it will be ending on Oct 5th
    Name:Jonathan Bills
    rank :EAD
    Why (if personal don't need to tell (we don't need to know your life) : My Exam dates for my finalshave been pushed back and will be ending on Oct 5th I'm so sorry for the inconvenience caused and hope you can understand this situation I'm live in Singapore and passing this exam means I have one more extra year to play Gaminglight full-time(if it's still living on).
    I will still be active on the forums,TS and making constant changes to the roster to help those in need but for the time being if you have any questions about the FBI feel free to message me on  the forums and I will respond ASAP
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  7. Agrow added a post in a topic Mr deadpools FBI Strike request   

    We need the other side of the story before we draw conclusions the evidence you gave only shows him coming in with a gun,me and other command will be investigating this situation and discussing on the appropriate action that should be taken
    @Mr Deadpool Explain your actions in the screenshots provided in the next 3 days or action will be taken automatically
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  8. Agrow added a post in a topic What is your favorite job?   

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  9. Agrow added a topic in FBI   

    Jonathan Bills LOA
    How long will you be on LOA:About 3-6 days 
    Name:Jonathan Bills
    rank :Executive Assistant Director
    Why (if personal don't need to tell (we don't need to know your life) : I'll be having my finals next week and I need some time to study for it,I'll still be active on the forums,keeping the roster in check or just hanging out in TS while I study so if you need me or have any questions feel free to message me on the forums I will respond ASAP
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  10. Agrow added a post in a topic Im sorry   

    Yeah I'm 100% sure he has learned from this incident hope to see those strikes removed Colesoft!
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  11. Agrow added a post in a topic FBI SSA Vinny DT/LCPL Vinny 250K Giveaway   

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  12. Agrow added a topic in General   

    Thank you PoliceRP Staff
    This is a message to all Police RP staff in the community
    You have given up your time and effort to be a staff not even being paid
    But yet you pesevere to make our roleplay better 
    Despite the amount of players throwing abuse at you
    You push on and give them what they deserve
    You make mistakes but that's okay we are all humans 
    You fight the urge to roleplay and keep staffing
    You work with other Staff as a team to not only roleplay more but Staff at the same time
    You are special
    You are amazing
    You are Gaminglight Staff
    (Post your appreciation to Staff in the comments to show without them this community would be dead) 
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  13. Agrow added a post in a topic Im sorry   

    IDK but I think it had to do with him using his car to block ARU vehicles while asking other agents to do the same thing
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  14. Agrow added a post in a topic FBI PA Jackdaw Blacklist off FBI request   

    Yeah the FBI present during the meeting were witnesses 3 taps,Lontad and Danny
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  15. Agrow added a topic in FBI   

    FBI PA Jackdaw Blacklist off FBI request
    What is your in game name?:Jonathan Bills
    What is your in game rank?:Assistant Director
    What is the Complaint-ants in game name?:Jackdaw
    What is the Complain-ants in game rank?:Probationary Agent
    What did they do?:This Agent was minging during my meeting(which Nimo gave me perms for) and he just started firing for no reason and when i told multiple times to stop hekept on going.When Nimo came to the office and saw Jackdaw minging he told him to stop or he would be striked he then said that he would "chargeback" if he gets striked,he then spammed props inside of each other which cold have crashed the server if he did more
    Evidence (if you have none your form will be over looked unless you need to talk to us.):http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1132249270
    What do you want to happen to the person?:Blacklist of FBI or Blacklist and perma banned of the server
    Anything extra?:Biggest FBI minge i've seen on since i started my FBI journey
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