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Activity Stream

Activity Stream

  1. Texas added a post in a topic The end of an era (Star Wars RP)   

    I was so much fun... But its for the best I guess...
    ~Gen Texas
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  2. Blazeifyy added a post in a topic Mr Valkyrie's LOA 27/07/17 - 03/08/17   

    Happy birthday valk 8D
    We also have the same birthday ;)
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  3. Ssgt Chase Firestone added a post in a topic Scout's AD app   

    I have been back but with minimal voice. I told him he had 2 days after I returned. The last day I talked with him and told him to put it in that night. he didn't get that done so I revoked my perms. he gave me excuses that made me rethink my evaluation hence leading to the revoking of my permissions. Do not promote without talking to me (firestone) or Cozmo since people see him a lot more during the days. He will be told what to say in regards of this
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  4. [GL] Wolffe added a post in a topic Hello GL!   

    A dead meme 
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  5. Androntel added a topic in Navy   

    Androntel's LOA
    Will be gone from 27th of July to 31st of July. Going up North :) See y'all for the Navy Meeting when I get back ^-^
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  6. Androntel added a post in a topic Forcing - Ban Request   

    The spoiler? Its bbc code
    [     spoiler    ]      < ---- goes in the beginning
    [   /   spoiler   ]  <--- goes at the end
    No spaces though :P
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  7. Mary Wolf added a post in a topic Hi Im Mary.   

    Hi, how are you.
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  8. Daft⁉️ added a post in a topic Hi Im Mary.   

    hi ;D
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  9. Mary Wolf added a topic in Introductions/Leaving   

    Hi Im Mary.
    Mary Introduction
                                From: USAF MAJCOM 2LT Mary
    At the time of making this, I'm in the USAF and I'm a 2LT Making my way up the ranks in the United States Air Force.  
    For one thing, I have only been on this server for one week and I fell in love with it within the first hour I got on to it and I ended up buying Champion within that hour of getting on the server. I ended up meeting a lot of people on this great server that I see every day. When I join this server every single day it one of the highlights of my hole day. I hope it is the same for other people too because this is such a great server.
    Well, I could go on all day how I love this server and the people on it but I will move on. I going to start out with some of my hobbies. Some of my hobbies are ( Hiking, Camping, Swiming, Gaming, drawing, watching Anime/ movies, ) Those are some of my hobbies and if you like some of the same hobbies that i like Message me on the forms or just meet me on the server and we can talk about them if you so desire. Some other random things about me are that I'm a very Friendly and open minded person and I'm always willing to help out someone that needs help. One more Random thing if you don't know me in the game yet or would just like to get to know me more just come up and say hi and we can chat for a bit.
    One thing that Most people that already know me. Know that I do not go by Yes  Sir!  I go by Yes Mam! By  And please to not call me sir or any male Pronouns And yes I know I do Sound like A Boy but I use Female pronouns.  If you Have any questions about this just come up and ask me in the game or Message me on here.
    If you want to know any more about me Just come up and chat to me.
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  10. Majorr added a post in a topic Chris Kyle LOA   

    I am always lurking......
    jokes aside have fun m8 
    -Retired USN SCPO Majorr
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  11. sewerhole added a post in a topic The end of an era (Star Wars RP)   

    rest in spaghetti never forgetti ;~;
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  12. Majorr added a post in a topic What Do you Think Of Me (Nimo)   

    Your cool but I don't know u so....
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  13. Majorr added a post in a topic Forcing - Ban Request   

    how did u do tht
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  14. Majorr added a post in a topic Bugs.   

    I think you've bugged the managers enough
    I'm pretty sure they know this already
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  15. Majorr added a post in a topic The end of an era (Star Wars RP)   

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  16. Snarlax added a topic in Community Annoucements   

    The end of an era (Star Wars RP)
    It is with great disappointment that the Star wars staff team has made a decision to shut down the star wars server.
    I do understand that while there are very few truly dedicated members to the future of Star Wars, but it is just not practical at this time to allow the Star Wars server to progress even further. I would like to make clear that it is none of the staff and or members faults that star wars was not a success, but instead a late entry into the gamemode for gaminglight.
    Do not fret though. Although you may be sad that a server you enjoyed is shutting down, we promise that other projects are in the works to ensure an enjoyable experience here at GamingLight, wherever it may go...
    Important: All staff members will be removed from their staff ranks in game for now since the population game is not worth the time or the effort anymore. I do apologize, but we are doing what is best for GamingLight.
    Farewell Star Wars members, its been fun. - Star Wars Management.
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  17. OFC Quack added a post in a topic Papa Yeezus LT app   

    - support 
    needs more time as rank 
    Best of luck 
    -SWAT PVT Brocky
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  18. jack.rowe added a topic in Introductions/Leaving   

    Jack R's LOA
    im going to france in about 2 hours so for about a week and a half im not going to be able to be active on forums,ts and in-game
    (sadly I wont even have wifi so I cant reply to anything on forums)
    Bye see you all then
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  19. Blazey added a post in a topic Leaving State Trooper Arcade   

    See you in SWAT Soon :)
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  20. Blazey added a post in a topic SWAT Weapon fund   

    Will be glade to donate to the poor lol XD
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  21. Brian Koehler added a post in a topic 7/17/2017 - PoliceRP Updates   

    Mustard gas op, everything else is great!
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  22. Speedy Valvano added a post in a topic Russian Officer Meetings *All Branches*   

    Reason:LOA/out of state.
    Will be missing next two meetings.
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  23. Soileau added a topic in RU Military   

    Soileau's short LOA
     I know I just got back from another a couple of weeks ago but this one will be very short. there are 2 reasons for this LOA, school will be starting again in a few weeks so I will be busy preparing and the second reason is my computer is acting up so i have to get it repaired. I will be back in about 5-7 days.
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  24. Daft⁉️ added a post in a topic DM   

    I dont really want to make people mad and leave but I wont have it where people think they can mess with us
    I figured out how to get smoke grenades watch out
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  25. pwhitley812 added a post in a topic Valary - RU Army GRU Application   

    I just got back I have been at my moms dads house he has cancer and we had to visit him.
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