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Activity Stream

  1. Ox added a post in a topic Ox's Stepping Down as Commander/ My Replacement   

    Alright well its a recommendation then thanks
  2. Gustard added a post in a topic Suggestion for Mil RP   

    You should have put this in the Suggestions category :P
  3. Caboose added a post in a topic Ox's Stepping Down as Commander/ My Replacement   

    Can't choose someone to be a commander, they need to apply for it.
  4. Gustard added a post in a topic CONGRATS TO ANCIENT! :D   

    thats ONLY because me and my boy JPN have been playing PoliceRP
  5. Ox added a topic in General   

    Ox's Stepping Down as Commander/ My Replacement
    As many of you may know I am rarely ever on during peak hours anymore.  This is due to school and work and being an adult have really started to hit me hard.  I am struggling to make it into game when people are actually on.  Due to my lack of time for the server I am stepping down as the Commander of the 501st!  I am sorry to announce it but I need to give the position up to a more acdtive player.  I would like to recommend Senior Commander Rex(Claw) to fill my postion because i believe that he will be a great replacement and leader for the 501st.  I will still be on when i can but I just dont want to waste anyones time anymore than I already have.  Thanks for the time as Commander and I hope to see Claw do well! Thanks again.
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  6. Gustard added a post in a topic The Gambino Crime Family   

    The Gambinos will ALWAYS prevail.
  7. Victus added a post in a topic Explaination.   

    I understand more then most would so I know what your going through I wish you best as well as your family 
    Good luck with everything and Best wishes
  8. The Tribe of the Wock added a topic in General   

    Suggestion for Mil RP
    To keep lower ranks and new players in the Gaming-light Mil RP we should firstly improve the training which is another subjected. However on the other hand I believe the server needs more interactive events that are PVP. PVE events are not really that fun or challenging. Also many new players don't have the models for some of the NPC's that are used in events so they have to kill error symbols ( which is annoying).
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  9. cam7hf added a post in a topic The Gambino Crime Family   

    FBI are gone be in yo backyard too
  10. chris7hf added a topic in General   

    Who likes sushi
    Do u like sushi or no
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  11. Baba Shan added a post in a topic The Gambino Crime Family   

    Just a bit
  12. Shepard added a post in a topic congrats to JPN   

    congrats ancient :)
  13. Rumpelstilzchen added a topic in General   

    (He beat that Navy Seal JPN) #RUIsBetter #RussianMIGHT #Vodka
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  14. Mr Valkyri3 added a post in a topic DID THIS JUST REALLY HAPPEN?!?!   

    All SWAT Command are the same. At no point was you told that you was the person people had to goto. As the Commissioner of the Police Department i can pick who i feel is good, All choices went thought High command and at that time you was not on when certain people was picked.
    Take some time to cool off.
    Thread Locked
  15. The Joker added a post in a topic congrats to JPN   

  16. Ancient added a post in a topic congrats to JPN   

    Congrats, JPN!

  17. snookiebear added a post in a topic DID THIS JUST REALLY HAPPEN?!?!   

    When you add in a new commander in for SWAT without even coming to me and asking my opinions and how I feel about the particular person for them to become a SWAT commander, then of course it's gonna bother me. Everyone complains. Not only even at Gaminglight, but in real life also. There is no rule at Gaminglight that says you cannot complain or express your own opinions. Earlier you had promoted House and Tyler to SWAT Commander and later I contacted you about them, similar in this situation when i contacted you when Derek was promoted. Tyler and House only ended up staying at SWAT for about 1 week or 2 weeks. I had my reasons on why I didn't feel like those two needed to become Commanders which ended up becoming a valid point. One of the reasons was because they were both staff and were on duty most of the time and I had felt like they should be on SWAT majority of their time on the server.
    So what you're telling me that me becoming a SWAT Commander had no purpose at all and that there was no 1st in command? Who's the 1st in command then? No one? Was I just on just some hold replacement or something?
  18. The Loaf added a post in a topic Server admins are underappreciated.   

