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  1. armyguy100 added a post in a topic Gaur's Staff Application   

    -Mature active
    -Deserves more staff for late at night
    He's definitely true about the whole mass RDMing part late at night I can usually only stay up until 12 or 1 after that I hear its mayhem
    ~Good luck
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  2. armyguy100 added a post in a topic Jack Black's Senior Mod Application   

    Well to work with
    Never had any issues with from my pov
    Had moderator rank for quite a btw now
    Takes his s job b seriously
    ~Good luck Jack
    -ArmyGuy :)
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  3. armyguy100 added a post in a topic Trooper Triston's Staff Application   

    Yeah you need a poll
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  4. armyguy100 added a post in a topic Trooper Triston's Staff Application   

    Good.effort into app
    Mature/great RP player
    Knows his rules
    I personally haven't seen any problems with him
    Very low warns
    -Good luck Triston 
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  5. armyguy100 added a post in a topic CPT snookiebear - PoliceRP Promotion   

    Good leader
    Abosultely knows how to be a commanding officer
    -Deserves the rank
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  6. armyguy100 added a topic in Introductions/Leaving   

    LOA- ArmyGuy
    I really need a break from computer games for a little, headaches are starting to occur for me more often, just need a break and relax just for a little amount of time.
    Will not be able to get on duty for staff, will still of course attend staff meetings. Will also still be on forums. 
    Date of LOA staring 6/30/2017
    Date of LOA ending 7/5/2017
    I will be back on duty by on that date.
    P.S I just wanted to let everyone know, I also put an LOA in the staff forum :)
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  7. armyguy100 added a post in a topic Nolan's - Admin Promotion Application   

    Great app
    Active on server/ts/forums
    Nice/mature person
    Knows the rules/hand book, and how to handle sits
    ~Deserves rank 
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  8. armyguy100 added a post in a topic Awisbey LT app   

    Can be a mine at times
    No poll
    Not even active on forums
    Parked in garage before for command (Didn't listen to me to move/he still didn't understand what he did wrong (idr care though)
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  9. armyguy100 added a post in a topic False Warn   

    You called me a c word (can't type the word) in OOC when you could've called me to you. I never ignored you all you did was say a not nice word about me in OOC, I got two to three reports on you about a RDM. You did lie to me because you said you killed someone with your defibilators -_- before that you said you didn't kill anyone, I only had two sits with you I never tped you saying that you were bs, in logs it clearly said you killed two people. You call for staff if someone is attempting to steal your EMS car, not kill them as EMS with AK.
    Btw sorry for my spelling on the word lying to staff, you did lie to me though -_- you first said you didn't kill anyone, than you said you killed two people with de-fibs make up your mind first of all, second off you did admit to it after I confronted you, yeah we can know when you kill people and how.
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  10. armyguy100 added a post in a topic Good Bye Everyone   

    Goodbye Johnny
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  11. armyguy100 added a post in a topic SNR-MOD staff appl- ArmyGuy   

    I got permission from Valk, he said to apply
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  12. armyguy100 added a topic in Accepted   

    SNR-MOD staff appl- ArmyGuy
    1. What is your in-game name?: ArmyGuy
    2. What is your steam name?: armyguy105
    3. What is your steam ID?: STEAM_0:1:175979238 
    4. Do you have any other experience with staffing?: (If yes, explain) Yes, I was a staff member on a dark RP server, also a Moderator for Police RP
    5. U Time on the server you are applying for (Must be 50 hours minimum): Definitely over this, over one month or A LOT of weeks.
    6. Current rank on server? Moderator
    7. How many warns do you have on the server? 10 (very, very, VERY long time ago)
    8. Have you donated? No, was planning on doing so, PayPal is currently not working for me at the moment. 
    9. What rank are you applying for? Senior-moderator 
    10. Have you read the staff guidelines at http://gaminglight.com/main/topic/8889-staff-handbook/? You will be tested on it: (Heck yeah!) Until I passed out! (exasperating)
    11. Time zone- GMT-04:00 Eastern Daylight Time
    12. Permission: Mr. Valkyri3  
    13. Why do you believe that you deserve the rank? (Can be any length)  I think I'd deserve this rank because I have been a Moderator for police RP for a pretty good amount of time so far, and for what I've seen so far, I do enjoy being on duty working with the community. I am on duty or always on forums, A LOT. I get on sometime VERY EARLY in the morning and see either no staff members are on and there are like 40 people on requesting support, or 1 staff member handling 40 people, and I always get on willing to help them and the community with their issues. I also at times get on late for a little. All in all, I deserve this rank because I am active, well trusted, and not a lazy/slacking/no good for staff member, I'm a well hard-working one and I try my best to help out gaminglight.com. (If you at least put no, please at least give me a reason, so I can improve my skill on that subject, thank you.) 
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  13. armyguy100 added a post in a topic NoOne's Admin app   

    Active on forums/server/TS
    Gives great support/helpful
    Very kind/mature and nice
    Great staff member
    Been Senior Moderator for a good amount of time, (over month)
    -Good luck
    -Deserves rank
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  14. armyguy100 added a post in a topic MAJ NoOne Yukiteru Miku-cop baiting   

    I don't even know what to say to this post, I guess let's start out that there's no effort neither any evidence, witnesses are not allowed either, also you should know this by now you're a.member dude not a user dude.
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  15. armyguy100 added a post in a topic Noah Rod- Not listening   

    That's what I thought, but I have saw that you did, but you did get back on duty, when you weren't support to because you so on so "quit," you were as well taking calls, when you quit, you said that you wanted to talk to a Super admin+ when you just could've called them to you, or called a different staff member to you, to tell them. 
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