    Zeepin is amazing but this thread is dedicated to policerp admins.
  19. chris7hf added a post in a topic The Gambino Crime Family   

    damn ur gang is screwed now
  20. chris7hf added a post in a topic Server admins are underappreciated.   

    Im just wondering why zeeptin is not up there. He adds all the stuff we use in the server, keeps it running, and puts in our custom calsses as quickly as possible
  21. Mr Valkyri3 added a post in a topic DID THIS JUST REALLY HAPPEN?!?!   

    You forgot to add the part where all you do is moan and complain, When i added a new commander in for SWAT you had a fit and got all stroppy and when i speak to people in SWAT they say that you are hostile and go around acting like you own SWAT. plus to add to that you tell everyone you 1st in command which you are not and at no point was you told that yet you go around telling people you are.
  22. snookiebear added a post in a topic DID THIS JUST REALLY HAPPEN?!?!   

    what are you talking about?
  23. snookiebear added a topic in General   

    Did I really just get demoted from SWAT Commander for being inactive and not showing leadership withing the SWAT team? You have got to be absolutely kidding me. Those are the most false reasons I have ever heard. I am completely by far the total opposite of being inactive. If you truly know me, I'm always on the server 24/7. I rarely go afk nor do I just sit on my SWAT Commander rank. Now I would like to express my opinion and concerns about recent events.
    I am absolutely 100% willing to make changes. But when people decide to make these changes without coming to me or speaking to their "LEAD" SWAT Commander, it makes me very furious. All changes or decisions must be spoken/told to me so that we can decide what we would like to see changed or decided. The fact that no one (especially on the SWAT team) came to me and actually spoke with me about the decisions that they wanted is just absolutely uncalled for. 
    Penguin's SWAT Application - http://gaminglight.com/main/topic/8296-penguin-swat-app/ - The reason I had REOPENED the application is because not only did that Derek accepted him without even speaking to me, Penguin had literally posted his application that had only been up for 6 hours. Derek came to me and said "we needed SWAT members." I totally understand that we needed SWAT members because of players wanting to go to ARU. But I'm not going to accept an application that has only been up for 6 hours and has only a few feedback. A 2nd in charge SWAT commander is supposed to come me and speak to me about applications and determine who is best fit for the SWAT team and not accept whoever he feels like. The main purpose of me reopening this application is to get some more feedback on it from the community. If you don't agree with me. Koray said "That SNOOKIE overrided in a negative way." Overriding an application because it's only been up for 6 hours and need more feedback from the community is not overriding it in a negative. In fact, it's the complete opposite. Not only that, the other reason I had reopened his application is because I have seen problems and issues from Penguin himself in the PD team.Lack of communication? - I talk to all SWAT members about every single little thing. I even held meetings about certain situation and issues I see, I don't understand how that is a lack of communication. If there is ever a hostage situation or a bank raid, I communicate with not only with SWAT but with other officers/fbis/ARUs. Just because I am not speaking in the teamspeak at all times does not mean that there is a lack of communication.http://imgur.com/a/Cutqz - "I will give your app one week for community feedback" HMM...I wonder who he got this idea fromI am just absolutely furious and aggravated because I got demoted for something that isnt even true. Demoted for being inactive? I'm always on the dang server. If you say that I'm not active, obviously, it's the players who are inactive. Demoted for lack of leadership? I have earned my way up to SWAT Commander and have been showing leadership for the SWAT team.
    And why was I demoted from CPT also? For the same reasons? Being inactive and lack of leadership? I'm always on freaking CPT. If it's not CPT, I am on SWAT Commander. If it's not SWAT Commander or CPT, I'm on FBI. I generally tend to either stay on the rank for the whole day or even switch out throughout the day. Like I'm just so mind blown that all of you think that I'm inactive and show lack of leadership. I just don't even know what to say to those who wanted me demoted from SWAT Commander. Thanks for your time.
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  24. Koray added a post in a topic The Gambino Crime Family   

    So is SWAT :D 
  25. MarioG204 added a post in a topic The Gambino Crime Family   

    ARU is watching U